[BALI] Lovely Boutique Resort and Pleasant Stay at Alaya Resort Kuta

There are numerous interesting things to do in Bali, and we will never get tired of it. But sometimes it can be difficult to choose where to stay in Bali. This time we stayed in Alaya Resort Kuta newly opened recently at the end of May 2015. Alaya Resort Kuta is a new four-star boutique resort with a modern chic design and stylish environment surrounded by natural beauty in an urban setting. Strategically located in the heart of Kuta, right behind the Waterbom Bali, close to the airport, nearby to the Kuta beach and shopping mall around Kuta, makes Alaya Resort Kuta become an ideal place to stay, especially for the young and active people who want a lot of easy and fun tourist activities in one location. Oh, if you’re looking for something different away from the hustle and bustle, and to see the panorama of beautiful rice fields in the morning when you wake up, Alaya Resort Ubud could be just the place for you. Click here to find out more about our Romantic Stay at the Alaya Resort Ubud

Lobby Area at Alaya Kuta by MyfunfoodiaryLobby Area at Alaya Kuta by MyfunfoodiaryView to the other side of Alaya Kuta by Myfunfoodiary

Although the access to the hotel from a small street, we were both surprised by how spacious this hotel area. Consisting of 116 guest rooms, Alaya Resort Kuta also offers an exotic swimming pool, Sukun Restaurant, an award-winning DaLa Spa, meeting rooms, fitness center, and a library lounge. All public areas, such as the lobby, corridor, and the restaurant are all naturally ventilated, how nice! The front desk was very accommodating, and not only that, the hotel also managed by the pleasant and professional staff at all levels. Yes, the staff was very helpful and friendly during our stay! Thank you!

Overall view of Alaya Kuta to the swimming pool by Myfunfoodiary View to the swimming pool at Alaya Kuta by MyfunfoodiaryMullie Photo Session next to the pool by Myfunfoodiary

The traditional Balinese decor blends nicely with a modern concept shown in every detail, for example, the antique Balinese carved door in front of our room. It’s lovely!

Mullie in front of her room at Alaya Kuta by Myfunfoodiary

There are only six rooms with pool access, and we stayed in one of them. The Alaya Kuta Pool Access room is decorated with stylish wooden furnishings, overlooking the small garden with a large comfortable sofa and coffee table providing a privacy area for us. The big bath tub and spacious bedroom serve as the focal point of the room that features an ensuite bathroom, big TV screen, and a minimalist cupboard space. Overall, the room was so comfortable, stylish, functional, and spotlessly clean!

Alaya Room Pool Access at Alaya Kuta by Myfunfoodiary Alaya Kuta Pool Access front side view by Myfunfoodiary Alaya Room Pool Access at Alaya Kuta by MyfunfoodiaryWake Up at Alaya Kuta by Myfunfoodiary


Lunch at Sukun Restaurant

Sukun Restaurant features lunch and dinner menus, and an all-day Tapas menu that consists of only the freshest ingredients from Bali.

Daytime at Sukun Restaurant Alaya Kuta by Myfunfoodiary

The name “Sukun” itself taken from breadfruit found throughout the South Pacific and Asia. It’s my favorite fruit since childhood; that’s why I was very happy to know that I can enjoy sukun again after so many years! Yay! My mom usually fried the sukun for us, and we ate them with a drizzle of brown sugar. Here, in Sukun Restaurant, they create unique cookies and fried snacks from this breadfruit as a complimentary for guests in the restaurant.

Special Snacks made with Sukun at Alaya Kuta by Myfunfoodiary

Cookies and Fried Snacks made of Sukun

Alaya Lemonade  at Sukun Restaurant Alaya Kuta by Myfunfoodiary

Alaya Lemonade – great drink perfect for summer!

The Asian Style Steak that I ordered was beautifully presented and served with mashed sukun (breadfruit), vegetables, and coconut sauce. The beef was tender, and flavorful as expected, while the mashed sukun served in place of mashed potatoes, delicious! From the soups section, I enjoyed the Babi Guling soup. It was a pretty unique dish where Balinese roasted pork served with a rich, sweet and slightly salty broth and white rice on the side. The Mixed Satay also became another favorite dish followed by several favorite desserts, such as Sticky Coconut Crepes, Asian Fruit Salad, Sticky Black Rice Pudding, Sticky White Rice with mango slices, and Sukun Delight.   

