[RESEP] Ayam Goreng Belacan – Balacan Fried Chicken

Of course, cooking at home is cheaper than eating out. Because I love fried chicken (I guess everyone likes it..), so I will share with you another recipe: how to cook Shrimp Paste Fried Chicken (Ayam Goreng Terasi atau biasa juga dikenal dengan sebutan Ayam Goreng Belacan atau Balacan di restoran). We often eat this kind of fried chicken at some Indonesian restaurants in Jakarta, and I thought that I should make them by myself. For some (including me), sometimes the aroma of shrimp paste is too strong, but actually, depends on what kind of shrimp paste that you use. The good shrimp paste you should get is either Terasi Medan (Medan shrimp paste) or Terasi Bangka (Bangka shrimp paste), which both have a strong smell but it is very tasty when you use it as a marinade ingredient in stir-frying and deep-frying. Anyone can follow this easy recipe, and it’s sure to please the whole family!

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In the restaurant, usually for 6-8 small pieces of fried chicken like this will cost you around IDR 40K to IDR 60K per serving. But when I cook myself, I only spent IDR 35K, and I get one whole chicken, then I cut it into 12-15 small pieces of chicken. So, happy cooking! We hope you enjoy the recipe! Feel free to share the results with me, tag it to my Facebook as well, so I can share it again.. Thank you! 😊

Recipe Shrimp Paste Fried Chicken (for 3-4 pax)
Ingredients to Marinade the chicken:

In a bowl, mix all these ingredients to marinade:

– 5 siung bawang putih, cincang atau dihaluskan (5 garlic cloves, finely grated)

– 2 cm jahe, dihaluskan (2cm ginger, finely grated)

– 1 sendok makan tepung maizena (1 tablespoon cornstarch)

– 2 sendok makan terasi (2 tablespoons shrimp paste)

– 1/2 sendok makan gula pasir (1/2 tablespoon sugar)

– 1/2 sendok teh merica bubuk (1/2 teaspoon ground pepper powder)

– 1 sendok makan saus tiram (1 tablespoon oyster sauce)

– 1 1/2 sendok makan minyak wijen (1 1/2 tablespoons sesame oil)

– 2 sendok makan kecap asin (2 tablespoons soy sauce)

– 50ml air (50ml water)

Cara Memasak Ayam Goreng Terasi (Cooking Directions to cook Shrimp Paste Fried Chicken):

1. Siapkan 1 ekor ayam yang telah dicuci bersih dan dipotong-potong menjadi bagian kecil sesuai selera. (one whole size chicken, cut into 12-15 pieces and patted dry)

Tips: Dianjurkan untuk potong menjadi 12-15 bagian agar saat menggoreng, potongan ayam dapat matang dengan baik sampai ke bagian tengahnya.

2. Siram bumbu rendaman ke dalam potongan ayam, aduk rata, dan simpan di kulkas selama kurang lebih 3 jam. (pour the mixture all over the chicken, mix well, and store in the refrigerator for a minimum of 3 hours)

3. Setelah 3 jam, keluarkan ayam yang telah dimarinade dan balur ke dalam adonan tepung kering. (after 3 hours, dip the chicken into the dry coating flour)

In a bowl, mix all these ingredients for coating before deep-frying:

– 4 sendok makan tepung maizena (4 tablespoons cornstarch)

– 2 sendok makan tepung tapioka (2 tablespoons tapioca flour)

– 1 sendok makan tepung beras (1 tablespoon rice flour)

– 1 sendok makan tepung terigu serba guna (1 tablespoon all-purpose flour)

– 1/2 sendok teh baking powder (1/2 teaspoon baking powder)

4. Goreng semua ayam yang telah dibalut tepung, masak hingga matang, lalu tiriskan. (Fry all the chicken over moderately high heat)

5. Angkat dan sajikan. (Transfer the fried chicken to paper towels to drain and serve)

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