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Good news for all Japanese food lovers! We just had a lovely lunch at Teishoku Japanese Restaurant at PIK (Pantai Indah Kapuk), North Jakarta and can’t wait to share it with you! Yes, the Ferris wheel sushi that you saw from our Insta Stories earlier today come from this restaurant. Apparently, Teishoku PIK is a newly opened Japanese restaurant (less than a month ago) that features a spacious and airy high-ceiling dining room, with wooden decorations and warm atmosphere inside. It’s not hard to find this restaurant, as it’s right next to Cake-a-boo cake shop at Pantai Indah Kapuk (PIK), North Jakarta.

I was quite surprised when looking at their menu. Teishoku PIK has a wide variety of Japanese specialties, ranging from appetizers, salad, sashimi, nigiri, salmon roll, curry rice, okonomiyaki, temaki, Teishoku, Ishiyaki don, yakimono, sukiyaki, and agemono. Wow! I find it hard to choose what I want for lunch, but we finally decided to try their signature dishes; Ishiyaki Don, Teishoku, and the Ferris Wheel Sushi. Pssst, the Ocha drink is FREE!!!

Ferris Wheel Sushi

So, this is it! Sushi on the next level! I called it as Ferris Wheel Sushi because their sushi is served on a wooden Ferris Wheel, and that’s very interesting!! First, we had to decide how many sushi that we wanted, available for a choice of 6 or 8 sushi, to be placed on the Ferris wheel. Then, we can choose the sushi by ourselves. There are many choices available on the menu, and prices vary depending on the item. We opted for 8 sushi on the Ferris wheel and ordered Salmon Belly (IDR 32K/2 pcs), Aburi Toro Cheese (IDR 39K/piece), Maguro (IDR 29K/2 pcs), and Salmon Volcano (IDR 38K/2 pcs).

Not only selling good presentations but the quality of their sushi was fresh, and all of them tasted so delicious! A thick slice of fatty tuna belly, slight glaze sauce and a quick blowtorching, resulting in a slightly raw on the underneath of Aburi Toro which we like. And the cheese topping, enhance its flavor and texture. The nice red Maguro, and a thick slice of Salmon Belly also quickly satisfied us! And the Salmon Volcano tasted like an explosion in my mouth! Layers of seared salmon, topped with a spicy salmon mix and tobiko was the best choice ever. Don’t forget to try them when you visit Teishoku PIK!

Sliced Salmon Ishiyaki Don, IDR 58K

Ishiyaki Don is the name for a hot stone dishes at Teishoku PIK. It’s like donburi, but the difference is that the food is beautifully presented in a hot stone bowl which can cook the food and keep them warm. There are several options, but we ordered the Sliced Salmon Ishiyaki Don because this dish consists of raw salmon on top of the rice! To enjoy it, we have to pour the honey sauce, then mix it all up, and let the hot stone bowl cooked the raw salmon. The combination of sweet, and savory flavors, along with sweet corn, and garlic butter over rice was so delicious! Highly recommended!

Chicken Namban & Ebi Furai Teishoku Set, IDR 78K

When others have bento, Teishoku PIK offers something a bit different and value for money! As represented in their name, Teishoku means a set menu where you get two main dishes, one small dish (different every day), complete with rice, miso soup, and pickles. They recommended me to try the Chicken Nanban which is known as one of the popular dishes in Japan, where the chicken fillet is coated with light batter, marinated in sweet and sour Nanban sauce before frying. The chicken was slightly crisp on the outside, and very juicy on the inside; we enjoyed it so much! But the batter on the ebi furai which came along with this dish was too thick, and the shrimp were small. While the fried tuna was okay, and I prefer if the small dish could be something else – not fried again – to give a nice variation and nice color to the overall set menu.

Salmon Lava Roll, IDR 100K

If you are looking for beautiful sushi beyond classic nigiri, you gotta try the Salmon Lava Roll (8 pcs/roll). It’s part of the new menus at Teishoku PIK, and this beauty is filled with kyuri (Japanese cucumber), avocado, Kani (crab meat), crunchy tempura flakes, and topped with grilled salmon, and generous chopped salmon with spicy lava sauce which looks like a bolognese sauce. Though it wasn’t too spicy, it made us enjoy the salmon and the combination of flavor in my mouth, oh.. loved it!

Salmon Salsa Pizza, IDR 148K

Oh my gosh! Look at that; the pizza crust was so thin and crispy! It reminds me of a thin pizza from another Japanese restaurant in Jakarta, but again, Salmon Salsa Pizza is new to me. I love the color, the presentation, everything about it. There were pieces of salmon on top of the pizza, along with the colorful toppings; chopped avocado, tomatoes, and mangoes, with mayonnaise and alfalfa on top. From the first bite, I knew there’s a bit of truffle hint on this dish, but unfortunately, the truffle is somehow not evenly distributed on the pizza. Though I wish I could have more truffle on it to suit my preference, I would still recommend you to try this thin pizza at Teishoku PIK. Also available with Tuna version.

Gyu Sukiyaki, IDR 62K

From Sukiyaki, we chose Gyu Sukiyaki which consists of thinly sliced beef and a variety of vegetable cooked in a soy sauce broth, served in nabemono (Japanese hot pot). It’s classic as it is, but it tasted so delicious and simply comforting!

Overall, it was a great lunch at Teishoku PIK. Affordable eats, friendly staff, quick service, great ingredients, well-trained chefs, and cozy environment, I’ll find my way back here! Among all of the dishes above, our top personal favorite was the Salmon Volcano Roll, Salmon Belly, Aburi Toro Cheese, Maguro, Salmon Salsa Pizza, and Ishiyaki Don. If you’re craving for Japanese food, don’t forget to try Teishoku Japanese Restaurant at PIK as they have a variety and sumptuousness of Japanese food, some of them are unique and worth a visit!

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Teishoku Japanese Restaurant PIK

Rukan Garden House Blok B no.23, Pantai Indah Kapuk (PIK), North Jakarta

Opening Hour: 11:00am – 10pm

Price: starts from IDR 50K

Phone: 021 50116460


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