Asian Style Steak  at Sukun Restaurant Alaya Kuta by Myfunfoodiary

Asian Style Steak

Babi Guling Soup and Mixed Satay at Sukun Restaurant Alaya Kuta by Myfunfoodiary

Babi Guling Soup and Mixed Satay

Mullie enjoying her lunch at Sukun Restaurant Alaya Kuta by Myfunfoodiary Various Desserts - at Sukun Restaurant Alaya Kuta by Myfunfoodiary Panna Cotta  at Sukun Restaurant Alaya Kuta by Myfunfoodiary


Pampering Time at DaLa Spa

Alaya Resort Kuta also offers an innovative and luxurious spa inspired by age-old Indonesian healing and beauty rituals at DaLa Spa. As part of an award-winning wellness brand that has been internationally recognized for its high-end facilities, DaLa Spa always gives the best spa experience! As you may have read about how wonderful the Manis Klepon spa treatment that we’ve experienced at Alaya Resort Ubud, this time we decided to try something else. We chose Malabar Tea Ceremony Treatment for the couple where all treatment is conducted in a private individually designed treatment room. The hotel management also sets a different interior theme, color, and ambience in each DaLa Spa, which is why the spa experience will not be the same between DaLa Spa Alaya Kuta, Alaya Ubud, and Villa De Daun. The Malabar Tea Ceremony combines an Oriental Massage using a rich and creamy body balm by Themae Paris and followed by an instant Glow Green Tea Facial to revive tired face skin, and finishing off with a signature Malabar Tea Bath infused with fresh mint and lemongrass bath salt. The whole 2-hour treatment was incredible!

Filling up the questionaire at DaLa Spa by Myfunfoodiary Beautiful Spot at DaLa Spa Alaya Kuta by Myfunfoodiary Malabar Spa Treatment and Room at Alaya Kuta by Myfunfoodiary Foot Massage at DaLa Spa by Myfunfoodiary Crysanthemum Tea at DaLa Spa by Myfunfoodiary


Dinner at Sukun Restaurant

Taking place at the same restaurant in Alaya Resort Kuta, we had our dinner with the chef’s own version of Nasi Raja (Balinese Royal Rijsttafel), a signature dish at Sukun Restaurant. It was warm during the day, and the night turned into a fun and romantic ambient.

Cozy night ambience at Sukun Restaurant by Myfunfoodiary Cozy night ambience at Sukun Restaurant by Myfunfoodiary Cozy night ambience at Sukun Restaurant by Myfunfoodiary

Nasi Raja presented beautifully on an elaborately carved stand called a “dulang” in the manner once reserved for royalty. The portion was huge and meant to be eaten together by two persons. We had two appetizers, Kripik Sukun, and Karangasem Soup. While the Nasi Raja itself consists of specialty dishes combined with delicacies from the sea; there are Ayam Pelalah, Nasi Kuning and Nasi Putih, Sate Lilit on lemongrass skewers, Pesan Be Pasih (marinated diced fish grilled in banana leaf), Udang Panggang in Bolognese sauce, Kenus Mebase Bali (braised squid with lime and lemon basil), Gurita Mebase Bali (braised octopus with lime and lemon basil), Tempe Manis, Kacang, and Gerang, and Plecing Gonde (blanched vegetables tossed in spicy belacang sauce). Not to forget, some condiments such as Sambal Matah, Sambal Bongkot, Saur (crispy fried shredded coconut and spices) and Sambal Oelek (chili paste) also served on the side.

Nasi Raja at Sukun Restaurant by Myfunfoodiary

We finished our dinner with a delicious Bubur Ketan Hitam (sticky black rice pudding served with coconut ice cream).

Bubur Ketan Hitam at Sukun Restaurant by Myfunfoodiary

Oh, don’t forget to try some signature cocktails too when you’re there!

Cocktails at Sukun Restaurant by Myfunfoodiary

Overall, we enjoyed everything from the beginning! The food was great, the staff was attentive, the service and atmosphere were impeccable! Thank you so much Alaya Resort Kuta for the great hospitality during our stay! Pssst, good news for you! They’re still having a special offer (big discount for all rooms types, 70% off using the BCA Credit Card) until Dec 20, 2015 for direct booking to Alaya Resort Kuta. I heard they also provide several special packages, you might want to check it directly to them for your holiday trip to Bali. Don’t miss their special offer!

Together with the humble owner and F1 art

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