[NEW] Mamain Cafe, Fun Concept at Senopati

Good news, moms! Now you can date with your kids to Mamain Cafe, a very new cafe just opened a few days ago at Gunawarman – Senopati (South Jakarta). Jadi rupanya, Mamain Cafe ini menempati lantai 2 persis di atas Fujin Restaurant. Banyaknya karangan bunga di area parkiran membuat kami noticed bahwa ada sebuah cafe baru di atasnya, dan benar saja, hari itu Mamain Cafe baru saja soft opening launch dan masih memberikan diskon promo 20% berlaku untuk makanan dan minuman, yay! As you can see from my pictures here, cafe ini menawarkan konsep yang fun tak hanya untuk dewasa, tapi juga untuk anak-anak kecil. Mini playground dan lorong kecil untuk melihat planetarium seketika menjadi area favorit bagi anak-anak, dan bila tidak salah hitung, Mamain Cafe ini mungkin adalah cafe ketiga di Jakarta yang memiliki konsep playground untuk anak-anak; seperti Harlequin Bistro di Kemang , dan Brood-en-Boter Bakery & Eatery di Kemang .

Yuzu Honey Yakult (IDR 45K) & The Jade Smoothies (IDR 45K)

Aku cukup surprise ketika melihat harga Iced Tea pada menu dihargai IDR 30K, dan ketika aku bertanya kepada manager yang bertugas, apakah mereka menggunakan teh gourmet or something? I was so curious about it,

tapi ternyata, nope.. it’s just tea, plain tea or normal es teh sebagaimana biasa di rumah makan lainnya (it’s not dilmah, not gryphon, not TWG, or else.). That’s pretty expensive just for plain tea without flavor, don’t you think so? I remember from my visit to Sugabites Patisserie Senopati they only charged IDR 25K for GRYPHON tea available in different flavors (1 pot, and refillable).That’s why we decided to order the Yuzu Honey Yakult Mocktails, and The Jade Smoothies which was nice and so refreshing because it’s made from a combination of mango and green vegetables. Sebelum pulang, aku juga sempat memesan Hot Cafe Latte (IDR 35K) dan aku suka dengan paduan pahit dan manis yang pas dalam kopi ini.

Oxtail Fried Rice with Green Chili, IDR 95K

Nah, penggemar masakan Indonesia, berbahagialah! Mamain Cafe memiliki banyak pilihan Indonesian food, dan salah satu rekomendasi mereka adalah nasi goreng ini. Harganya memang terbilang sangat mahal untuk sebuah nasi goreng (harga belum termasuk tax & service), tapi porsinya cukup banyak dan terdapat banyak potongan daging buntut juga di dalamnya. Tak hanya itu, potongan cabe rawit hijau dalam jumlah yang sangat banyak terasa seperti ranjau yang siap meledak kapan saja di dalam mulut! It was delicious and flavorful, but the downside was the green chili way too much and too spicy for us.

Two-Flavored Dendeng, IDR 98K

I was also recommended to try their Dendeng, and we both loved it! They use slow braised cooked sliced wagyu beef, pan-fried, and covered with red and green chili. For me, it was one of the best combination of chilis, and it wasn’t too spicy, while the meat itself was very tender, sweet and savory, and juicy! Recommended!

It’s overall an Asian influenced food. They also have Ayam Geprek that will cost you around IDR 65K, some pasta starts from IDR 70K, and western food starts from IDR 85K. Overall, we had a good experience and everything was enjoyable and tasty. Service yang bagus, dan friendly, tempat yang nyaman, dan ada playground untuk anak-anak, it’s about time to set a date with your kids. Thank you for reading!

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Mamain Cafe

Jl. Gunawarman No. 21, 2nd floor, Kebayoran Baru, Jakarta Selatan

Opening Hour: 08:00 – 21:00 (Sunday – Thursday) || 08:00 – 22:00 (Friday & Saturday)

Price: starts from IDR 80K


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  1. Hello Mullie & Andy,
    Thanks for the review! We’re sorry to hear that our Oxtail Fried Rice was too spicy for you! But we’re glad you liked the rests of your order. FYI the hot latte you enjoyed is by NALA Coffee 😊 Hope the visit was a memorable one ☺ See you!

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