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I was at jalan Gunawarman, Jakarta Selatan last saturday and had no idea of where to go after lunch. Then I remembered Le Cafe Gourmand which just opened on Wednesday, Feb 26, 2014. It was quite easy to find this place as they put a big red mark on the wall with their cafes name. This cafe is located across Le Quartier Restaurant or 100 meters from the KFC intersection. Though it might sound new in Jakarta, they’re definitely not a new player. Established on 2012 in Surabaya, this cafe has won a lot of people’s hearts with its French Patisserie specialized in Pastries, Coffee and Ice Cream.

Le Cafe Gourmand

Door to Le Cafe Gourmand

I feel in love with its minimalist modern look and artistic French style in the whole ambience. They have a quite extensive area though the parking area is limited. You’ll find some pastry books in their shelves and the classic wall paintings next to it. Everything looks so neat, and the seating area is divided into several areas. They set up a quite big open kitchen area in the middle of the room which is surrounded by 2 types of seating areas. There is a seating area with minimalist blue and green sofa, and also the coffee bars that blend with the open kitchen so that visitors can easily see the process of making coffee or tea they order. There is also a long wooden table with a high wooden chair near the entrance, and a special room for smoking area separated by a glass door.

Suasana Le Cafe Gourmand

I was here around 2 (O’clock) in the afternoon after I had lunch in the other place which was nearby this cafe. So I was here definitely for my dessert and coffee time. I heard their Ice Cream is a must try, so I decided to order 2 scoops of Ice Cream, which cost around IDR 40K before tax and service. The server said that Double Chocolate Ice Cream and Raspberry Sorbet are their best sellers and also favourite flavours, so I gave them a try.

Ice Cream Station

I could have them in a cup or a cone at the same price, so I chose to have them in a cone. The reason is that all the cones are so colorful, and I can eat them with my ice cream. Haha.. And they were right! This homemade Ice Cream is so good! I love the combination of sweet from the Chocolate Ice Cream that has brownies pieces on it, and a little bit sour from the Raspberry sorbet, totally refreshing!

Ice Cream Double Choco & Rapsberry Sorbet

Besides homemade Ice Cream, you can also have Pudding, Tarts, Cakes, Eclairs, Crepes and Pies. They also serve good coffee and tea that are worth to try.

Tea and Coffee

One of the servers told me that Single Origin Coffee is their signature coffee. There are two types of Single Origin Coffee; Light Roast and Dark Roast. I wanted something light to accompany my Ice Cream, so I chose the Light Roast Coffee from Bali Kintamani and they used syphon coffee brewing method for this.

Making the coffee

The Bali Kintamani Light Roast Single Origin Coffee costs IDR 40K before tax and service.

Single Origin Coffee

Overall, I spent a total of IDR 92K (after tax and service) for my Dessert and Coffee time that afternoon. What do you think about it, friends? This might sound pricey but somehow I think it’s worth to visit as they offer a quite different ambience with lots of good French patisseries to choose. Le Cafe Gourmand can be your perfect getaway for tea time or coffee time with friends and family. I’m still curious of their All Day Breakfast menu, so I’m thinking to visit this place again when I have a chance to.

Ambience Le Cafe Gourmand

Le Cafe Gourmand Jakarta
Jl. Gunawarman 65, Jakarta Selatan
Phone : (021) 2930 5522
Operation Hours :
Monday-Thursday & Sunday from 7am until 11pm,
Friday & Saturday from 7am until 1am
Free WIFI : Yes
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  1. ah… aku nunggu nunggu banget review cici yg satu ini
    itu, conenya ada rasanya ga ci?
    aku ngebayangin kalau yg hijau rasanya green tea XD
    ah pengen pergi… aku rela deh bangun pagi
    biar bisa ke sini lebih awal..

    tartnya ada yg rasberry ga ci?
    terus eclairnya ada yg pake berry2an atau green tea ga ci?
    ah.. maaf aku bawel banget ya ci..
    habis dessert cafe ini bikin penasaran to the max..

    Post a Reply
    • wahhh tenkiu selfi for dropping by again.. 🙂
      aku blm cobain itu pastries-nya krn uda kekenyangan abis mkn siang, jdnya wktu itu cari yg seger2 si eskrimnya enak bgt!
      cone-nya gak ada rasa, semua warna sih sama aja.. tp warna2nya lucu jadi aku prefer pake cone hehehe kan juga enak bs dimakan hehe..
      gak hapal deh itu pastriesnya, iya klo mo dtg pagian aja, semakin sore jam 3an uda rame bgt..

      Post a Reply
      • Sama2 Ci Mul ^^
        kan blog Ci Mul, salah satu blog favorite aku
        jadi kalo nginet pasti disempetin mampir ke blog cici

        aku kirain conenya warna warni gitu ada rasanya
        ah, cici, aku lagi ga boleh makan es krim
        jadi belum bisa mampir ke sini
        mungkin aku mampirnya minggu depan sih
        ah, jadi tambah penasaran deh..
        apalagi lukisan di dindingnya keren banget

        Post a Reply
        • waaah, aku tersanjung dgrnya, thanks ya setia mampir ke blog cici.. *peluuuk*
          kynya klo mingdep ksana, km bs brunch deh mrk ada menu all day breakfast yg menarik2 juga tuh selfi.. 🙂

          Post a Reply
          • Iya ci, sama-sama *peluk balik*
            wah kalau boleh tahu ada apa aja menu breakfastnya ci?

            maaf yah cici, aku bawel banyak tanya

          • ada bnyk juga tapi aku gak fotoin dan uda lupa selfi, sorry ya jd ga bs kasih tau km.. >.<

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