[NEW SPOT] Enjoying Indonesian High Tea Set at 1945 Restaurant, Fairmont Jakarta

Teatime now becomes part of a social event, where one takes a moment to chat with friends, colleagues, catch up on the weekend news or hot gossips, or else. So basically, everyone in the world doing it, and it’s now also become a trend in Jakarta. Just recently I went to 1945 Restaurant, a new fine-dining Indonesian food restaurant, located in Fairmont Jakarta to try their Indonesian high-tea set. Diners who want to enjoy the high-tea set or afternoon tea set will be seated in a cozy lounge, decorated with red color that looks striking, energetic and bold yet warm for everyone.

Entry Door at 1945 Restaurant by Myfunfoodiary Lounge area at 1945 Restaurant Fairmont Hotel Jakarta by Myfunfoodiary Pretty Decoration at the Lounge area 1945 Restaurant by Myfunfoodiary

High-tea or afternoon tea is typically eaten between 4 pm and 6 pm. And in general, a set of high tea can be a sweet and savory combination of foods to delight our taste buds. Here at 1945 restaurant, there are only two options available at the moment. We tried the Tea Set Green Tea (IDR 90K), followed by Tubruk Coffee Set (IDR 70K).

Tea Set Green Tea at 1945 Restaurant by Myfunfoodiary

Tea Set Green Tea

The tea set is equipped with an individual teapot with a selection of five finest tea flavors; White Tea, Jasmine Tea, Green Tea, Pandan Lime, and Ginger Lemongrass. The aroma of green tea gave a soothing effect to my mind and body, although the presentation was simple, it was unique, cannot be found elsewhere. Both ceramic teapot, as well as trays made of natural stone, all made specifically for this restaurant. How nice! And the tea is served with a small bite of klappertart, so yummy!

Tea Set Green Tea at 1945 Restaurant by Myfunfoodiary Tea Set Green Tea at 1945 Restaurant by Myfunfoodiary 06

Besides tea, we also enjoyed the Tubruk Coffee set. It’s an Indonesian style for serving coffee, where we simply poured the hot water to ground coffee, which placed already in the French press. We also added the fresh milk into the coffee and enjoyed it with the small cookies. It’s often called as “mud coffee”, tasted good and authentic, just like the old days!

Tubruk Coffee at 1945 Restaurant by Myfunfoodiary collage

Tubruk Coffee set

Tubruk Coffee at 1945 Restaurant by Myfunfoodiary

In addition to the high tea set, we also ordered the Gorengan, which is one of the signature appetizer at 1945 Restaurant. A simple fried snacks that we usually find on the street food, turned into a delicious snacks, and simply addictive, especially the Prawn Fritters. Fried cassava wedges, tricolour yam fries, and rempeyek crackers also become our favorite that day.

Gorengan Platter at 1945 Restaurant by Myfunfoodiary

They also served a very good fusion Indonesian food as well; you can read the full story of our lunch experience from this link. So, if you need a break from a hectic work week, you should gather with your best friends and reward yourself with one of those two high-tea options at 1945 Restaurant that I’ve mentioned above.

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1945 Restaurant
Fairmont Hotel Jakarta, 3rd Floor, Jl. Asia Afrika No. 8, Gelora Bung Karno, Senayan, Jakarta
Phone: +62 21. 2903. 9197
Operating Hours:
Lounge area from 11:00 – 00:00
Lunch from 11:00 – 15:30
Dinner from 18:30 – 23:00
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