[NEW SPOT] Wonderful Sushi Lunch at Nama Sushi, Baywalk Mall Pluit

Japanese food is one of my favorite cuisines that I always look for a few times a month. And I was so happy when Sushi Masa finally opened a new branch, called Nama Sushi, but this new restaurant comes with a different concept and menu. Located on the ground floor of Baywalk Garden, Pluit in North Jakarta, Nama Sushi has quickly drawn the attention of all Japanese food lovers, especially sushi lovers in Jakarta. Apparently, this restaurant had just opened two weeks ago, and the place is always crowded since then. The restaurant was packed, and we had to wait for a while before finally getting a seat for the 6 of us on last Sunday.

Tampak Antrian di depan Nama Sushi by Myfunfoodiary Sushi Bar at Nama Sushi by Myfunfoodiary

We were lucky to arrive early before the restaurant closes during the operating hours of the day. The waitress came to our table and explained that the kitchen will be closed, around 2.30pm, so, we immediately ordered the food. Everyone at our table ordered something different from the classic sushi, sashimi, to some set menus.

Salmon Teriyaki Set, IDR 70K

Yes, we also want something more filling, so we ordered the Salmon Teriyaki Set, Salmon Donburi Set, and Curry Udon. All set menus come with a bowl of rice and miso soup, except for Curry Udon. The sweet glazed teriyaki sauce gave a nice flavor to the salmon. We loved it!

Salmon Teriyaki Set at Nama Sushi by Myfunfoodiaryedit

Salmon Teriyaki Set

Salmon Teriyaki at Nama Sushi by Myfunfoodiaryedit

Close up look of the Salmon Teriyaki

Salmon Donburi, IDR 80K

We love donburi with fresh sashimi; it’s why we also enjoyed the Salmon Donburi, which was beautifully presented with fresh raw salmon over the warm rice. The salmon sashimi was thinly sliced, delicious, healthy, and addictive!

Salmon Donburi Set at Nama Sushi by Myfunfoodiary 01edit

Salmon Donburi Set

Curry Udon, IDR 65K

We often eat udon at several restaurants, and the udon here tasted good. The portion was quite big, and the Japanese curry sauce was mild and flavorful, which I like. Delicious, warming, and suitable for kids, too. Pssst, my 10-yo nephew, ate one bowl of Curry Udon by himself and he even asked for more. Oh, gosh! Turned out, he has a big appetite like us! Haha..

Curry Udon at Nama Sushi by Myfunfoodiary 01edit

From the sushi, sashimi and side dishes section, we ordered Salmon Aburi Sushi (IDR 15K), Ocha and Apple Inari (IDR 10K each), Katsuo Tataki Sashimi (IDR 25K), Potato Ball (IDR 20K), 2 portions of Salmon Sashimi (IDR 30K), Salmon Belly Sashimi (IDR 25K), Unagi Maki (IDR 45K), Salmon Hana Tobiko (IDR 25K), and Salmon Hana Roll (IDR 40K). All of the ingredients and the fish were fresh and flavorful – overall, everything was nicely done. I was quite impressed with the Ocha and Apple Inari Sushi that cannot be found anywhere else in Jakarta. Instead of making the same Inari Sushi, Nama Sushi made something different. Not only colorful, but the pouch of fried tofu that covered the sushi rice has the flavor of ocha and apple, unique and delicious!

Salmon Aburi Sushi - Ocha Inari & Apple Inari - Katsuo Tataki Sashimi - Potato Ball at Nama Sushi by Myfunfoodiaryedit

Clockwise: Salmon Aburi Sushi – Ocha Inari & Apple Inari – Katsuo Tataki Sashimi – Potato Ball

Salmon Sashimi - Salmon Belly - Unagi Maki at Nama Sushi by Myfunfoodiaryedit

Clockwise: Salmon Sashimi – Salmon Belly – Unagi Maki

Salmon Hana Tobiko at Nama Sushi by Myfunfoodiaryedit

Salmon Hana Tobiko

Salmon Hana Roll at Nama Sushi by Myfunfoodiaryedit

Salmon Hana Roll

Last but not least, we also enjoyed the Milk Soft Serve Ice Cream. The friendly guy who is probably the owner of the restaurant, he noticed us and gave me Hokkaido Milk Ice Cream (IDR 35K) as a complimentary dessert, and can you guess what happened then? Two of my nephews finished them all. Ha-ha.. The ice cream was really good, creamy, and milky!

Soft Milk Ice Cream at Nama Sushi by Myfunfoodiaryedit

Overall, we enjoyed everything. Everything priced right at Nama Sushi, when compared with Sushi Masa, which I heard pricey from most people who had gone there. But of course, these two restaurants (same owner) serve a different quality of fish, and that’s what makes Nama Sushi more affordable compared to Sushi Masa, the premium one. For 6 of us, our bill was around IDR 555K. All the plates were cleaned, my family were happy, and we would love to come back again. This is the place to go if you’re in the area and want some good sushi!

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Nama Sushi
Baywalk Garden LGM Floor, Jl. Pluit Karang Ayu, Jakarta Utara
Opening hours:
Close on Monday
Weekdays: Tues – Thurs from 11:30 – 14:00 and 18:00 – 22:00
Weekends: Fri – Sun from 11:00 – 15:00 and 17:30 – 22:00
Price: starts from Rp. 15.000,-
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Kiddos and their Soft Cream Milk Ice Cream at Nama Sushi by Myfunfoodiary

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