[NEW SPOT] Khung Bar & Restaurant – Glasshouse Model & Comfy Food

Thadaaa! Guess what? We found a new hidden gem in town, which is worth to be found too! Khung Bar & Restaurant is hidden in the west lobby of Plaza Indonesia, close to the restroom in front of La Moda. Inside it’s surprisingly bright, where all the high ceiling windows allow natural light to travel across the room and create a warm, comfy atmosphere inside. The soothing music is also pleasant to hear. It reminds me of Kiew Kai Ka, a new restaurant in Thailand with a similar concept. Minimalist design, a glass house concept, but there’re lots of green plants inside Kiew Kai Ka, so lovely!

Apparently, Khung Bar & Restaurant is a new restaurant under the same management as Oddyseia, The Pallas, and Gardin Bali by All In Group. I asked one of the waiters, and she said they just had a soft opening a few days ago. Because we went there after lunch, we didn’t try much, but I can see that there are enough choices of modern Asian cuisine to keep your tummy full. So, yesterday we decided to order some desserts and a light snack for our afternoon snack.

Blooming Tea, IDR 48K – refillable

There is a selection of teas, frozen drinks, including coffee and alcoholic beverages on the menu. But I chose the Blooming Tea which is part of the premium tea collection on the menu. Well, just like coffee; inhaling the scent of blooming tea as I sipped the tea helps me to improve my mood while keeping me relaxed while working. The flowering tea blooms in a small and transparent tea pot, simply nice!

Laughing Pau – Pork Belly, IDR 65K

When I read there’s pork belly on the menu, oh gosh! I want to try this! So, the laughing pau is actually 2 pieces of steamed folding pau, with choices of filling. Of course, we chose the pork belly. Ha-ha.. The outer layer was very crispy, tender meat, and the tamarind dressing was good! Simple, but we loved it!

Coffee Pudding, IDR 52K

Coffee pudding is one of their favorite desserts, and I was recommended by them to try this! The coffee flavor was light and delicious with a good balance and the right amount of sweetness. On top of that, Bailey’s topping made it extra special, what more could I ask for?

Khung’s Orange Molten, IDR 63K

I was looking for something unique, and the name of this dessert sounds unique. Anyway, I love molten cake! When other restaurants offer molten chocolate cake, here, they have the Orange Molten cake, and it’s beautifully presented on top of the honey biscuit. Underneath, there’s vanilla ice cream served in a transparent glass, served along with brownies sponge, pop rock candy, and almond caramel. When everything is mixed; warm orange and ice cream, oh so delicious! It wasn’t too sweet, and the pop rock candy that explodes inside the mouth gave a unique sensation.

Overall, it was a lovely afternoon well spent at Khung Bar and Restaurant! We enjoyed it all; chill vibes, good tunes playing, beautiful desserts, and attentive staff! Prices are a bit pricey but by looking at their food presentations and the overall ambiance, etc, it still reasonable. It’s not much different with other modern cafes in Jakarta. If you’re looking for a nice place to chill out on a lazy afternoon, don’t forget to visit this place at Plaza Indonesia. Thank you for reading! 🙂

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Khung Bar & Restaurant

West Lobby, Plaza Indonesia 1st Floor, Jalan M.H. Thamrin, Central Jakarta

Opening Hour: 10:00am – 2:00am

Price: starts from IDR 70K


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