[NEW SPOT KULINER BALI] Monokrom Coffee and Bar at Legian, Kuta

Aussie Chicken Burger at Monokrom Bali by Myfunfoodiary cover

We have no idea at all of where to go on our first day in Bali. But it turns out that Monokrom Coffee and Bar is located in Legian, Kuta, nearby to where we were staying in Bali. Right after

[KULINER BALI] WAHAHA Pork Ribs Full Slab at Seminyak, Kuta – Bali

Pork Ribs at Wahaha Pork Ribs Bali by Myfunfoodiary cover

We heard that WAHAHA is the best Pork Ribs in Bali. So, we decided to visit this restaurant located on Sunset Road, Seminyak, Bali before flying back to Jakarta. It’s easy to find this restaurant because there is a big

[NEW MENU] Dinner with Christmas Set Menu at Tesate Restaurant

Christmas Special Menu at Tesate Pacific Place by Myfunfoodiary cover

I was back again to Tesate Restaurant to try some of their new menus a week ago. This time I visited the other branch on the 5th-floor Pacific Place Mall, South Jakarta, a strategic location in the SCBD area. This

[KULINER BALI] Nasi Campur Bali at Warung Teges, Ubud, Gianyar – Bali

Our Nasi Campur Bali at Warung Teges Ubud Bali by Myfunfoodiary cover

Sometimes we are confused to decide where to eat while having a vacation in Bali. Last month we stopped by at Warung Teges that is not far from where we were staying, Ubud, Gianyar. Together with our friends, we visited

[NEW POST] The Joys of Getting Married with Bridestory

axioo irvan elfa prewedding japan 06 cover

Marriage is a wonderful thing that happens once a lifetime. Kevin Mintaraga as CEO of Bridestory.com once said “Every couple has an idea of what their dream wedding will look like. And anyone can get their perfect wedding as long as

[NEW DESSERT] Kamo Kuma Jakarta Dessert House and Bistro

Kamoctail Kiiro at Kamo Kuma Jakarta by Myfunfoodiary 01 cover

Glad to know there is a new Dessert House and Bistro in Sunter area (nearby to my parent’s house), here is Kamo Kuma Jakarta which we visited last Sunday right after we celebrated my Mother’s birthday at Sate Khas Senayan.

[NEW SPOT] Traditional Thai Food at Thai Jim Jum for Dinner

Pandan Chicken at Thai Jim Jum by Myfunfoodiary - cover

I heard about this restaurant from our church friend; that Thai Jim Jum Restaurant has moved from Pasar Muara Karang to the new PIK Ruko opposite KFC and Happy Puppy KTV. When my husband reached home, he told me that

[NEW MENU] QQCake, Tea Egg, Panda Ice, and Grilled Squid at Blackball Indonesia

Panda Snow Ice at Blackball Central Park by Myfunfoodiary 01 cover

The Blackball Taiwanese Dessert House has been existing for almost two years in Indonesia and to welcome the excitement of this; they offer a new concept of Taiwanese dessert and light meals. Blackball has started its business since 2006 and

[NEW SPOT] Various Yummy Burger and Fries at Bun N Bite Kelapa Gading

Heart Attack Burger at Bun n Bite Kelapa Gading by Myfunfoodiary cover

For those of you who live around Kelapa Gading, I’ve got a good news for you! Burger spots, yay! There’s a new burger and fries spot called Bun n Bite, which just opened a month ago (07 November 2014). I

[KULINER BANDUNG] Kodok Swike Karanganyar Jalan Cibadak, Bandung

Swike-Mentega-Asin-Karanganyar-Bandung-by-Myfunfoodiary-01 cover

Kembali ke Bandung, aku ingin share perjalanan kulinerku di jalan Cibadak sebagai spot kuliner hits di Bandung. Swike Karanganyar ini menjadi destinasi wisata kuliner pertama di hari itu sebelum aku pulang kembali ke Jakarta. Biasanya bila ke Bandung, aku suka

[NEW DESSERT] Noizu Toku Toku – Conducted Ice Cream Made To Order

Noizu Toku Toku by Myfunfoodiary cover

Do you ever eat ice cream made from a Japanese Teppanyaki cooking style? Noizu Toku Toku, which opened recently at Puri Indah Mall, West Jakarta offers something unique and different. Noizu Toku Toku is an ice cream parlor with a

[NEW SPOT] The Taste of Japanese Cuisine at WakuWaku Cafe at Kaffein, Gandaria City

Tempura Chazuke at Wakuwaku Cafe Japan by Myfunfoodiary cover

WAKUWAKU Japan, which entered Indonesia since 22 February 2014 just opened its cafe, WAKUWAKU CAFE, located at Kaffein, Mal Gandaria City. As we all know, that WAKUWAKU Japan is a Japanese TV Channel operated by SKY Perfect JSAT. In Indonesia,

[NEW BRANCH] Song Fa Bak Kut Teh at The Jayakarta Food Place, West Jakarta

Pork Ribs Soup at Song Fa Bak Kut Teh Jayakarta by Myfunfoodiary 02 cover

We visited Song Fa Bak Kut Teh Singapore newest branch located at The Jayakarta Food Place, West Jakarta a week after its opening in early November 2014. This place is more spacious than the first outlet in PIK (Pantai Indah

[NEW POST] Flavorful Journey of Indonesian Cuisine at Sate Khas Senayan Menteng

Nasi Kuning Campur at Sate Khas Senayan Menteng by Myfunfoodiary cover

I know this brand of Sate Khas Senayan since many years ago, to be exact since I was a kid. Together with my family, we often visit the Cideng branch, but now I visited the other branch in Menteng, Central

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