[NEW MENU] Value Lunch Set Menu at Itacho Sushi Grand Indonesia

Itacho Sushi has become one of my favorite Japanese restaurants in Grand Indonesia, Central Jakarta. I keep coming back to Itacho Sushi for their sushi and the freshness of their salmon sashimi, but this time I came back to try their new menu called Value Lunch Set Menu. There are eight interesting set menus that’s available, but apparently the Lunch Menu is only available from Monday to Thursday starts from 11 am to 5 pm and is not available on public holidays. However, we enjoyed everything that day and with this I’d like to share our experience with you.

Suasana Itacho Sushi Grand Indonesia by Myfunfoodiary Suasana Itacho Sushi Grand Indonesia by Myfunfoodiary Suasana Itacho Sushi Grand Indonesia by Myfunfoodiary

Sake (Salmon) Don Set Menu, IDR 65K

In Japan, a rice bowl like this, commonly known as Donburi. I’ve just found out that now Itacho Sushi offers a variety of Donburi as their new menu. We tried the Sake (Salmon) Don, which is one of the new menus of Value Lunch Set Menu. A bunch of fresh salmon sashimi (sliced raw salmon) served in a bowl of warm Japanese rice, and miso soup separately on the side. We enjoyed the chewy texture and freshness of the salmon; that’s why we eat them that way without additional soy sauce, etc. It was classic and simple, yet healthy and delicious!

Sake Salmon Don at Itacho Sushi by Myfunfoodiary

Salmon Black Pepper with Butter, IDR 65K

If you cannot eat raw fish, but you also want to enjoy a delicious salmon in a cooked version, you might want to try this dish. A quite filling portion of perfectly cooked salmon that has been marinated with a simple seasoning. Although the black pepper flavor wasn’t too strong, the butter and lemon zest added a fresh and bright flavor to the fish. Delish!

Salmon Black Pepper with Butter at Itacho Sushi by Myfunfoodiary

Sushi Set with Cold Soba, IDR 90K

We also tried the other set menu, this one is called Sushi Set which served with a choice of Udon or Soba noodles. The set menu itself included with Chawan Mushi (Japanese steamed egg), an appetizer, salad and fresh fruit. The cold soba noodles tasted not only refreshing, but it was also delicious for summer. The crab meat Chawan Mushi also tasted so good! Unlike many other Chawan Mushi, this steamed Japanese egg custard topped with shredded crab meat and layers of fish cakes, and chicken meat. It became my new favorite dish!

Sushi Set with Cold Soba at Itacho Sushi by Myfunfoodiary Crab Steamed Egg at Itacho Sushi by Myfunfoodiary

Tiger Prawn with Curry and Lobster Salad Sushi, IDR 74K

Besides the set menu, we also ordered the Tiger Prawn Curry Roll, which is one of their favorite sushi rolls until now. A simple sushi roll stuffed with tiger prawn tempura rolled with seaweed and given a small prawn covered with curry seasoning on top. The wasabi mix in the curry seasoning added a little bland taste but provide an inviting aroma to the sushi roll. It was delicious!

Curry Tiger Prawn at Itacho Sushi by MyfunfoodiaryCurry Tiger Prawn at Itacho Sushi by Myfunfoodiary 01

Add Rp. 15K from the Value Lunch Menu, get one Matcha Ice Cream

By simply adding Rp. 15.000,-, we’ve got a simple dessert in the form of Matcha (Green Tea) ice cream served with red beans as a topping. This offer is valid only for those who order any of the Value Lunch Set Menu that’s available. The ice cream had a smooth texture, not too sweet nor too bitter. It tasted refreshing!

Green Tea Ice Cream at Itacho Sushi by Myfunfoodiary

The wide variety of sushi and Japanese food creations at Itacho Sushi never makes me bored to keep coming back with family and friends. The Sake (Salmon) Don and Salmon Black pepper with Butter became the winning dish for us that day. Last but not least, thank you Itacho Sushi for having us! I’m happy to know that their service is getting better now than the first opening last year. If you’re fans of Japanese food, you should try Itacho Sushi. Friendly prices, and now they have those value-for-money lunch sets too!

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Itacho Sushi Indonesia
Grand Indonesia Shopping Mall Level 3A Skybridge, Jl. M.H. Thamrin, Central Jakarta
Phone: 021. 2358. 1228
Operation Hours: 10:00 – 22:00
Price Range: Rp. 50.000,– – Rp. 100.000,-
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