[JAPAN] Childhood Memories Come Alive with Doraemon at Fujiko F Fujio Museum

On the ninth day in Japan, we visited the Fujiko F Fujio (Doraemon) Museum in Kawasaki City, before heading to our next destination, Ramen Museum, which located in Shin-Yokohama, Tokyo, Japan. The museum has been opened since September 3, 2011 and around this month until September 2014; they celebrate the “100 years before the birth of Doraemon.” Yay! My husband and I grew up with Doraemon, and we’re a big fan of Doraemon, Nobita, Suneo, Giant, Shizuka and friends. We both read all the Doraemon comics since childhood. So, when we finally came to this museum, it was like a DREAM COME TRUE for both of us. This museum is very good and interesting; that’s why I wanted to share my story with you guys here. Here we can feel and enjoy Mr. Fujiko F Fujio’s (whose real name is Hiroshi Fujimoto) dream, miracle and fun mind where he creates his masterpieces such as “Obake no Q-taro“, “P-man“, “Doraemon” one after another since 1961 in Kawasaki.

Inside our Bus when returning from Doraemon Museum

HOW and WHERE to Buy the Doraemon Fujiko Fujio Museum Ticket?

Remember that, there are no admission tickets on sale at the museum because they only sell the admission ticket via Loppi Machine that is available in many Lawson convenience store in Japan. The ¥1000 ticket should be purchased in advance (at least two days before). Everything is in Japanese, but you can ask the staff to reserve for you when they are not busy. Not to worry, we already share about Step-by-Step How To Buy the Admission Ticket from the Loppi Machine on our YouTube Channel (click Play Button on the below video). We went during the summer season, and we made a reservation once we arrived in Tokyo after we had visited Osaka and Kyoto. There are 4 time slots of entry for each day; 10, 12, 14 and 16.00. We chose the earliest one, 10am so we can spend more time to visit other places.

There is a regulation that visitors must enter the museum no later than half an hour within the reservation time schedule. Make sure you come to the museum based on your reservation time schedule because Japanese people are very strict!! We almost cannot get in because we came late for 30 minutes when we arrived at the museum. Thank God, the lady who met us was very understanding, and we can enter the museum at that time. Yay! 😀

Our Tickets to Fujiko F Fujio Museum by Myfunfoodiary

Depart from Noborito Station, Kawasaki City, Japan

Getting there is easy. You can easily access from Noborito Station, which lies along both the Odakyu Odawara Line (20 minutes, ¥250 by express train from Shinjuku) and the JR Nambu Line (30 minutes, ¥310 from Kawasaki Station). From Noborito Station, get down to the bus stop and find the cartoon theme shuttle bus where the bus is blue colored with Doraemon stuff all over the bus. This cute and convenient bus operates every 10-15 minutes (10 minutes, ¥210) between the Noborito Station and the museum. You can also use the IC Card such as Pasmo or Suica on the shuttle bus.

Noborito Station at Kawasaki City, Japan - by MyfunfoodiaryNoborito Station Japan by MyfunfoodiaryDoraemon Bus at Noborito Station Japan by Myfunfoodiary 01

Inside The Cartoon Theme Doraemon Bus

Inside Doraemon Bus Japan by MyfunfoodiaryInside The Doraemon Bus at Noborito Station by MyfunfoodiaryDoraemon Bell inside the Doraemon Bus Japan by MyfunfoodiaryCute Seating inside Doraemon Bus by Myfunfoodiary

Upon arrival, each person will be provided with an audio guide which available in many languages. We both enjoyed the story told as we walked through each exhibition room. So, the museum itself is a lot about the biography of the famous cartoonist, Fujiko F Fujio and also to display his original artworks, so it’s not restricted to Doraemon. The exhibit focus on his sketch, drawings, and the story of his life; the maestro’s beloved desk, a heartwarming private episodes when the maestro spent with his beloved family as both a father and husband, etc. There is also an interesting history of all the mangas and anime done by the maestro.

Audio Guide on Me at Fujiko F Fujio Museum by Myfunfoodiary

Ticket to Doraemon Movie at Fujiko F Fujio Theater

Don’t forget to check the screening times for Doraemon Movie at the theater entrance, which located on the second floor. This 15-minutes original short movie cannot be seen anywhere else. It’ll be the one and only time for us to see Fujiko F Fujio creations in one show.

Ticket To Doraemon Movie at Fujiko Fujio Museum by Myfunfoodiary

At Manga Reading Room (Manga Corner)

Everyone may freely read any manga at Manga Reading Room.

