[THAILAND] Top 10 Things to do in Chatuchak Weekend Market

Oh yeah, finally! I had a chance to finish this post which has been stored in the draft for so long. So, in this post, I want to share our quick guide – Top 10 Things To Do at Bangkok’s Chatuchak Weekend Market, Thailand. Chatuchak is known as one of the largest outdoor markets in the world, with more than 8000 stalls ranging from food and drinks sellers, clothing, vintage clothes and accessories, jewelry, books, collectibles, Thai dry foods and cooking ingredients, soaps, etc. to make your heart content and your stomach full. And this huge weekend market is very popular with tourists and local people. To get here, you can easily take the MRT to Chatuchak Park station and follow the crowd. But, if you travel together around 3-5 persons, it will be easier to take Uber car too, so it depends on your cost and budget.

As you can see from the video on our YouTube channel, we took Uber cab on June 4, 2016, early in the morning to Chatuchak Weekend Market, as this huge weekend market is very popular with tourists and locals, and it can be very crowded in the afternoon. It’s recommended to be there around 10 am when most of the shops are open, and it’s less crowded at that time. At Chatuchak Weekend Market, you will find lots of interesting and unique Thai street food, but if you don’t have a lot of time, make sure you do not miss these places, especially the roasted pork (non-halal), crispy chicken wings, coconut ice cream, and Iced Thai Tea!

Fruit shaped soap with fruity fragrances, 100 Baht (equal to IDR 39K)

When I see the colorful fruits shape with fruity fragrances, oh my gosh, I can’t resist to try and smell them one by one! Ha-ha .. I ended up buying some – the coconut shape soap and a mango shape soap – 3 items for only 100 Baht, yay! It’s very cheap, and I keep it at home as one of my photo props. Ha ha..

Iced Thai Milk Tea with Grass Jelly, 25 Baht (equal to IDR 10K)

Thai Milk Tea is very popular among locals as well as tourists in Bangkok, Thailand. If you visit Chatuchak Weekend Market, you can easily spot many of the stalls selling this, and the one we bought from this woman was quite cheap, and it tasted good too. Guess what? It’s served along with grass jelly, wow!

Roasted Pork for 200 Baht for each one pack like us (equal to IDR 78K),

Chicken Wings for 140 Baht for each one pack like us (equal to IDR 54.7K),

Crispy Chicken Skin for 140 Baht (equal to IDR 54.7K)

Whether you love fried food or not, you must try the Roasted Pork (non-halal), and Chicken Wings (halal), from the one and only stall in Chatuchak Weekend Market. This stall is very famous for that food, and I must say that the roasted pork, and chicken wings from this stall are to die for because they’re really good! The roasted pork literally melt in your mouth, crisp on the outside, juicy, and so flavorful. While the chicken wings were also very crispy, and fragrant! They sell everything by weight, so just tell them the weight you desire, and get ready to be addicted! And don’t forget to try the Chicken Skin too, oh so good!

Coconut Ice Cream at Coco JJ, 60 Baht (equal to IDR 24K)

Coconut Ice Cream is a must have when in Chatuchak Weekend Market, and the price may vary from 20-50 Baht. But you should try this one from Coco JJ because it’s the original one and one of the popular in this market. They sell it for 60 Baht, and you’ll get a big scoop of ice cream with two toppings of your choice.

Coconut Ice Cream from another seller

Thai Milk Tea in front of Khampeng Phet MRT station, 40 Baht (equal to IDR 15K)

The Thai milk tea in front of this station was quite expensive, but it tasted good too. The serving size was the same as the previous one that I bought early morning, but this one was minus the grass jelly. However, the skilled man at this stall served Thai Milk Tea with a dance performance to attracts the customers.

Jumbo Yakult (pic above), 40 Baht (equal to IDR 16K)

Coca-Cola Stick


I’m so glad to be back again to Chatuchak weekend market a few days ago. On this trip, we took my mother-in-law to explore Thailand once again after her last visit about 40 years ago. We decided to take her and let her try out our favorite street food at Chatuchak Weekend Market, and you know what? We ended up spending at least 6 hours in the market. Ha-ha… We have a lot of things to take home, including cheap and good quality of clothes, and jeans for my niece. Surprisingly, the night scene in this market changes a bit. When most of the sellers close their stores, other street food vendors come and sell their products in front of the store, and showcase them on the street. So, here’s some of the foods that we’ve tried for your reference:

Mango Sticky Rice, 50 Baht (equal to IDR 20K)

Mango Smoothie, 80 Baht (equal to IDR 32K)

KarmaKamet – The Secret World

If you love a fragrance, don’t forget to drop by at KarmaKamet – the secret world in front of Khampeng Phet MRT station, inside Chatuchak Weekend Market. This brand is known as a local leader in the home fragrance and their collection has expanded to room sprays, solid perfumes, aromatic candles, etc. The aromatic smells will make you stay inside to find out more. And you know what? We ended up spending one hour inside this shop and finally bought home some Body Perfume Oils, a total of 1770 Baht. We loved the scent eventhough it won’t last that long if compared to my perfume, but it’s a nice souvenir, and we will come back again to this shop later. Psst, you can find KarmaKamet in Tokyo as well.

Orange Juice, 20 Baht (small size) or 50 Baht (big size)

There are many fresh juice sellers that you can find at Chatuchak Weekend Market, and one of my favorites was their Orange Juices which is made of freshly squeeze oranges in front of you. It’s served cold, perfect to beat the heat in Thailand!

Fish Ball or Otak Otak Ikan, 60 Baht big size (equal to IDR 24K)

There was a queue at this street food vendor but fortunately the queue moved very fast. I ordered a large fishball for 60 Baht. Actually, it’s a common fishball (usually we call it as Otak Otak Ikan in Jakarta), but the sauce was something that we enjoyed so much. It was so spicy that made the fishball even tastier!

Thai’s Sweet Corn, 20 Baht (equal to IDR 8K)

After the shop closes, some street food sellers come with their motorcycles and sell their food. I tried the sweet corn and it tasted pretty similar to what we usually eat in Jakarta. Their sweet corn somewhat bigger than ours, they mixed it together with condensed milk and salt, but it tasted less sweet unlike the sweet corn milk in Jakarta.

Thai’s Crispy Sweet Pancake, 5 pcs for 30 Baht (equal to IDR 12K)

We accidentally saw this crispy sweet pancake (usually called as Khanom Bueang) from one of the stalls at Chatuchak Weekend Market, and finally tried it because we’re curious with the colorful toppings. Apparently, the toppings were made of coconut that comes in two different colors, a bold orange color, and the green one, while the soft orange color was made of eggs, said the seller. It tasted very crisp, sweet, and unique, we enjoyed it so much and finally bought it again before we left Chatuchak that night.

Some other Street Food Vendors you can find at Chatuchak Weekend Market

Grilled Satay

Tomyum Local Ingredients

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