[KOREA] Mr Holmes Bakehouse, The Famous Cruffin in SEOUL

I heard that the famous bakery from San Francisco (California), Mr. Holmes Bakehouse has opened their first International branch located in the heart of Seoul city, Korea last year. Of course, we need to pay a visit to this store. Operating in the Gangnam district, Garosu-gil 가로수길 in Apgujeong 압구정, it’s easy to find Mr. Holmes Bakehouse Seoul because we just follow the Google Maps to this place and it’s only 10 minutes walk from the station. As soon as we enter the store, Mr. Holmes Bakehouse caught our attention with a variety of colorful fresh baked pastries on display.

Many of my dear followers on Instagram also recommended me to visit this bakery when we were on our second trip to Korea last week. If you find this little white brick building and see the pink neon that says “I Left My Cruffin in San Francisco” on the wall, you will realize that this place is Mr. Holmes Bakehouse. The bakery station which located on the first level is dedicated to customers who want to buy pastries to-go. But we headed to the second floor through the staircase on the right side, and found the cafe there with cozy atmosphere in white ambiance,

pretty marble floors, and another pink neon signs that say ‘I got baked in Seoul.’ The pink neon sign was like a mandatory spot for customers to take pictures with it, ha-ha… It was like, “Look, I’m here! Ha-ha.. Because Mr. Holmes Bakehouse specializes and best known for their Cruffin, and Brioche Donut, we came there to try both. Apparently, we can’t get the same flavor as other customers because they change the flavors every single day.

Green Tea and Chesnut Cruffin, 5,500 Won (equal to IDR 68,7K)

On that day, I had two flavors to choose from, and we opted for the Green Tea Chesnut Cruffin. As the name suggests, Cruffin is a cross between a croissant and a muffin. We really enjoyed the crisp exterior of the cruffin, flaky and buttery, coated in sugar, it tasted amazing! The green tea cream filling was so delicious even though a little too sweet for our liking.

Taro Brioche Donut, 2,800 Won (equal to IDR 35K)

Do not miss their Brioche Donuts too, as it’s the 2nd favorite item you should get when visiting Mr. Holmes Bakehouse in Seoul, Korea. It was a simple French donut, coated in powdered sugar, and stuffed with various cream fillings inside. The texture was very soft and fluffy, and the Taro cream that I chose for, wasn’t too sweet. I was so glad to know that they’re very generous with the cream fillings, and it was so delish!

Overall, it was a pleasant Cruffin and Brioche Donut experience at the famous Mr. Holmes Bakehouse in Seoul, Korea. Everything was fresh, flaky, and so delicious! Not only Instagram-worthy, but it’s worth to come back again for more! When you are in Garosu-gil or in Seoul (Korea), do not forget to include Mr. Holmes Bakehouse into your must-go list. Thank you for reading!

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Mr. Holmes Bakehouse

Apgujeong-ro 10-gil, 34, Gangnam-gu, Garosu-gil, Seoul (South Korea)

Opening Hour: 10am – 10:30pm

Price: starts from IDR 35K

Phone: +82 2-547-2004

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