Free Reading Corner at Fujiko F Fujio Museum by MyfunfoodiaryLets Read together with Doraemon at Doraemon Fujiko Fujio Museum by Myfunfoodiary

Meet Doraemon, Dorami, Giant and others on the Rooftop Playground

Dancing with Dorami and Hug Doraemon at Doraemon Fujiko Fujio Museum by Myfunfoodiary With Nobita and Doraemon at Piisuke's Lake by Myfunfoodiary Nobita Suneo and Giant's Playground at Fujiko Fujio Museum by Myfunfoodiary Waks! Weks! at Fujiko Fujio Museum by Myfunfoodiary

You can find good-looking Giant inside a well (but, hey.. You have to pump him out! hahaha..)

With Giant at Woodcutter's Spring - Fujiko Fujio Museum by MyfunfoodiaryCute Japanese Kids Playing at the Playground at Fujiko F Fujio Museum by MyfunfoodiaryPlaying around at the Field - by Myfunfoodiary

Dokodemo Door Doraemon “Anywhere Door”

Doraemon’s most favorite gadget; a door which allows travel to anywhere by simply going through the door.

Pintu Kemana Saja Doraemon at Fujiko F Fujio Museum by Myfunfoodiary

People’s Plaza

Besides the field, the Woodcutter’s Spring area and Manga Reading Room, you can also take pictures here. Some others area is not allowed for taking pictures, such as in the theater and exhibition room.

Together Calling for Doraemon at Fujiko F Fujio Museum by MyfunfoodiaryNobita's House From Outside and Inside View at Doraemon Fujiko Fujio Museum by Myfunfoodiary

We got the opportunity to watch “Stand By Me 3D” Trailer Movie at the Fujiko F Fujio Theater. In Japan, this movie is released for public on August 8, 2014. Don’t know when it will be available in Indonesia. Can’t wait to watch it in Jakarta! If you’re a big fan of Doraemon, don’t miss it!

Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset

Museum Gift Shop and Gift Corner Fujikoya

Bought Some Snacks from the Souvenir Shop - by Myfunfoodiary

Besides the cute and yummy Dorayaki, I also bought some Memorization Bread for Tests that Nobita gets from Doraemon (Doraemon scene episode 17B year 2005). If you ever watched this episode, you’ll be laughing by yourself when you found this bread at the souvenir shop. 😀Doraemon Bread bought from the souvenir shop - by Myfunfoodiary

Doraemon Dorayaki – so Cute!!

Mullie bought Doraemon Dorayaki at Fujiko F Fujio Museum - by Myfunfoodiary

Super Cute Lunch Menu at the Fujiko F Fujio Museum Cafe

Take your time to eat at the Museum Cafe, where most of the food are Doraemon themed food.  The Museum Cafe is located on the top floor, next to the rooftop outdoor area. I ordered the Hawaiian Dora Burger Platter (¥1.230 before tax), which is part of their summer special menu, Hawaiian Fair 2014. Juicy beef patty served on a toasted bun with grilled pineapple, coleslaw, potato wedges, and some crunchy Doraemon pasta over the fresh salad. It was so good and tasty!! Since Iced Green Tea included in the package, so we ordered an extra drink, Hazelnut Cafe Latte (¥570 before tax). We could not ask for the latte art, so each latte art will come to us as a surprise. The coffee flavor is so good, and it turns out, I got the Doraemon shaped latte art in my coffee.  I was lucky; this is exactly what I wanted! Hooray! 😀

Having Lunch at at Fujiko F Fujio Museum Cafe by MyfunfoodiaryMenu at Fujiko F Fujio Museum Cafe by MyfunfoodiaryHawaiian Dora Burger Platter at Fujiko F Fujio Museum Cafe by MyfunfoodiaryHawaiian Dora Burger Platter at Fujiko F Fujio Museum Cafe by Myfunfoodiary Close UpMy Hazelnut Cafe Latte at Fujiko F Fujio Museum Cafe by MyfunfoodiaryEnjoying My Cafe Latte at Fujiko F Fujio Museum Cafe by MyfunfoodiarySipping on my Hazelnut Cafe Latte at Fujiko F Fujio Museum Cafe by MyfunfoodiaryHazelnut Cafe Latte at Fujiko F Fujio Museum Cafe by Myfunfoodiary

Spotted Mini Doraemon and Dorami

Spotted Mini Dorami and Doraemon by Myfunfoodiary

Overall, we had fun and brought back our childhood memories when visiting Fujiko F Fujio museum! We went there on July 31, 2014, although nearly a month after our visit, still warms our heart and makes us smile when we see beautiful pictures with Doraemon again. Whether you’re a big fan of Doraemon or not, make sure to visit Fujiko F Fujio Museum.

Doraemon and Friends at Fujiko F Fujio Museum by MyfunfoodiaryTransportation Access to Fujiko F Fujio

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Fujiko F Fujio Museum
2-chome 8-1 Nagao, Tama-ku, Kawasaki-city, Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan 214-0023
Operation Hours: (1)10:00  (2)12:00  (3)14:00  (4)16:00
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