[NEW RESTO] Delicious Japanese Bowl Bar at Donburi Ichiya

I’ve been to Lippo Mall Puri few times (the newest mall in West Jakarta), and there is this new restaurant, Donburi Ichiya, which located on the lower ground near to Hypermart Store. This restaurant has opened since the mid of July 2014 and even though we live nearby, we haven’t tried this restaurant. About a week ago, we decided to have dinner in this restaurant together with mom because we don’t have anything left to cooked at home. We came around 8.30pm on last Wednesday, so there were not many people who dined in at that time.

Tampak Depan Donburi Ichiya Lippo Mall Puri by MyfunfoodiaryAmbience at Donburi Ichiya Lippo Mall Puri by MyfunfoodiarySimple Decorations at Donburi Ichiya Lippo Mall Puri by MyfunfoodiaryAccess to the Kitchen at Donburi Ichiya Lippo Mall Puri by Myfunfoodiary

Donburi Ichiya serves various Japanese Bowl of rice where you can do a mix and match with various toppings and sauces. It’s quite fun; I think, and it reminds me to the other Japanese Restaurants which use the same process to order food. We order the menu from the open kitchen side and pay directly at the cashier before we sit.

Order Process at Donburi Ichiya Lippo Mall Puri by Myfunfoodiary

How To Make a Personalize Order at Donburi Ichiya:

  1. Choose the bowl size: Mini or Regular
  2. Choose the Donburi Base: Salmon Aburi Don / Karaage Don / Yakitori Don / Gyu Don
  3. Choose the sauce: Garlic Butter / Soy Honey / Regular Mayo / Spicy Mayo / Wasabi Mayo / Black Pepper (free one sauce, for extra sauce costs Rp. 4.545, -)
  4. Choose the topping (Additional Charge): Melted Cheese / Kimchi / Tamago Taki / Onsen Tamago / Japanese Curry

I ordered Karaage Don Regular with Spicy Mayo Sauce (free) plus additional topping, Onsen Tamago, and I shared it with Mom. While my husband ordered Salmon Aburi Don Regular with Wasabi Mayo Sauce (free) and Kimchi as the additional topping. All of us loved their food, and all of them are delicious!

Karaage Don Regular, IDR 36K + Onsen Tamago, IDR 6.5K

Five pieces of deep-fried marinated chicken served on rice with additional topping, Onsen Tamago. They use the chicken thigh part, no wonder the texture of the chicken is so crispy, very tender, and tastes so good! The Spicy Mayo gives a pleasant spicy flavor to the chicken. It is so yum!

Karaage Don at Donburi Ichiya Lippo Mall Puri by MyfunfoodiaryKaraage Don at Donburi Ichiya Lippo Mall Puri by Myfunfoodiary 01

Aburi Salmon Don Regular, IDR 45K + Kimchi, IDR 7K 

This menu is similar like Negitoro, a popular dish in Japan; a combination of two words where “Toro” means “minced” and “Negi” means “tuna or maguro.” They slightly torched the minced salmon and left partially raw, so it has a nice smoky charcoal flavor to it. A mild sour taste of Kimchi and a mild taste of Wasabi Mayo, complement the salmon very well. Loved it!

Torch to Salmon at Donburi Ichiya Lippo Mall Puri by MyfunfoodiarySalmon Aburi Don at Donburi Ichiya Lippo Mall Puri by Myfunfoodiary

Chikuwa Cheese, IDR 13.7K + Salmon Cheese Furai, IDR 14.5K 

We also bought some Japanese fried satay, Chikuwa Cheese and Salmon Cheese Furai. Both of them are delicious, crispy and tasty!

Aneka gorengan at Donburi Ichiya Lippo Mall Puri by MyfunfoodiaryFried Chikuwa Cheese and Salmon Cheese at Donburi Ichiya Lippo Mall Puri by Myfunfoodiary

Yakitori Don Mini, IDR 32K 

Suddenly there was someone calling me from behind while we took pictures of foods I’ve mentioned above, “Are you Ci Mullie?” he asked. Aha, so this young man is the restaurant owner who recognize us because he is one of our Instagram followers. (Thanks for following our Insta, hehe.. ^_^). He is very friendly, and before we leave the restaurant, he asked us to try his personal most favorite menu, that is the Yakitori Don with Garlic Butter Sauce. It’s true! The garlic butter sauce is so delicious and goes well with so many things, including Yakitori Don. There is no doubt; the Garlic Butter Sauce is my most favorite sauce while the Spicy Mayo is the second one. The tasty smells of grilled chicken and juicy chicken meat of Yakitori Don has become our favorite dish too. Thank you for the complimentary menu! 🙂

Mini Yakitori Don at Donburi Ichiya Lippo Mall Puri by MyfunfoodiaryExtra Beef with Garlic Butter Sauce at Donburi Ichiya Lippo Mall Puri by Myfunfoodiary

Overall, the Aburi Salmon Don has become a recommended item for future visits, along with the Karaage Don (a version of crispy chicken) or Yakitori Don (a version of grilled chicken). It was very filling because each rice bowl contained a lot of rice. 

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Donburi Ichiya
Lippo Mall Puri Indah at St. Moritz, LG Floor #80, Jakarta Barat
Price Range: Rp. 30.000,– – Rp. 50.000,-
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