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Good news, dessert lovers! As you can see from my Insta Story yesterday, we just went to the newly opened dessert cafe, Sugabites Patisserie, and Fiore di Gelato at Senopati Raya (South Jakarta), just 2 buildings away after Willshire Senopati. Sugabites Patisserie was first baking in 2005 by two sisters, Fanda Soesilo and May Soesilo who both love the world of cooking, especially cakes. I secretly read their profile from their site and am impressed by the faith and all the hard work. After graduating as Cook (French) and Bakery/Pastry Chef from California Culinary Academy in San Francisco, May worked at Maison Akira, a French and Japanese fusion restaurant in Los Angeles; Westin Bonaventura hotel in Los Angeles; and Ritz Carlton hotel in San Francisco as Pastry Chef in charge of creating and producing the hotel pastries.

When May returned to Indonesia, she started her own business from a wedding cake and from there, she received lots of positive responses. At that moment, they decided to open the first Sugabites Patisserie cafe in 2013 at Manyar Kertoarjo, Surabaya and pursue they venture to expand in Jakarta. So yes, this cafe is the 2nd branch of Sugabites Patisserie, but Fiore di Gelato is a new brand. Scroll down to know more about this place.

I have no idea they’re completely new because I visited them on the 2nd day of the opening of their cafe. No wonder if the decoration is still minimalist and not everything is ready. However, this place is spacious, and the interior is dominated in pastel blue and white, giving a sense of comfort and minimalism, and most importantly with natural light comes in from the large windows.

All Mini Cakes, IDR 18K each / All Pastry, IDR 10K each

Sugabites Patisserie is like a dessert heaven that offers a variety of delicious flavors and new tastes for all the sweet tooth out there. They take pride in the quality of their baked goods, and they also explained that the cakes would change its shape if you let it sit too long at room temperature before eating it. And if the room happens to be warm, the cake would melt quickly. Well, I don’t mind about it because a healthy cake made of fresh and finest ingredients and contain no preservatives is what I look for. I think that’s what makes Sugabites Patisserie special. All cakes and pastries are freshly baked every day, with premium ingredients, and mostly from milk (not buttercream).

Najela’s Favorite, IDR 18K

My eyes quickly browse through all the mini cakes from the cake display. Of course, we tried the miniature versions of the popular cakes; from the famous Najela’s Favorite, Darren’s Greenies, Hanoi, and Madly in Love. Najela’s Favorite is beautifully presented with a real rose on it. There’s a strong rose scent on this cake, and a combination of rose flavors with vanilla, complete with pistachio and almond, I loved it since the first bite!

Darren’s Greenies, IDR 18K

If you’re a fan of matcha, I bet you’ll love this cake. The matcha flavor really shines because the green tea flavor was pretty strong, and it’s made of real matcha. Therefore it tasted a bit bitter but balanced with the sweetness of vanilla. Fragrant, smooth texture, and it wasn’t overly sweet, this cake quickly became our favorite as well.

Madly in Love, IDR 18K -||- Hanoi, IDR 18K -||- Eclair Caramel, IDR 18K

As the name suggests, we’re also madly in love with Madly in Love cake which is made from a combination of vanilla, rum, and raisins. It’s a classic flavor, but we really like the strong rum flavor on this cake. And if you like surprises, try Hanoi cake. The vanilla cake is covered with chocolate, but once you bite it, you’ll get the citrusy and tanginess of the orange and kumquat from the inside. It was so good and tasted refreshing! The eclair was nice as well.

Coffee, starts from IDR 30K -||- Premium Tea by Gryphon, IDR 25K

To company the sweet cakes, we ordered a cup of Hot Latte and another one with 3D dog-shaped latte art on it by TGC Coffee which is located in the same store. It was so cute! The coffee that they use is single origin Arabica coffee; the flavor and aroma were quite strong, less acidity, and has a nice fruity flavor at the aftertaste. My husband also made his version of 3D Latte Art that afternoon; a cat, dog, and piggy in my coffee cup – it just made my day! Ha-ha.. If you like tea, I recommend you try the Hanami tea by Grphon (steamed green tea with Cherry Bloosom).

Fiore di Gelato, IDR 27K (can mix up to 3 flavors in a cup)

1st cup: Red Dragon + Fanda’s Favorite + Es Teler

2nd cup: Tabanan Chocolate + His Rum & Her Raisin + Cha Dra Muer Thai Tea

And if you love gelato, you should definitely try Fiore di Gelato! I was quite surprised when I counted the flavors, wow, as a new brand, they have 24 exciting flavors to choose from, and none of them are classic gelato flavors! Everyone’s palate craves different flavors, which is why they craft unique flavors, where everything is made from scratch and uses only fresh ingredients. I ended up ordering six flavors for two cups, and can honestly say; we really enjoyed them all! These aren’t our usual flavor, but the smooth texture, rich taste, and the flavor combo were lovely! You should try them!

So glad that we went here. All the cakes are simply irresistible, and the flavor selection of gelato was unique, and have plenty for adults and kids to enjoy! Chocolate lovers should try the Tabanan Chocolate as this is a limited edition, and you’ll taste a very rich dark chocolate from this gelato. Even on the Es Teler gelato, we got a slice of coconut meat and some jackfruit as well. Overall, it was a pleasant experience. Friendly service and the prices were very affordable too! If you love cakes, coffee, and gelato, don’t forget to visit Sugabites Patisserie and Fiore di Gelato at Senopati, South Jakarta.

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Sugabites Patisserie & Fiore di Gelato

Jalan Senopati Raya No. 66, Kebayoran Baru, Jakarta Selatan

Opening Hour:

06:00am – 11pm (Sunday to Thursday)

06:00am – 12am (Friday to Sunday)

Price: starts from IDR 20K

Phone: 021. 567 4108

Instagram Sugabites Patisserie || Instagram Fiore di Gelato

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