[NEW] AB Steak by Chef Akira Back for House-Aged Premium Steaks

Oh my gosh! I just enjoyed the best house-aged premium steaks ever at AB Steak Jakarta (Akira Back Steakhouse by Chef Akira Back) earlier today, and good news for all carnivores in Jakarta, they will open this restaurant for the public soon, on Sunday, 23 April 2017. Yay, save the date! As most of you asked me about the price, the atmosphere of this place, etc. through Instagram’s direct message, I can’t wait to share the experience with you. Located on the mezzanine floor of MD Place Building, Setiabudi (South Jakarta), Akira Back Steakhouse is a new casual dining restaurant run by Akira Back Indonesia that offers various various house-aged premium meat with a Korean accent.

Unlike other steakhouses, the minimalist black, dark ambiance yet stylish decor sets a different mood for a steak experience in Jakarta! And right next to the entrance door, you’ll see a storage room where all the dry-aging meat stored and mostly is from Australia, but they also provide the Kobe Beef from Japan. On each table, they provide five types of dipping sauce as additional flavorings for the steak; Sesame oil, Ssamjang, Bulgogi, Wasabi, and Chimichurri.

For starters, we tried several dishes such as Amberjack Carpaccio, Black Mussels, Steak Tartare, and AB’s Caesar. The Shitake Croquette (IDR 225K) served with sea urchin, sweet shrimp kejang, smoked potato foam, and seaweed caviar on top tasted terrific! While the Steamed Bun (IDR 150K), a clever combination of BBQ duck with seared Foie gras on top, turned out to be my second top favorite starters served this afternoon. Must try!

The Black Mussels (IDR 135K) tasted similar to green mussels, and “it’s still rare and limited in stock,” explained Chef Andri. What makes the dish stands out was because of the creamy and tasty Kochujang butter sauce which I liked so much, served with meatballs, and crispy fried tteokbokki, with a drizzle of Kkaennip and sesame leaves too as their secret ingredients! If you love mussels, I recommend you to try it when you visit Akira Back Steakhouse! AB’s Caesar (IDR 110K) was also impressive with a tender and perfectly cooked salmon, served with grilled romaine, herbed yogurt caesar dressing, Worcestershire sauce, and caramel macadamia.

Another favorite is the Steak Tartare (IDR 185K), where the thin and small slices of wagyu tartare, served on roasted bone marrow, and pine nuts. Oh my gosh, it was really delicious! I wish I could eat them all myself, but I need to save some room for the main dishes!! As usual, carpaccio style is where the fish is thinly sliced, and served raw. The Amberjack fish (IDR 195K) that we ate has a firm and meaty texture, with fresh and tangy flavor, but the combination of roasted jalapeno salsa with oranges and blood orange soy was a little too strong to suit my preference.

Of course, I come here for the steaks and the next thing I knew, I quickly fell in love with their steaks! It’s true that great meat requires great preparation. Here, Akira Back Steakhouse served us with premium house-aged beef, from Australian Wagyu 9+ Flat Iron Steak, Porterhouse Steak, and Bone-in Rib Eye Steak; all prices is per 100 grams. All the meat was well-seasoned, very juicy, tender, and to-die-for!! I enjoyed every slice of meat with sesame oil (my favorite dipping sauce) and Truffle salt as additional flavorings to the steaks! If you like, you can also add a bit of a different salt for your steaks, from Garlic salt, Himalayan salt, Kimchi salt, or Yuzu salt which available at each table.

Australian Wagyu 9+ Flat Iron Steak – 300 grams, IDR 675K (IDR 225K per 100 grams)

They use charcoal and gas grill to grilled all the meat; from medium to medium rare doneness (recommended), the waiter is there to help us cook the meat. The Australian Wagyu 9+ Flat Iron came with abundant marble; the juices were exposed from the steak, superbly tender, and tasty!

45 days – Porterhouse, 500 grams minimum, IDR 925K (IDR 185K per 100 grams)

The combination of house-aged meat 45 days and cooking it to perfection with the addition of apple wood chips to the charcoal when they grilled it, made a tasty smoky and sweet flavors to the meat. I can’t resist the sizzling slabs of juicy and fat-glistened Porterhouse steak with medium-rare doneness to suit my liking. Oh, it was superb!

45 days – Bone-in Ribeye, 300 grams minimum, IDR 597K (IDR 199K per 100 grams)

The bursts of flame from the grill onto this premium beef – Bone-in Ribeye steak which is dry-aged for 45 days and grain fed for 200 days immediately seduced my eyes! Just as the porterhouse steak, this incredible and mouth-watering steak is definitely not to be missed when visiting Akira Back Steakhouse.

Last but not least, we finally managed to save room for the desserts. Coconut Mochi Cake (IDR 65K) consisted of butter mochi cake, served with salted caramel popcorn on top, along with macadamia nuts and coconut sorbet on the side. It tasted yummy, but a warm Molten Chocolate Souffle (IDR 150K) which has a rich taste of Valrhona dark chocolate, with Pinenut streusel, and Vanilla Frangelico Ice Cream is my personal favorite. Overall, it was a wonderful premium steaks experience at AB Steak Jakarta. Whenever you crave juicy and mouth-watering premium meat, this place is waiting for you! They will start grilling on Sunday, 23 April 2017. Let the meat do the talking!

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AB Steak Jakarta (Akira Back Steakhouse)

MD Place Mezzanine Level, Jl Setiabudi Selatan No 7, Kuningan, Jakarta Selatan

Phone: (021) 2966 9272 / +62 877-7227-8325

Operating Hour: 18:30pm – 22:30pm (last order)

Price Range: starts from IDR 500K 


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