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Did you know that I’ve long been a fan of yogurt? Yeah, I love yogurt since I knew all the health benefits of it, and I usually consume it for my snacks in the afternoon, or late night before going to bed. Do you too? No matter what the texture is, whether it’s creamy, frozen yogurt, or even a yogurt drink, I love yogurt! But you know what? Apparently, not all yogurt in the market is real yogurt. As you saw through my Instastory a few days ago, we attended the launch of Greenfields Yogurt Indonesia held at Almond Zucchini, South Jakarta.

That night, Bu Endang Wijayaningsih, as Head of Marketing of PT AustAsia Food, gave a welcoming speech and we just knew that yogurt has actually existed around 6000 B.C. Today, yogurt is consumed worldwide, and as explained by Pak Darmanto Setyawan, Head of Dairy Manufacturing – Southeast Asia, PT Greenfields Indonesia, there are several manufacturing techniques to produce unlimited flavors and packaging of yogurt. And as country’s leading brand for high-quality fresh dairy, Greenfields Indonesia is trying to reach a bigger market for spoonable yogurt, which I personally think is much more enjoyable than drinkable yogurt.

We also learned that it’s important to keep bacteria alive in the yogurt in their live strains (within 30-40 days after the production date) to get the full benefit of the yogurt itself; for diet, to support digestion, boost the immune system, and more. That’s why the expiration date of Greenfields Yogurt only lasts for 30-40 days after production, and they called it as the Real Yogurt. Yay! So, in the market, there are four variants of stirred yogurt (spoonable) by Greenfields Indonesia; Original, Blueberry, Strawberry and Mango, available in 2 sizes- 125gram, and 500gram, and guess what? All of them was so good; creamy texture yet not too milky, and my top favorite would be the Blueberry because it contains blueberry jelly inside it! You gotta try it!

My favorite way to eat yogurt is just to eat it right away, but that night, they have a special guest, Chef Odie Djamil. He gave a dessert demonstration to make a Mango Smoothie Bowl with Mango Yogurt Greenfields. The process was very simple; just add some bananas, and Greenfield’s Mango yogurt, blend them with some apple juice, and serve with different kind of toppings. Look at that, so lovely, isn’t it? And it tasted so good, you can try it at home too!

After the demonstrations, all the participants were challenged to make their own version of the smoothie bowl, and we team up with Hans to make it. Within 5 minutes, our Mango Havana smoothie bowl was ready, and voila! By combining the simplicity of fresh bananas and Greenfields Mango Yogurt with some pretty edible flowers, we got the balanced taste of it, and our smoothie bowl came out as the winner, yay! Thank you Greenfields Indonesia for the product knowledge, it was really a fun night! And thank you all for reading, I hope you can enjoy the Real Yogurt for your snack enjoyment!

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