Advertise Here is an Indonesian Food, Travel, and Lifestyle Blog based in Jakarta, which features review of various restaurants, be it local cuisine, gourmet food, and international restaurants, and introduces some of the best food and dining experiences around the world. This blog also contains travel tips and tricks, lifestyle inspiration, and some recipes from the blog author and entries are updated at least 2-3 times per week. The blog author, Mullie Marlina, began blogging in February 2011 to share stories of her daily life and her cooking recipes ( Then she started in July 2012 as an extension of her love for food and to collect all her culinary journey as her Food Diary, which turned out to give a lot of good reference for her friends, family, colleagues, and a lot of people out there. has been privileged to work with many brands from different industries, such as:

  • Cafe & Restaurant
    1. Boga Group Selfie campaign awareness (March 2014)
    2. McDonalds Indonesia for World Cup 2014 (June 2014)
    3. Tesate Restaurant (Oct 2014, Dec 2014 & 2015)
    4. Sate Khas Senayan, Menteng (Nov 2014)
    5. Boga Group for Bakerzin, Pepper Lunch, and Paradise Inn (Jan 2015)
    6. Eggo Waffle (Jan 2015)
    7. Sushi Kiosk (Jan 2015)
    8. NamNam Noodle Bar (March 2015)
    9. Eureca Restaurant at BSD (March 2015)
    10. Burgerous at Taman Ratu, West Jakarta (March 2015)
    11. KOBE by Shabu Shabu House, Pondok Indah Mall (March 2015)
    12. Donburi Ichiya #FlavourInAPoster competition awareness (Apr & May 2015)
    13. Dapur Buntut PIK (Apr 2015)
    14. Sunny Side Up Restaurant – new concept (Apr 2015 & Jan 2016)
    15. Boga Group for Pepper Lunch new product awareness (Apr-Oct 2015)
    16. Rempah Wangi Restaurant(May 2015)
    17. Ippudo Indonesia (May 2015)
    18. Rons Laboratory (May 2015)
    19. Fujio MSP for Kushiya Monogatari & Uchino Shokudo (May-June 2015)
    20. The Holy Crab at Senopati (May 2015)
    21. Honey Creme Soft Serve Ice Cream from Singapore (May 2015)
    22. Cake A Boo, Pantai Indah Kapuk (May 2015)
    23. The Halal Boys (May 2015 & 2016)
    24. Gastromaquia at Senopati (June 2015)
    25. Mockingbird Restaurant at Pondok Indah (June 2015)
    26. Bing Go Korean Dessert (June 2015)
    27. Fat Belly Truck (June 2015)
    28. Nomz Kitchen & Pastry (June-Aug 2015)
    29. Gudeg Ningrat Restaurant, Alam Sutera (July 2015)
    30. Island Creamery Indonesia (July 2015)
    31. Cranky Crab Kelapa Gading (July 2015)
    32. Itacho Sushi Grand Indonesia (July 2015)
    33. Sour Sally Frozen Yogurt (July 2015 & Jan 2016)
    34. Crepes Signature (July 2015)
    35. 1945 Restaurant at Fairmont Jakarta (Aug 2015 – 2016)
    36. BreadLife Bakery new concept (August 2015)
    37. Northpole Cafe PIK (Sept-Nov 2015)
    38. Pancious Collaboration for Special Menus + Photoshot for the new menu book (Oct 2015 – Mart 2016)
    39. Hokkaido Baby Cheese Tart (Jan & June 2016, Dec 2016, May 2017, August 2017)
    40. Sate Khas Senayan #JanganTakutLapar campaign (March 2016)
    41. Heritage by Tan Goei (March & August 2017)
    42. Uncle Tetsu Indonesia (April-May & August 2017)
    43. Paul Indonesia (August 2017)
    44. GOPEK Restaurant (August 2017)
    45. Magi Planet Popcorn Studio (August 2017)
    46. Restaurant Penang Qbig Mall (August 2017)
    47. Locupan Asian Kitchen (August 2017)
    48. Bebek Malio newest branch at Rawamangun (Jakarta Timur) (August 2017)
    49. The Seafood Tower PIK (August 2017)
    50. Sugabites Patisserie from Surabaya & Fiore Di Gelato (August 2017)
    51. Mie Ayam Akasya (August 2017)


