[THAILAND] How to Find and Rent a Car in Bangkok to Huahin?

So here it is, the most requested post when I was still in Bangkok: How to Find and Rent a Car in Bangkok, Thailand! I just returned to Jakarta yesterday and decided to share this first with you. Yes, we never expected that we finally succeeded get a car in Bangkok and drive by ourselves to Huahin, Thailand. It was our first experience, really fun, and we’re very grateful that everything went smoothly until we returned the car to the car rental. The process was straightforward, but there are some things that you need to make sure before renting a car in Bangkok.


We’ve planned to visit Huahin from Bangkok (Thailand), and the transportation is a bit complicated. Of course, there are buses from Bangkok (Bus No 166) every 30 minutes, and it takes about 3.5 hours to reach Huahin by bus. You can also book travel, get there by train, or by flight, but again, the travel time and wait time are not flexible at all for us. If you’re planning to visit Huahin when in Thailand, renting a car is definitely a great way to reach there, and it’s easier to get around to most places in the city. It’s more flexible; the overall transportation cost is cheaper than using travel or hire travel or a tuk-tuk ride to go anywhere in Huahin.

Here’s our guide of How To Rent A Car in Bangkok (Thailand):

We had done some research before leaving Jakarta and finally decided to rent a car from Sixt Car Rental. Sixt is a car rental brand that’s available in 105 countries worldwide. In Thailand, the location of their showroom is strategically located in the heart of Bangkok (Rama 4 Rd., Khlong Toey). Well, actually there’s another rental car named Avis, Thai Rent A Car, and Hertz. Avis can give you a spare time up to 4 hours from the return time deadline. While at Sixt, they will charge you a penalty fee if we do not return the car on time. The price in between those car rentals is quite competitive, but we decided to use Sixt Car Rental service for this trip which is quite affordable with our budget.


1. Minimum age of the driver varies from 21 to 25 years old (depends on the vehicle models)
2. Ensure that you have a driving license, and most importantly, you have an International Driving License (I will share about How to make an International Driving License in Jakarta later, stay tuned!)
3. Submit driver’s ID card or Passport (using the main driver’s Passport)
4. And don’t forget to bring your Credit Card (using the main driver’s Credit Card) with a minimum spare of 8000 Baht for the insurance deposit

HOW TO search a car and booking from Sixt Car Rental?
1. Click here to visit their website: https://www.sixt.co.uk/car-hire/thailand/bangkok/bangkok-city
2. Entry the rental period (x days)
3. Choose the desired car according to your needs and budget
4. Select the Pick-up Location, and Return Location
5. Pay online with your Credit Card, or you can pay for it later
6. Print the confirmation letter or show the confirmation letter from your email when you want to pick up the car
7. Show your Passport and International Driving License to the staff at the pick-up location
8. Return the vehicle on time and make sure drive safely, so nothing wrong happens to the car and the passengers

When taking the car at the Car Rental:
Make sure you know well about the condition of your car, including the scratches or dents that are usually there when they give the car to you. It’s to ensure that you are safe from any damage charges when you return the car. Don’t make additional scratches or dents because they will charge you a certain amount and take it from the deposit, where the price varies depending on the damage you caused.

SAMPLE OF RENTING A CAR From Sixt Car Rental for your reference:
We rent a Honda City (automatic shift, four doors) from Sixt Car Rental for two days, and chose Bangkok as the Pick-up and Return location of the car. The total cost = 2,431 Baht (equal to IDR 949,875,-)

Last but not least, always drive safely!

1. Always drive safely wherever you go
2. Pay attention to the road sign
3. Don’t speeding and pay attention to the other cars. When they’re slowing down suddenly after speeding, that means there’s a speed trap camera in front of you!!
4. Keep your speed at 60km/h while driving in the city, and at 80-90km/h on the highway
5. You can use Google Maps to reach one place to another

Thank you for reading! That’s all our tips on how to rent a car while in Bangkok from us, as requested! Hope this helps, and you can enjoy your trip as much as we did! We’ll share other tips on how to apply for an International Driving License in Jakarta after this post! See ya!

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or FIND ME here: 

Sixt Car Rental

Rama 4 Rd., Khlong Toey, Bangkok

Opening Hour: 8.00am – 7.00pm

How to get to this car rental: by Uber ride
The showroom is located at the end of Sukhumvit 24 road, Next to BMW Millennium Showroom. Opposite the Davis Hotel.

Phone: +66-875129777

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