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If you ask me what’s the most memorable point in my life that turned me into a traveler, it’s my first job back in the year 2000. Even with the pressure on work, I still enjoy the ups and downs, followed by all the blessings during the hard times. In fact, my first trip to Asia has made me promise myself that I want to work even harder and save more money to see the beauty of another world through my lens. It’s a great joy to explore the world, and it all changes my perspective. Someone told me, when you get a taste of travel, you want more. That’s true, and it’s the same as when I fell in love with a cup of coffee.

I remember now, it all started at home. Mom was still wearing her favorite pajamas and set everything on the table for us. A glass of juice accompanied my favorite scrambled egg, and beef sausage for breakfast. But she always prepares her favorite coffee every morning, and I can’t forget the freshness smell of the coffee once she opens the packaging. I was eager to know, and she let me try her favorite Kapal Api Black Coffee. That’s my first taste of this coffee brand, and I loved it! The warmth, smell, and the taste of this black coffee was so intense; it was bitter at first, but then I began to appreciate the real flavor of what they call it, great high-quality coffee.

Although I’m not a morning person, I’ve slowly become a coffee person. Ha-ha.. And I’m sure you’re familiar with Kapal Api Coffee, especially if you are coffee enthusiasts and live in Indonesia as well. Kapal Api Coffee is a well-known coffee brand, and is considered as the market leader for the coffee brand in Indonesia. They only select high-quality beans – handpicked one by one, carefully mix and roasting the beans to create a perfect blend of Arabica and Robusta, to create a perfect cup of coffee for all coffee lovers! Over the years, the market continues to grow, and now we can find lots of new variants of Kapal Api products on the market. No wonder, I often see their products in supermarkets when I’m traveling overseas; to Hongkong, Malaysia, Singapore, South Korea, the United Kingdom, Thailand, etc. That’s kewl!

With soft cream sensations on top and delicious flavors of white coffee, Kapal Api White Coffee became my new addiction and accompanied me throughout the day. The coffee flavor itself wasn’t that strong, and the overall taste is like drinking Moccachino with light coffee and mellow finish. Since it’s a bit too sweet for me, sometimes I add more water to it, well.. not always, it depends on my mood. Oh, one more thing! I could easily pack this coffee in my bag or luggage whenever I’m traveling, thanks to its light and compact size of packaging.

Overall, Kapal Api White Coffee indeed is a great coffee! Each product is made of selected coffee beans and processed with the most modern machines that produce high-quality coffee. So what are you waiting for? If you’ve been looking for a nice morning pick-up coffee, you should consider this brand and treat yourself with Kapal Api White Coffee 3 in 1 and enjoy the goodness of coffee without health worries.

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