  • Entertainment – TV & Telecom
    1. WakuWaku TV Japan (March & April 2014)
    2. Opening of WakuWaku Cafe at Gandaria City (Dec 2014)
    3. Samsung Indonesia (March 2014)
    4. simPATI – Telkomsel #YourEverydayDiscoveries (Sept 2014)
    5. simPATI – Telkomsel #GoDiscover #FoodDiscoveries (Sept 2015)


  • Food Brands & Miscellaneous
    1. Kecap Bango for Legenda Kuliner Festival Jajanan Bango (May 2013 & 2014)
    2. Magnum Infinity for Magnum Cafe at Grand Indonesia (Dec 2013)
    3. Magnum Ice Cream – Magnofee (Apr 2014)
    4. Fiesta SeafoodSealicious cooking online competition (Apr 2014)
    5. Genji Pie pop-up dessert store (Apr 2014)
    6. Indofood for Ichi Ocha, green tea drink (May 2014)
    7. Kraft CheeseIndonesia for Kejumoo campaign (July 2014)
    8. Aqua Reflections (Dec 2014)
    9. Mullie Myfunfoodiary become a brand ambassador for Esprecielo Indonesia (Dec 2014)
    10. Wings Food for Javana Tea (Jan 2015)
    11. Arena Group for Maison Tatsuya, Penang Bistro, La Hoya, Miyagi (Feb 2015)
    12. Orang Tua Group (OT Group) for Teh Gelas (March 2015)
    13. ZESPRI KIWI GOLD Awareness #SweeterThanYouThink #FeelAlivewithZespriID campaign (June 2015, Sept-Oct 2016, August 2017)
    14. Koepoe Koepoe Seasoning #CurhatanRasa campaign (March & July 2015)
    15. Nestlé Koko Krunch Choco Caramel (Apr 2015)
    16. Ice Cream Walls Indonesia (May 2015)
    17. Allure Green Tea for Esprecielo Indonesia (July 2015)
    18. Greenfields Indonesia (July 2015)
    19. Jele Beautie Healthy drink Thailand’s product(July-Sept 2015)
    20. Orang Tua Group (OT Group) for KLOP Cookies (Jan 2016)
    21. Magnum Ice Cream – Magnum Infinity Raspberry (Feb 2016)
    22. Nestlé Koko Krunch new KOKO Shapes (June 2016)
    23. HG Cake Bakery at Food Hall, Grand Indonesia (August 2017)
    24. Qtela Snack Krumpe by Indofood #SaatnyaKrumpe campaign (August 2017)
    25. Loacker Indonesia #ShareTheGoodness campaign (August 2017)
    26. Timtam Indonesia #TimtamTime #TimtamPromise campaign Besties (August 2017)


  • Lifestyle Brands
    1. awareness for couples who look for wedding vendors (Nov & Dec 2014)
    2. Sharp Cooklicious for SHARP Indonesia (March 2015 & Feb 2016)
    3. Tasty Singapore Food Aisle for International Enterprise (IE) Singapore (March 2015)
    4. FoodPanda Indonesia awareness #HematSejam campaign (Apr & June 2015)
    5. Intel Indonesia #BlueIsTheGlue photo campaign awareness (Apr 2015)
    6. Lotte Shopping Avenue Mall (May 2015)
    7. Oxone Indonesia (June 2015)
    8. Sensodyne #Sensociety (April 2016) #MerdekaAlaSensodyne (August 2017)
    9. Plaza Indonesia Mall for Indonesian Food & Festival Art #MerdekaPackage (August 2017)
    10. 57 Promenade Apartment by Intiland Group (August 2017)


  • Travel & Leisure
    1. Villa de Daun, Bali (June 2015)
    2. Alaya Kuta, Bali (June 2015)
    3. Project directly requested from Japan – awareness for TOHOKU region in Japan (July-Oct 2015)

—- we’re still updating this page, more works with brands in 2016 are listed in below section —- 

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