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Traveling back to Korea on our the second trip (October 24, 2017), gave us the opportunity to explore more of Korean cuisine. Thanks to AirAsia who always make it possible for travelers to travel in low fare airline tickets, yay! Busan, as the country’s second largest city in Korea, offers so many mouth-watering street snacks. We’re very excited, and in this post, I’d like to share Korean street food recommendations while in Busan. Of course, there are some local specialties as well which you can only taste in Busan, and we’ll list them for you. Stay tuned! I hope you enjoy reading this and don’t forget to share the good news with your family and friends in your Facebook network. Kamshamida!

BIFF Square gets its name from the Busan International Film Festival, and is located near to Jagalchi Market. This area is dedicated to the film veterans of Korea, celebrating their achievements in the film industry. That’s why we found lots of palm prints of famous film directors and movie celebrities on the ground along the 428-meter-long street of BIFF Square. In my opinion, BIFF Square in Busan is more fun than Myeongdong area in Seoul, because the variety of stores in BIFF Square is much more interesting, ranging from branded clothes, bags, accessories, shoes, etc. While in Myeongdong area, 80% of the stores are cosmetics stores.

Ssiat Hotteok, 1200 Won (equal to IDR 15K)

Ssiat Hotteok is a must try when you go to Busan. It’s also known as Seed Stuffed Hotteok, and is very popular among the locals in Busan (Korea). We stumbled upon this food stall at the Street of Film located at BIFF Square area near to Jagalchi Market a few days ago. It looks like a pancake, and the dough is filled with something sweet; sunflower, pumpkin seeds, cinnamon, and brown sugar, mixed inside. It’s served piping hot and perfects to keep us warm in the cold weather during autumn season in Korea; so delicious, and addictive!

Fried Mandoo (Korean Fried Dumpling), 3000 Won for 5 pieces (equal to IDR 37K) – NON HALAL

Korean Fried Mandoo 만두 is also famous all over Korea, and you can get this elsewhere. Dumplings in Korea is called Mandu. We ate Fried Mandu the other day when we visited Myeongdong night market in September 2017, and this time, we tried Fried Mandu found in BIFF Square area in Busan. This savory food is sold with a choice of options: five pieces (3000 won) or 10 pieces (5000 won). They were slightly crisp on the outside, and just tasty! It’s stuffed with minced pork, some glass noodles, and veggies, best eaten with the Korean dipping sauce (tasted like a light soy sauce) and while it’s still warm. A must try when in Busan!

Chicken Satay, 3000 won (equal to IDR 36.9K)

The smell of marinated satay meat skewers grilled over charcoal at open-air area quickly teased me, especially when I saw the skewers is that tall! There’s a small notice board telling us that the skewer is 50cm tall. Customers can opt for Chicken satay or Beef Sausage, but we prefer the chicken satay. After we tried it, indeed it was so delicious! The chicken meat was perfectly grilled, and very juicy, served with delicious spicy and sweet bbq all over the chicken satay. Don’t miss this skewer while you are in Busan (Korea).

Korean Fried Veggie Batter, 2500 won (equal to IDR 30.7K)

Some Korean food is not much different from Japanese food. Here in Korea, they also have a variety of Jeon 전 various meats/vegetable/seafood which are coated in egg batter and pan-fried. I chose this one because I thought it was shrimp on top, but as it turned out, it was a fishcake in the form of shrimp. Ha-ha.. It tasted good, we pretty much like it but it costs a little too much for this kind of food.

32cm Twist Ice Cream, 2000 won (equal to IDR 24K)

One of the popular Korean desserts you should try is this 32cm tall Twist Ice Cream. You can probably find this elsewhere too. We spotted this stall right after we shop for a few cosmetics at LOHB store at BIFF Square area. We never had anything like this before, so of course, 32cm Twist Ice Cream (2000won) is a good idea!! We opted for Yogurt & Mango and the flavors combination was absolutely delicious; it wasn’t too sweet as well!

Gudetama-shaped Snack, 3000 won (equal to IDR 36.9K)

We stumbled across this stall when we wanted to have dinner at KFC. I saw the Gudetama doll in front of it and decided to give it a try. This Gudetama-shaped snack has the same texture as traditional Chinese snack “angku kwe”; sticky and chewy, and it’s filled with a variety of sweet filling you can choose from chocolate, green tea, or cheese. We chose the Green Tea flavor, and the seller explained how to eat it. Nothing special about this snack, but we bought it just for fun because we were curious to see green tea being a poop in Gudetama.

Overall, it was a great Korean street food experience, and we enjoyed everything. I will share more of Busan’s specialty dishes in my upcoming post, and recommendations of places to go when in Busan (Korea). Stay tuned, I will share 5 Days in Busan Itinerary List soon. Thank you for reading!

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BIFF Square

58-1 Gudeok-ro, Nampo-dong, Jung-gu, Busan

Opening Hour: 24 hours but I saw most sellers & most stores closed around 9-10pm.

Price: starts from IDR 15K

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