[NEW SPOT] Tenya Tempura Tendon From Japan Just Opened 2nd Branch in Jakarta

Hooray! Finally, Tenya Tendon which originally from Japan just opened their second branch in Jakarta, located in Mall Grand Indonesia, Central Jakarta. It’s easy to reach this branch rather than their first branch in Citos (Cilandak Town Square) which opened on last June 2014. Congratulations Tenya Tendon for the opening of your second branch! Today (Friday; October 10, 2014) is their first day in Mall Grand Indonesia, so there were not many people eating here when I came for dinner last night. Lucky me, I don’t have to queue to order. :p Tendon Family at Tenya Tendon Grand Indonesia by Myfunfoodiary Tampak Depan at Tenya Tendon Grand Indonesia by Myfunfoodiary Order at the Cashier - at Tenya Tendon Grand Indonesia by Myfunfoodiary Ambience inside the restaurant - at Tenya Tendon Grand Indonesia by Myfunfoodiary

I was so hectic with my job all day yet felt so happy after we had dinner in this newly opened Japanese restaurant. Yay! Now I know why my sister in law is so in love with this brand, Tenya Tendon, when she was studying in Hitotsubashi University, Tokyo, Japan -long time ago. I’ve tried their signature Tendon, Noodle Set and some other menus, and it all tasted so…delicious!

Sofa Area at Tenya Tendon Grand Indonesia by Myfunfoodiary

To be honest, for me, the taste is much better than the other Japan  fast-food chain restaurants which just opened a couple months ago in North Jakarta (S**iy*). Yeah, I know that S**iy* is a Gyudon (Beef Bowl Rice) restaurant so is not head to head with this brand actually, because they sell different products too. However, among these two newly opened Japan fast-food restaurants in Jakarta, Tenya Tendon is the place where I’ll come back again for sure.

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Tenya Tendon is the most successful Tendon chain restaurants in Japan serve the popular TendonJapanese rice bowls topped with Tempura. Asia Culinary Inc. Pte. Ltd, a Singapore company, but owned by Indonesia, Mr. Itek Bachtiar, who is also the owner of the Duck King Restaurant brought Tenya Tendon Japan to culinary lovers in Indonesia. So tonight, we have ordered the All-Star Tendon, their signature dish, together with Chicken and Chorizo Mayo Tendon, a customized menu by Tenya Tendon Jakarta. Not to forget, the yummy Chicken Gyoza as a side dish.

Gyoza, IDR 30K

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What I love about Tenya Tendon are the light taste and crunchy fried batter on the outside layer. The deep-fried tempura remains juicy, crisp and not too oily. The Don tare sauce, which also imported from Japan gives the right combination of sweet and salty to the tendon. No wonder the tare-sauce tastes so special, because it’s made with soy sauce mixed with Unagi (grilled eel) sweet sauce.  That’s why we couldn’t stop pouring the Don tare sauce that’s available on our table to our tendon. 😀

All-Star Tendon, IDR 65K

All-Star Tendon is Tenya Tendon Signature’s dish, so we ordered this for dinner. A bowl of rice topped with shrimp, squid, salmon, and crabstick tempura together with baby corn and green bean. I love all the tempura combinations on this menu. A must try!

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Chicken and Chorizo Mayo Tendon, IDR 50K

Chorizo in Japan means “sausage”. A bowl of rice topped with Chicken and Sausage Tempura with Mayo dressing, equally tempting with the first menu that we had tonight. Oh, if you’ve been to Tenya Tendon Japan, this one is not available in Japan. Tenya Tendon Jakarta, developed some new menus to match with Jakarta’s taste; that’s why here you’ll find some Tendon variants such as Fish Tendon, Chicken and Chorizo Mayo, Chicken Kakiage, etc. They also provide a spicy tare sauce for spicy lovers. Nice!

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While we had dinner, a friendly and nice lady from Tenya Tendon, Mrs. Elizabeth welcomes us. She suddenly asked, “Are you, Mullie?” Then I figured out that she heard about me from our friend, haha..  She started introducing us about Tenya Tendon and served us with two complimentary menus, Jakarta Moriawase and Shrimp Kakiage with Hot Soba Set. Thank you!

Jakarta Moriawase, IDR 40K

If you’re looking for something unique, you might want to try Jakarta Tempura Moriawase that consists of cheddar cheese wrapped in nori (seaweed), sweet potato, Tempe, and Tofu. Good for sharing!

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Shrimp Kakiage with Hot Soba Set, IDR 60K + 20K

We can also change our rice (tendon) into a Noodle set with choices of Hot or Cold – Soba or Udon, and an additional charge. Love the Shrimp Kakiage so much! They mixed it with slices of green chilies.

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Last but not least, thank you so much Mr. Yasuhiro Mochimatsu, President Director of Ten Corporation Tenya Tendon Japan who has approached us to chat with us for a moment. We were both so happy not to accidentally meet you, such a great and humble person behind the success of Tenya Tendon Japan in person. Hajimemashite! ^_^

Good News! They will open their 3rd Branch at Mall Taman Anggrek soon on November 3, 2014. Wohooo! Can’t wait!

Together with Mr Yasuhiru - President of Tenya Tendon Japan by Myfunfoodiary

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Tenya Tempura Tendon Indonesia
Mall Grand Indonesia, 3A Floor, East Mall GD-1, Jl. MH Thamrin, Jakarta Pusat
Phone: 021. 2358 0012
Power Plug: Yes
Price Range: Rp. 50.000,– – Rp. 100.000,-
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  1. Wah yg di Gi udah buka yah ci..
    cici ga cobain banana tempuranya yg pakai es krim?
    onigirinya favorit aku ci, walaupun cuma dicampur bumbu
    sama cuma selembar nori, buat aku udah enak banget

    Tapi, ci kalau aku malah prefer ke t**2
    saus don tarenya menurut aku biasa sih
    kalau untuk tempuranya aku malah suka sama yang buncis
    kalau jakarta moriawasenya yg tempenya malah menurut aku kayak tempe goreng tepung..
    kalau yang udon, udonnya beda ci, ga setebal udon yang biasanya

    Kalau ga salah mau buka di TA juga ci, lebih deket tuh dari tempat cici..

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    • Hahaha, iya yg Jakarta Moriawase emg dia bikin sbg menu tambahan buat yg pgn ngemil2 ala lidah Jakarta.. jadinya ya semacam Tempe Gortep, Tahu Gortep, gtu2 memang haha..
      Tapi saus don tare, di sini sama T**2 aku sama-sama suka sih dua-duanya.. Nah, onigiri & es krim blm coba nih, keburu begah kmrn..
      Kpn dunk mkn brg kita? Add aku di kakaotalk donk: ID Yenmichieru 😀

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