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What is Myfunfoodiary? 

Myfunfoodiary.com is an Indonesian Food, Travel and Lifestyle Blog based in Jakarta, that features restaurant reviews from local cuisine, gourmet food, and international restaurants, and introduces some of the best food and dining experiences around the world. It also provides travel tips and tricks, and some cooking recipes from the blog author and entries are updated at least 2-3 times per week.

Initially, the blog author, Mullie Marlina, began blogging in February 2011 for her daily life stories and her cooking recipes (Mulliechan.com). But eventually, her family, friends, and relatives asked more and more about food. That’s when she decided to get serious about food by giving recommendations on where to eat, give recipes, and travel ideas including travel tips and trick through Myfunfoodiary.com in July 2012 as an extension of her love for food and travel. Her site then grew into a source of inspiration and turned out to give a lot of good reference for her friends, family, colleagues, and many people out there. Ever since,Myfunfoodiary.com has become one of the valuable online sources for locals, tourists, food enthusiasts, and industry professionals.

Her curated restaurant reviews are based on her meticulous inquiries and her rich dining experience in various restaurants in Jakarta. She has also traveled to different cities and countries where she finds interesting and inspiring dishes, cuisines and excellent dining ambience which she also included in the list.

She spends a lot of time creating content for her site, and 90% of her writing comes from her expenses. When she visits restaurants/coffee shops, she always comes like a mysterious guest; pay for the food that she ordered, and will share about the experience if she feels happy about it.

You’ll find her honest reviews, valuable suggestions, objective ratings and recommendation of eateries in Jakarta and selected cities in Indonesia and abroad. From recommendations, restaurant experiences, events, travel destinations, and recipes, readers will find anything food related in this website.

All those sleepless nights, hard work, passion, dedication, prayer and support from her family and readers, has made Myfunfoodiary become what you see today. Myfunfoodiary has been featured in some local magazines since 2013 (Cita Cinta, Elle Indonesia, Free! Magz, Area Magz, Go Girl! Magz, Femina Magazine, and Cleo Indonesia). She also became a guest host for Sendok Garpu Tv Show on Kompas TV, Live Show for Curahan Hati Perempuan on Trans TV, and become a special guest for Cerita Hati Talkshow on Kompas TV. This year, we’re delighted to be nominated again as one of the TOP 15 for FOOD Influencer in Indonesia for the Influence Asia Award 2017. Mullie Myfunfoodiary also became a Guest Judges for IRON CHEF INDONESIA on RCTI TV and this August 2017, Myfunfoodiary listed as one of the Top 10 Most Influential Indonesian Food Blogger by Indonesia Tatler. (Scroll down to see their achievements).

All credit goes to her full time photographer, Andy Handoko, which is also her husband for all the gorgeous food pics and everything else in this blog. Thank you, dear! :’)

What Camera are they using?
Mullie has fallen in love with Fuji X10 just like love at first sight since November 2012. She really loves her camera until April 2014 she finally upgraded to a new one, Fuji XE-1. While her husband, Andy, has used his Canon 60D since many years ago. Now, both of them are using different cameras and lenses to support their passion & work.

Where all the readers came from?
Based on the last wordpress.com annual report of the year 2015, her readers are mostly coming from Indonesia, followed by the United States and Singapore.

Annual Report 2013 || Annual Report 2014

Annual Report 2015

How about Site Statistics for Myfunfoodiary?

Views to the website Myfunfoodiary.com are growing up since it’s started. Thank God! The Average Views also grow to 2.800 views per Day. Thank you so much to all readers and all foodies for your support in keeping craving something good, delicious and new on this website. Love you all! :’)

As of January 2, 2018 – 02:17 pm

Myfunfoodiary.com has collected 3.584.138 Total Views and 889 Total Comments + Best Ever Views on Myfunfoodiary has reached 7.419 views on February 16, 2017

StatCounter Report as of January 2, 2018 – 02:00PM

Average Unique Visits: 53,400

Average First Time Visit: 48,100

Achievement in 2013:

Featured in TIOC (This is Our Church) Magazine: January 2013

Featured in Table Flyer Pizza Express Restaurant (Ex. Pizza Marzano) September 2013

Featured in Cita Cinta eMagz since October 2013

Featured in Jktgo.com on December 2013

Achievement in 2014:

Featured in In News Loop Application starts from February 2014 for FOOD & DRINK section

Food Presenter for @IndosatMania on #Kulineria program every Saturday 9-11 am

start from February 15, 2014 until November 29, 2014

Behind the scene: Guest host on the Sendok Garpu show at Akira Back Restaurant with Chef Norman.

The video was aired on Kompas TV, Sunday, December 7, 2014

Click PLAY BUTTON to see the Full Video (+bloopers from behind the scene) 😀

Brand Ambassador for Allure Green Tea and Latteo from Esprecielo Indonesia since end of November 2014

Featured in FacetoFeet.com on December 11, 2014 as one of the Food Bloggers Must Follow on Instagram!!

Featured by FREE! MAGZ on Issue #23 “Best of 2014” this December 2014 (pages 46-47)

Achievement in 2015:

Featured in Area Magz on 28 January 2015 – Edition #271, page 57

Featured in Red Magz V edition, page 72 – March 2015 for “Romantic Foodies Myfunfoodiary”

Featured in Special Elle on Board in Elle Indonesia – Edition May 2015, page 179

Achievement in 2016:

Featured in TRANS TV – Live show for Curahan Hati Perempuan, February 25, 2016

Featured in Go Girl Magazine, March 2016 edition – page 50-51

Featured in Femina Magazine, edition 5-11 March 2016

Featured in Foodies Magazine, March 2016 edition page 66 – 69 (FREE Download here)

Featured in Kompas TV for Cerita Hati Talkshow with Desy Ratnasari, 01 April 2016

Featured in Cleo Indonesia Magazine – April 2016 edition for Food Issue

Achievement in 2017:

Nominated again as Top 15 Food Influencer for Indonesia – Influence Asia Award 2017

Guest Judges for IRON CHEF INDONESIA (a highly popular cooking competition show), aired on RCTI TV – April 2017

Inframe: Celebrity Chef Chris Salans vs MJ Alguero

Myfunfoodiary #3 – Top 10 Most Influential Indonesian Food Bloggers by Indonesia Tatler

www.indonesiatatler.com – posted on August 4, 2017

We feel honored and blessed and to have the opportunity to experience various dishes and cuisines, travel to other cities and countries, and explore this world of food. I’m grateful to Andy Pau, my husband who has always supported my activities over the years, who helped me through the ups and down, however difficult it may have been. I’m grateful for a loving family who always around me to support me, and for all of the experiences I have; it’s all happens because of God’s grace and all of your supports. Thank you everyone! We’ll continue to work passionately, stay positive, and live gratefully. Peace & love to all who read this, God bless you.🙏🏻

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