[JAPAN] Best and Affordable Lunch Set at Hyoki Restaurant, Roppongi – Tokyo

Great Lunch Set at Hyoki Restaurant by Myfunfoodiary

On the 10th day of our holiday in Japan, I’ve set up a schedule to have lunch at Hyoki Restaurant, located in Nishiazabu, Roppongi area, Tokyo. It was not hard to find this restaurant, even without an internet connection in

[JAPAN TIPS] Cycling Around and Explore Wonderful Temples in Kyoto

I'm so Ready to Cycling Around Kyoto - by Myfunfoodiary

As I said before, I will share our great and fun cycling moments in Kyoto, which I experienced together with my husband a few weeks ago from our vacation. I loved being in this city because I can explore many

[NEW POST] Celebrating the Mid Autumn Festival at JW Marriott Jakarta

Various Moon Cake at JW Marriott Jakarta by Myfunfoodiary cover

In celebration of the Mid-Autumn festival, JW Marriott Jakarta’s has prepared a vast selection of JW Marriott’s Signature Moon Cakes, with flavors such as the all-time favorite – traditional White Lotus with Egg Yolk, Green Tea and Red Bean. The

[JAPAN] Great and Affordable Sushi at Premium Sushi Train KAIO Kaiten-Zushi, Tokyo

Our sushi dinner at Premium Sushi Train KAIO Sushi - by Myfunfoodiary

As planned, after we visited the giant Gundam Robot in front of Diver City (Gundam Front), we went straight to Premium Sushi Train Kaio located on the 6th floor of Diver City on Odaiba, Tokyo, Japan. When we visited this restaurant,

[NEW MENU] Enjoying Various Sweet Treats at The Baked Goods

Knedliky at The Baked Goods by Myfunfoodiary cover

The presence of The Baked Goods at Sabang, Central Jakarta has been well received by the people of Indonesia and even foreigners. Since three years ago, this place has become a favorite place for everyone to enjoy breakfast, lunch, dinner,

[JAPAN TIPS] Purchasing Japan Train Ticket – SUICA and PASMO Travel Card in Tokyo

My Suica and Pasmo Travel Card in Japan - by Myfunfoodiary

I’m going to share one of the most-important tips when traveling around Tokyo; Purchasing a Japan Train Ticket – SUICA and PASMO Travel Card was really useful. The first thing we did when arriving in Tokyo is to buy a

[JAPAN TIPS] First Preparation on Backpacking to Japan Guide

Our Flight using Budget Airlines Air Asia - by Myfunfoodiary

Some of you may be wondering, is it possible for you to visit Japan without joining a tour like what we did for our Japan trip? Backpacking is the answer! Here are some tips from us! Find the cheapest airfares

[NEW SPOT] The Soft Opening of BLU at Shangri-la Hotel Jakarta

Macaroons at BLU Shangri-la Jakarta by Myfunfoodiary - cover

Hey friends, I just returned from the newest Social Pop-Up hangout venue in J-Town, BLU at Shangri-la Hotel Jakarta last night. And now I’m going to share with you about this new-cool place in town. I think everyone already knows

[JAPAN] Delicious Japanese Rice Bowls (Donburi) at Don Don Tei, Osaka

Pork Cutlet Bowls at Don Don Tei Restaurant by Myfunfoodiary

There is a Japanese Fast Food Restaurant called Don Don Tei that I found in the Tempozan Marketplace, Osaka, Japan that located in the same location as the Kaiyukan Aquarium. I’ve walked through another restaurant and finally know that the

[JAPAN] Takeout Bento Lunch from Honke Kamadoya, Osaka

Ozeki Lunch at Honke Kamadoya, Osaka Japan by Myfunfoodiary

I accidentally discovered Honke-Kamadoya outlet while walking towards Kaiyukan Aquarium in Osaka, Japan. This place is quite small and adjacent to a small shop that sells Japanese traditional clothes. You will easily find it when walking to the Kaiyukan Aquarium

[JAPAN TIPS] Travel Itinerary 2 Weeks Backpacking Japan Guide

Our Tea Time inside our Ryokan in Japan - by Myfunfoodiary

Travel Itinerary Backpacking Guide for two weeks in Japan, which cover Osaka, Kyoto, Tokyo and Yokohama Hi everyone, I just came back from Japan this afternoon. I want to share our Travel Itinerary Backpacking for two weeks in Japan, which

[NEW POST] Good Coffee and Good Place at Noah’s Barn Coffeenery Bandung

Latte Double Ristretto at Noahs Barn Bandung by Myfunfoodiary cover

Sekitar bulan April 2014 lalu ketika aku sedang main ke Bandung, aku sempat mampir ke Noah’s Barn Coffeenery dimana ini termasuk salah satu coffee shop yang sedang trending di sana. Mencari lokasi coffee shop ini boleh dibilang susah susah gampang

[NEW] Ramadhan Festive at Olam All Day Dining, JS Luwansa Hotel

Fresh Sashimi at Olam Restaurant JS Luwansa Hotel by Myfunfoodiary cover

Teman-teman funfoodiers yang bekerja di sekitar Kuningan, Jakarta Selatan tentu tidak asing lagi dengan JS Luwansa Hotel and Convention Center ini. Sebuah hotel bertaraf internasional yang berlokasi dekat dengan kedutaan-kedutaan besar, gedung perkantoran, dan pusat hiburan serta pusat belanja ini

[NEW MENU] Tipat Sanggingan & Bebek Asap for Ramadan Season at Bebek Tepi Sawah

Tipat Sanggingan at Bebek Tepi Sawah by Myfunfoodiary cover

Aku yakin teman-teman funfoodiers pasti sudah sering mendengar tentang Restoran Bebek Tepi Sawah ini. Restoran Bebek Tepi Sawah yang sudah terkenal di Bali sejak bertahun-tahun lalu, kini sudah mudah ditemukan di Jakarta karena cabangnya sudah semakin banyak. Hingga saat ini

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