[NEW SPOT] Hog Wild with Chef Bruno at Gading Serpong

Have you heard about the newly opened Hog Wild with Chef Bruno at Gading Serpong area? Yes, you’re right! I was so glad to know that too, will it be the same experience with their first store in Bali? A bit clue for you, Hog Wild with Chef Bruno is famous throughout Bali for their Wicked Barbecue Pork Ribs, and their first outlet located at Jalan Batu Belig, Kerobokan, Bali is always full of locals and tourists craving for their wicked BBQ ribs. The queue’s always so long, and from our experience that time, we had to wait more than 30 minutes before we could get our table.

We were lucky that the restaurant wasn’t too crowded when we visited this new branch in the Gading Serpong area. Same like the one in Bali, they have a huge parking lot, so we don’t have to worry about it. While the seating area at Hog Wild with Chef Bruno Serpong is spacious, and mostly airy room (without air conditioners), with family-style tables that fit for 5-6 persons. But if you have special events, you can book a VIP room which has an air-conditioner in the room. We chose to sit next to the small garden in the restaurant which has a nice view and of course, we could feel the wind breeze.

Wicked BBQ Pork Ribs, IDR 159K (non-halal)

Since we’re at Hog Wild with Chef Bruno, of course, we had to try their specialty dish, and that would be the famous Wicked BBQ Ribs. 500 grams of pork ribs served with their signature BBQ sauce, a combination of sweet and tangy flavors. Though they provide knife and fork, both of us enjoyed it the most when we eat with our hands, and I suggest you eat with your hands too for the best experience! The pork ribs were perfectly grilled, and the meat was super juicy, easily fell off the bone, with a nice smokey aroma on the whole meat. It was so delicious and addictive! A must try when you visit Hog Wild with Chef Bruno in Gading Serpong.

Chicken Quesadilla, IDR 55K

In addition to the famous BBQ Ribs, they also have something else on the menu ranging from appetizers, salads, soups, sandwiches, and classic Indonesian food such as Chicken Satay, Nasi Goreng, etc. The Grilled Chicken Quesadillas is part of the appetizers, and they tasted just nice with mozzarella cheese, guacamole, jalapenos, tomato salsa, and sour cream as toppings.

Jumbo Beef Grilled Hotdog, IDR 72K

We also tried the Jumbo Hotdog which I think is twice the size of a regular hot dog. They served it plain so we can play around with our favorite sauce; from mayonnaise, mustard, tomato, and chili. Besides the size, the hot dog was lightly flavored, and beefy, and we enjoyed the natural hand-cut fries which is served on the side. Kids will love this!

Soto Ayam, IDR 49K

From the Indonesian cuisine, we tried Soto Ayam a’la Siti. It’s a clear chicken soup served with vermicelli noodles, sprouts, shredded chicken, egg, cabbage, tomato, vegetable crackers, and steamed rice. The portion was quite large, but we didn’t really like it because the soup was a bit bland.

Banana Split, and Brownies with Ice Cream, IDR 36K each

We all know that no banana split is complete without ice creams on top! It was yummy and refreshing! Besides the banana split, they also have a delicious Brownies, served warm with vanilla ice cream. Don’t forget to try one of these sweet treats before you leave Hog Wild Serpong; you won’t be disappointed!

Rujak Martini

If you feel adventurous, dare yourself to try one of the fancy cocktails, Rujak Martini at Hog Wild with Chef Bruno, Serpong. When you order this, prepare your camera or video ready, as all the staff will dance and sing in front of your table, when they deliver the cocktail to your table. The Rujak Martini was spicy, and it tasted just like how Rujak should be, fun! For women, if you want something light and sweet, I recommend you to try the Lychee Martini. And guess what? Hog Wild with Chef Bruno Serpong will have a Grand Opening soon this Friday, December 8, 2017, and you can enjoy 40% discount for all the alcoholic drinks starts from 9pm, wohooo! This special promo is available from 8-10 Dec 2017, and valid only after 9pm, don’t miss it!

Overall, it was a great lunch experience at Hog Wild with Chef Bruno newest branch at Gading Serpong. Staff was very friendly and attentive. If you never try their food, I highly recommend you to try the Wicked Ribs, their signature dish. We will definitely be coming back! Thank you for reading!

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Hog Wild with Chef Bruno at Serpong

Ruko South Goldfinch SGA/039

Jl. Boulevard Springs, The Springs Area, Summarecon Gading Serpong, Tangerang

Price: starts from IDR 159K

Opening Hours: 11am – 10pm

Phone: 0813 1850 2288


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