[NEW] GUDETAMA Cafe Dessertland in Shirokuma Dessert Cafe

For those of you searching for a fun and cute spot all in Gudetama shape inside, both in food, drinks, and desserts, you should head to Gudetama Cafe Jakarta at Shirokuma Dessert Cafe in Mall Kota Kasablanka right away. This store has changed its concept with one of the world’s most famous cute characters by Sanrio, Gudetama! With its colorful and fun decor where Gudetama is the star, you can watch people who love dessert and especially the big fans of Gudetama quickly come and can’t wait to try this cafe. FYI, the Gudetama cafe will only last for six months as agreed by Shirokuma Dessert Cafe with Sanrio brand, so don’t miss it!

Gudetama Onsen Soba, IDR 52K

Unlike in other themed cafes we’ve ever visited in some countries, the portion at Gudetama Cafe Jakarta x Shirokuma Dessert Cafe was quite big. They know how to present a simple Japanese staple into something more interesting that people will crave for more. Just like this hot soba served in creamy Japanese soup; tasty yet still light, and accompanied by a cute Gudetama in onsen mode in the soup. It’s so cute and delicious at the same time!

Funny Side Up Curry, IDR 52K

Another favorite was the Funny Side Up Curry. The crunchy texture of chicken cutlets slathered in a creamy and flavorful Japanese curry sauce made this dish a nice comfort dish for everyone! If you’re craving for a big meal, try this. It’s so yummy and filling, and do you see that cute looking of Gudetama face on that beautiful egg? I ate that in the last part, yup… I saved the best for the last, hahaha…

In addition to the main course, they also have a variety of fun drinks and interesting desserts, but we opted for Gude Sunrise (IDR 38K) and of course, the Wheel of Sweet-Treats (IDR 98K) for dessert. Gude Sunrise tasted more like a fruit punch drink and what I like about it, it’s very refreshing, made of Sunkist Orange with a little bit of red syrup. And just like everyone else, we don’t want to miss the Wheels of Sweet-Treats which consists of 6 kinds of desserts; including mini cupcake, Chocolate soft ice cream, shiratama balls, Banana soft ice cream, Matcha soft ice cream, and macaroon. Yay! Yay!

Overall, it was a pleasant experience at Gudetama in Dessertland Cafe x Shirokuma Dessert Cafe in Mall Kota Kasablanka. Not only are they good to satisfy your desire for something sweet, but the savory foods were delicious as well and come in significant portions at reasonable prices. You should check it out, especially if you’re a big fan of Gudetama like us! Thank you for reading!

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Gudetama in Dessertland at Shirokuma Dessert Cafe

Mall Kota Kasablanka, UG Floor (next to Nanny’s Pavillon), Jalan Casablanca No.88, Menteng Dalam, Tebet, Jakarta Selatan

Opening Hour: 10am – 10pm

Price: starts from IDR 50K


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