[NEW] Best Mongolian Hot Pot at Little Sheep Chinese Shabu-Shabu PIK

I heard about this Little Sheep Chinese Shabu-Shabu (Mongolian Hot Pot) restaurant a few times from my friends but we never had a chance to try it, until this Christmas, we finally decided to go there for lunch. Little Sheep Chinese Shabu Shabu is a restaurant chain from North America which specializes in traditional Inner Mongolian hot pot cuisine. In Jakarta, they already have 3 outlets where the branch we visited at Ozone Mall Pantai Indah Kapuk is the newest branch after they successfully opened the first two stores at BRI II Center Park (Sudirman), and Green Central Apartment Complex (Gajah Mada). They have a waiting area outside, but luckily there was no crowd that day because we came late in the afternoon, around 3 pm, ha-ha…

Little Sheep Chinese Shabu Shabu serves AYCE (all you can eat) shabu-shabu, but we’re so glad to know that we can also order it by ala carte. Yay! As in many Chinese hot pot restaurants, we can pick the soup, and choose the ingredients. They have a few options of soup bases, and we decided to try the half/half pot (half Original – creamy bone broth and half spicy Sichuan peppers) for IDR 68K. Both broths were very tasty, served in a metal pot filled with herbs and spices, and we quite liked the spicy broth even though it was too spicy. What we like best about these two soups was the spices in the soup, lots of them; from kichi, angco, lemongrass, etc. No wonder it smelled so good! But if you don’t like spicy and don’t like spices, go for the mild (original soup) which has fewer spices in the soup.

Just like in most hot pot places, they also provide various sauces to dip your meat or vegetables. Well, you know, some hot pot places in Jakarta charge a bit for the dipping sauces per person which is kinda a bummer, but fortunately, at Little Sheep Hot Pot, the sauces are all free of charge, and they even gave us some peanuts as a free condiment.

In addition to making our favorite hot pot sauces, I was delighted to see the menu because there are dozens of items from meat and vegetable options that can satisfy most of our tastes. We had some Fried Beancurd Stick (IDR 42K), Sweet Corn (IDR 32K), mix vegetable set (IDR52K), and Udon (IDR 36K) to complement our meat. We love lamb, so we ordered their recommended items, which is the most popular dishes; Selected Lamb Platter (we got Lamb Shoulder and Lamb Leg), and Selected Beef Platter (we got Beef Chuck Roll and Beef Striploin).

When compared to other restaurants, I can say they are very generous with their meat!! The Australian Lamb Platter was terrific where the shoulder part tasted super tender, and the lamb legs were firm and fatty! While the Australian Beef Striploin and Chuck Roll was juicy and delicate, both of the meat was our top favorite! Sweet corn was really good, better than we thought. Everything was so good, and the portion size was right for both of us, in fact, we had some meat leftovers that I took home.

Selected Lamb Platter, IDR 118K

Selected Beef Platter, IDR 118K

Their broth was flavorful enough as it is, so dipping sauce really isn’t required. But, if you want, try mixing our favorite sauce recipe: garlic, chopped leek, peanut butter, and sesame oil for the dipping sauce. Just writing about our Mongolian Hot Pot experience at Little Sheep Chinese Shabu-Shabu makes me want to eat it again, ha-ha…

Reasonable prices for everything with good quality ingredients and the staff replenishes your hot pot with broth whenever you need more soup. Whether you’re a fan of hot pot or beef eater, it’s definitely worth to order the Lamb Platter and Beef Platter when you visit this place. For a solid Mongolian Hot Pot experience, the Little Sheep Chinese Shabu-Shabu is highly recommended!

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Little Sheep Chinese Shabu Shabu

Ozone Mall Lantai 2, Jl. Pantai Indah Utara 3, Pantai Indah Kapuk (PIK), Jakarta Utara

Opening Hour: 24 hours

Phone: (021) 2967-3675

Price: starts from IDR 50K

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