[THAILAND] 1d+ Day Artist, Good Coffee & Brunch in Hua Hin

We’re so excited to drive a car by ourselves to Hua Hin (Thailand) and able to visit some of the new cafes in this small town. On our 2nd day in Hua Hin, we decided to visit 1d+ Day Artist, a place where people who appreciate arts and coffee meets and this place is quite popular among locals. I’ve seen their Instagram feed since I’ve planned my itinerary, and finally, that’s where we are. Although it was just a short visit, we had a lovely lunch at 1d+ Day Artist, and would like to recommend this place for those of you who are planning to visit Hua Hin on your next trip to Thailand.

This place is like a hidden gem because they’re located in a quiet area. I thought this place is just a small cafe, but you know what? 1d+ Day Artist is very spacious and divided into three different zones – the restaurant, coffee shop, and garden area. The garden is filled with trees, and white tent and there’s plenty of natural light in this place. The monochrome minimalist interior looks contrast with the wooden tables and the others. As you can see, it’s just lovely, isn’t it?

Sunny Side Up with Prawn (Vietnamese Omelette), 95 Baht (equal to IDR 38K)

As a coffee shop and restaurant, 1d+ Day Artist serves Thai cuisine and some international classics dishes, but as always, we ordered their signature dishes. The sunny side up was beautifully presented with big prawn on top, mango slices, cherry tomatoes, bacon, pork meat, and fresh vegetables. It was simple, but we enjoy all the combination. The portion was small, suitable for breakfast or light brunch.

Omelette Tom Yum Goong (Khai Khon Tom Yam Kung), 200 Baht (equal to IDR 80K)

Ohh my gosh!! I want this again! It’s basically Omelette served with rice, and big prawns, but the Tom Yum Goong broth makes it a fabulous dish. The Tom Yum broth was so rich and flavorful; very spicy, sour, savory and addictive! Not to mention, the kaffir lime leaves and lemon grass enhanced the taste of the soup itself, extremely delicious! A must try when you visit 1d+ Day Artist!

Mango Mint Smoothie & Watermelon Smoothie, 115 Baht each (equal to IDR 46K)

I think you’re going to fall in love with these smoothies! Both of them was soooo delicious! Look! The Watermelon Smoothie and Mango Mint Smoothie were both so special, and it tastes delicious just as it looks! They are made of fresh fruit, luscious, creamy, and quite filling because it’s served with real fruit as well. We loved it so much!

Cold Brew Coffee, 135 Baht (equal to IDR 54K)

Instead of ordering hot coffee again, we tried the Cold Brew Coffee as well because they said it’s special, and most customers also ordered it. The coffee was nice, served with some sugar to suit customer’s taste; from the rock sugar, sugar syrup, and caramel syrup. I think you can get your caffeine fix while having brunch at this place.

Overall, it was a great brunch, and we enjoyed everything. Comfy and relaxing vibe, good music playing, reasonable price for food and drink, 1d+ Day Artist definitely a must-visit for brunch lovers, and coffee addicts alike. Don’t forget to put this place on your itinerary list when you want to travel to Thailand! Thank you for reading and stay tuned for more post from us. 🙂

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1d+ Day Artist

108/410 หัวหิน 101 ( ร้านอยู่ตรงข้ามคอนโด เชโลนา เขาเต่า หัวหิน ) Nong Kae, Hua Hin District,

Prachuap Khiri Khan 77110, Thailand

Opening Hour: 09:00 – 20:00

Price: starts from 200 Baht / IDR 80K

Phone: +66 85 503 3332


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