[NEW SPOT] Authentic Japanese Food – XSML X Restu Anggraini at Sumibi Restaurant

Just last week, we came to Sumibi Restaurant to attend XSML Fashion collaboration event with Restu Anggraini, a Muslim fashion designer who won the ANZ Australia-Indonesia Young Fashion Designer Award. Strategically located in South Jakarta, Sumibi Restaurant apparently is a new Japanese restaurant where the owner is the same person with Yawara Restaurant and they offer a wide variety of Japanese specialties and some Japanese fusion dishes.

Glad to know that not only the owner but the executive chef, is also a Japanese. Chef Yusuke Tsuchiya, who especially prepared all the dishes that day, claimed that all the dishes at Sumibi Jakarta are Moslem friendly. That’s nice! And the fashion show went well even though they performed pretty late from their schedule. But here I want to highlight all the food they served for this event. As a food blogger, the fragrant aromas from the open kitchen quickly teased me, and I

couldn’t resist myself not to come over to the open kitchen in the front area, near the restaurant entrance. Some of the staff were busy preparing the sushi rolls, while some others grilled the beef tongue on a charcoal grill.

Foie Gras Chawan Mushi

I love whatever food that comes with Foie Gras and when I took the first bite of this chawanmushi, oh my gosh, I loved it! Chawan Mushi is one of the most traditional Japanese foods in Japan. This savory egg custard was so smooth and simply scrumptious! You shouldn’t miss this when you visit Sumibi Restaurant.

Japanese Soba Salad

During the summer, many people in Japan enjoy eating chilled soba noodles, and I started to like it when I tried it two years ago when I traveled to Japan as well in the summer. I loved how Chef Yusuke combine the fresh mix vegetable salad and cold soba together and drizzle it with yuzu wasabi dressing. It was so delicious and become more appealing with chopped salmon and tuna, seaweed, and edamame on top.

2kind Sushi Roll

For sushi, we got two kinds of sushi roll consisting of Aburi Spicy Tuna Roll and Unagi Cream Cheese Roll. The Aburi Spicy Tuna Roll is filled with chopped pickles inside, seared tuna on top, and spicy chili powder all over the sushi rice. While the Unagi Cream Cheese Roll is filled with tamago, and cream cheese, with chopped nori and white sesame all over the sushi rice, and grilled unagi on top. They were so delicious, and I highly recommend you to try them both!

Grilled Beef Tongue

The Grilled Beef Tongue was wonderfully tender, a bit crisp, and quite thick in texture. It was unique, unlike the other beef tongue I’ve tried in Jakarta. It’s served with sauteed mixed mushroom and sweet corn with teriyaki balsamic sauce.

Black Sesame and Red Dragon Fruits Mousse

Last but not least, the dessert was lovely too. Two layers of my favorite thing, the black sesame, topped with a beautiful layer of red dragon fruits, and creamy foam on top.

Overall, it was a pleasant lunch experience at Sumibi Restaurant. Oh, I think Sumibi Restaurant will excite diners with their creative menus. I noticed from their menu; they have lots of exciting options for lunch menu ranging from IDR 90K to IDR 140K, where all set menu includes rice, soup, salad, pickles, small daily dish, dessert, and ocha. So, if you’re looking for a relaxing space that meets the lifestyle and good food together, Sumibi Restaurant is worth to try. And I will definitely come back again!

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Sumibi Restaurant Jakarta

1 Park Residance Unit 3 Lt. GF I, Jl. KH. M Syafi’I Hadzami No. 1,
Kebayoran Baru, Jakarta Selatan.

Opening Hour:
Sunday-Thursday from 11.30-14.30 // 17.00-23.00
Friday-Saturday from 11.30-14.30 // 17.00-00.00

Price: starts from IDR 80K

Phone: +62 21 2953 8428


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