[JAPAN] Sushi Heaven at Kaiten Sushi Toriton, Solamachi Dining – Tokyo Sky Tree

There are so many restaurants to choose from when visiting Tokyo Sky Tree in Tokyo, Japan. But we chose Toriton Kaiten Sushi at Solamachi Dining based on our research for dinner last year. Kaitensushi means a conveyor belt sushi and most sushi restaurants in Japan use it, but Toriton Sushi is one of the famous sushi restaurants in Tokyo. When we got there, there was a very long queue in front of us, oh my gosh, maybe 60-70 people or so but you know what? Although we’re very hungry, we decided to join the queue, and luckily they had a fast turnaround time, so we only waited for about 40-50 minutes. Yeay! Please scroll down to see the live video when we were there from our YouTube Channel! 🙂

Tokyo Solamachi by Myfunfoodiary -r1 Tampak Antrian di area depan Toriton Sushi Solamachi Dining by Myfunfoodiary Front side of the Toriton Sushi by Myfunfoodiary -r1 Sushi Bar Seating Area at Toriton Sushi by Myfunfoodiary -r1

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The restaurant’s dining area is not too big. There is a sushi counter with a U-shaped bar in the middle of the restaurant and only a few big tables available for those who come in groups of 4 to 6 people per table. It was an exciting experience as we can see the sushi chefs prepared everything in front of us. They cut the freshest fish and placed them on the conveyor belt or sometimes served directly to customers.

Wide Variety of Sushi Menu at Toriton Sushi by Myfunfoodiary

Fried Squid Tentacles at Toriton Sushi by Myfunfoodiary-r1

Fried Squid Tentacles at Toriton Kaitensushi

Hamburg Sushi at Toriton Sushi by Myfunfoodiary Tobiko Sushi and Shrimp Sushi at Toriton Sushi by Myfunfoodiary Squid Corn and Tuna Sushi at Toriton Sushi by Myfunfoodiary

Not only the freshness of the fish, but all the sushi tasted so delicious! Look at the size of the Salmon which has a span length of my hand! We never had this kind of sushi at any sushi restaurant in Jakarta. Wow! Can you guess how much did we pay for a single serving of Salmon sushi? Surprisingly it’s very cheap, only for 206 JPY (tax included), which means only around IDR. 22.000,– (if convert to Rupiah).

Long Salmon Size for my Salmon Sushi at Toriton Kaitensushi

Long Salmon Size for my Salmon Sushi at Toriton Kaitensushi

Long Salmon Sushi at Toriton Sushi by Myfunfoodiary 01 -r1Mixed Sashimi Sushi at Toriton Sushi by MyfunfoodiaryTuna Sushi at Toriton Sushi by Myfunfoodiary -r1Egg Pudding at Toriton Sushi Tokyo by Myfunfoodiary

Both of us ended up with eight plates of delicious sushi, one portion of crispy fried squid tentacles and an egg pudding served with sweet caramel sauce. Overall, we only spent ¥ 2,170 and left the place with a happy tummy! If you happen to be at the Tokyo Sky Tree, Tokyo, don’t forget to visit Toriton Kaitensushi. 🙂

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Toriton Kaitensushi
1-1-2 Oshiage | 6F Tokyo Solamachi, Sumida, Tokyo
Operation Hours: 11:00 – 22:00
Price Range: starts from 130 JPY
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The queue line was still long even after we finished eating

The queue line was still long even after we finished eating

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