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[NEW] Traveloka Eats Makan Hemat & Seru di Up In Smoke

Siapa nih yang ngaku jadi generasi milenials tapi belum kenalan sama Traveloka Eats? Nah, kalau kamu termasuk anak jaman now yang hobi makan dan nongkrong di cafe yang instagrammable bersama teman-teman, kudu tau nih aplikasi yang bisa bikin aktivitas kulineran kamu...
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[BEAUTY TIPS] Glowing Skin with Korean Face Sheet Mask

Bagaimana sih cara mendapatkan kulit kencang bersinar, glowing skin, dan cantik seperti wanita Korea? Ini dia pertanyaan nomor 2 terbanyak yang orang selalu tanyakan ketika ketemu aku, ha-ha… Nah, biar gak penasaran lagi, di artikel kali ini aku akan share...
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10 Kuliner Bakmi Favorit & Enak Wajib Kamu Coba di Jakarta

Yay! Akhirnya setelah 2 minggu berpetualang hunting spot kuliner tempat makan Bakmi enak-enak baik yang mengandung Babi (Noodle Pork) Non-Halal maupun Bakmi HALAL enak di Jakarta, inilah hasilnya! Nah, sebelumnya aku mau tanya dulu nih, pernahkah kalian merasa bosan...
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[KULINER JOGJA] 8 Kuliner Legendaris Wajib Kamu Coba

Ingin mencicipi kuliner khas Jogja yang legendaris, hits, maknyus dan terjangkau? Jangan bingung lagi, yuk baca lengkap di sini. Menghabiskan libur panjang dengan melakukan road trip kuliner ke kota Jogja (part 2) kali ini lagi-lagi terasa menyenangkan, apalagi saat...
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[PHILIPPINES] Sugbo Mercado Top 10 Food Must Try in Cebu’s Night Market

Our recent trip to Cebu City for the first time in the Philippines gave us a pleasant impression especially after we visited the Sugbo Mercado Night Market. Sugmo Mercado Market is known as an open-air weekend food market with over than 65 food vendors from local...
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[KOREA] Busan Itinerary & Top Things To Do & Eat

If you have three days in Busan (South Korea), what do you want to do? When traveling to Korea, people usually visit Seoul as their destination, but we chose Busan as inbound and decided Seoul as the outbound to return to Jakarta. There are actually many good places...
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[NEW] Onni House Jakarta – Flower Market & Kitchen

Good news, ladies! I bet you will be glad to know that there’s a new cafe, Onni House, which combines several concepts – home living, florist and cafe – into one interesting dining space. You might have heard or may have visited the Aoyama Flower...
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12 Kuliner Nostalgia CHINATOWN - GLODOK

Seru banget ketika kita bisa kuliner dan nostalgia dengan makanan favorit masa kecil di kawasan Chinatown, Petak Sembilan (Glodok). Pedagang ini masih exist di sana, mulai dari Es Cingcau, Bakso Goreng, Mipan, Sukun Goreng, Bakso Goreng, Sate Padang langganan, Cempedak Goreng, dan lain-lain. Semoga artikel ini dapat memberi inspirasi bagi kalian dan keluarga yang ingin menyusuri kembali Kelenteng Tua di daerah ini.

Wisata Alam YOGYA - Kawasan Mangunan

Refreshing dari kesibukan dan rutinitas di ibukota Jakarta, ternyata tidak perlu jauh-jauh. Banyak perubahan yang terjadi di Yogya dan kini spot wisata alam-nya semakin seru. Sebut saja Kawasan Mangunan yang menawarkan banyak spot foto yang Instagramable, seperti Bukit Mojo Gumelem, Jurang Tembelan, dan Rumah Hobbit. Pemandangan alam yang menakjubkan, dan udara yang sejuk menjadikan tempat wisata ini ramai sekali!


We’re lucky to be able to visit the newly opened LINE Village on our trip to Bangkok this June 2016 in Siam Square (Bangkok). You can drool over cute Line Friends items (Brown, Cony, James, Moon and Jessica) that you can add to your collection, or pose with the signature giant Mega Brown before leaving the store. The queue line was pretty short that time, and why bother, Thailand is much much closer to us, so why not?

2 Weeks Backpacking to LONDON Guide

Our trip to London (UK) was amazing! London is a great city, but it can be hard for a first-time visitor to know where to start. We’ve collected the best of London, a complete guide 2 Weeks backpacking without tour guide to London. We hope this article can give you a chance to see some of the best of what London has to offer, from St. Paul’s Cathedral, Millennium Bridge, Borough Market, Trafalgar Square, and more.

Top 10 Food Must Try in SHANGHAI

A trip to Shanghai (China) leaves a big impression not only on my eyes but also my tummy. They have so much to offer. That’s why I’ve made this summary a complete list of Top 10 Food that you should try in Shanghai. It was fun to find and get a taste of all local delights, from Jianbing, the famous Fried Xiao Long Bao at Yang’s Dumpling, A Gan Guo Kui, the famous Wai Po Jia, the popular Jia Jia Tang Bao, and so much more.


If you’re planning to travel to Japan, you may have come across something called a PASMO or Suica card and wondered what they are. We’ve shared the difference between these two for your reference, and we also share lots of culinary guides, best places to eat in Japan, how to book night bus via Willer Express, cycling tips and getting around the Temples in Kyoto, 2 Weeks Backpacking Travel Guide to Japan, and more.

Travel Guide to JEJU ISLAND, KOREA

There are so many reasons why we can’t keep away from Jeju Island, and you have to go to Jeju when you come to South Korea. We’ve listed some of the recommended destinations and local food for a local Jeju-do experience. From Hallabong tea, BBQ Black Pork, enjoying the beauty of Seongsan Ilchulbong (a dormant volcano on the east coast of Jeju), the fun park for couples, Jeju Loveland, and more. Which one suits you?


Yay! Akhirnya kesampean juga hari ini aku kembali bersibuk ria di dapur dan memasak Ayam Goreng Terasi. Bahan-bahan yang dipersiapkan cukup sederhana, mudah didapat, tidak mahal, dan hasilnya mirip seperti masakan di restoran, lho! Kalian juga dapat melihat step-by-step pembuatan hidangan ini dari YouTube channel kami. Yuk dicoba, jamin si kecil dan keluarga menyukainya! Protection Status

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