[TAIWAN] Fresh Tea, Fresh Made at Presotea, Fuxing Rd, Taiwan

There are many different bubble teashops around Taiwan. I found one that just opened in Jakarta too, named Presotea at Fuxing Rd, Taichung City, 復興路四段/136縣道. It’s located at the Southeast corner of that intersection, between Shin Shin Vegetarian restaurant, and Hua Nan Bank. I thought it was just another bubble tea-shop with a different name and brand, but it’s totally different. Presotea is a tea specialist that serves Fresh Tea, Fresh Made by order, unlike other bubble tea-shop. With an open-concept layout, we can see step-by-step preparations by them to assure their quality and hygiene of the products that we order.

Tampak depan ruko Presotea Taichung

Presotea Outlet at Taichung City

Can you see that tea machine over there on below picture?  Yes! That’s it! Presotea brews tea by using the first innovative espresso-style tea machine to extract the good taste of tea. Their brewing skill and the unique tea roasting technology give us pure flavor and keep the sweetness of the tea. Very impressive!

Fresh Tea Presotea

Thank God, they also provide their drink menu in English versionPresotea offers a wide range of tea menu to fulfill all kinds of demand. All the drinks are available only in Large size and surprisingly, it’s cheaper than many other bubble teashops in my city, Jakarta (Indonesia).

Menu at Presotea Taichung City, Taiwan

1 NT Dollars = RP. 340,– (conversion rate based on Aug 2013. For today’s rate, please click here)

House Special Milk Tea, NT $35 

So, I ordered one of the hot-selling Milk Tea at Presotea. I really liked how it has a nice, strong tea taste from the real green tea in the drink! It tastes really nice, so different from other bubble teashops which tastes more of milk and sugar while Presotea only use the fresh tea leaves to brew and it’s freshly made. We can also request the sugar or ice level to suit our preferences. Love it!

House Special Milk Tea

It’s fun and healthier to drink a fresh brewed tea like this. So for those who loves to drink Chinese Tea, come and check out Presotea for different flavors of Chinese Tea that are served in Cold or Hot version.

How to find this Presotea bubble tea-shop in Taichung City, Taiwan?

Just follow the direction from Google Maps Street View on this link:

No. 1, Lane 61, Section 4, Fùxīng Rd, Dong District, Taichung City, Taiwan 401

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Presotea opened their first branch in Jakarta (Indonesia) since November 2013. There are 2 outlets, one is located at Lotte Shopping Avenue Kuningan, South Jakarta and the other one is located at C3 Building, Puri Indah, West Jakarta.

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I’m so excited to share more of my Taiwan culinary journey on my blog, soon! Very soon! 😀

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  1. aku udah cobain yg di lotte ci
    di sini tehnya jenis2nya banyak sih kalau dibanding yg lain
    kalau aku cobain yang gyokuro, wen-shan sama puer waktu itu
    yang aku ga suka yg puer tea, kayak minum obat minum teh ini
    dan warnanya juga hitam pekat
    untung aku pesan coconut jelly milk tea yg jadi penawarnya XP

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  2. huehehehe puer tea mmg ky gtu sih setau aku,
    biasanya aku pesen yg based tehnya gak gelap, seperti green tea, jasmine atau oolong.. :p

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