[NEW SPOT] Tasty and Hearty Comfort Food at Nosh Kitchen, CityWalk Sudirman

As you saw from my snap chat recently, we enjoyed our lunch at Nosh Kitchen, which is a newly opened restaurant at City Walk Sudirman, Central Jakarta a few days ago. Although the interior of this restaurant looks simple, Nosh Kitchen offers a nice cozy and laid-back atmosphere with a blue neon sign for its name, makes it catchy for those who see it, and they also have pretty nice looking white ceramic table settings for that clean, sleek modern vibe. If you walk straight into the back of the restaurant, there is an outdoor area for those who smoke. And right in the front of the restaurant, La Marzocco coffee machine immediately stole my attention because apparently, Nosh Kitchen also serves a wide selection of coffee, makes it looks like a coffee shop as well. Interesting!

Aiming to provide comfort food that can please everyone, Nosh Kitchen offers mostly Western-style foods from all day breakfast, pasta, main courses, salad, and some cake selection. We started with something cold, and refreshing yet not overly sweet such as Cookie Monster (IDR 40K) from the Milkshake section on their menu. It combines my favorite Oreo cookies with natural honey in one shakes.

The milkshake was tasty, and I believe it will easily satisfy any sweet tooth out there. So, to accompany the milkshake, we had Poutine (IDR 45K) as a snack before the other main course arrives. Poutine is a typical Canadian comfort dish but unlike the traditional poutine which usually use cheese curds, they use mozzarella cheese for this dish. The fries itself had a nice crisp texture in the beginning, before it became soggy because of the gravy on top, and well presented with a fried egg on top. The mix of textures made a comforting and satisfying dish to eat, even though we wished it had more cheese on it. The Southern-Style Buttermilk Fried Chicken (IDR 70K) was our favorite. It was a juicy and tender piece of fried chicken on a bed of truffle mashed potatoes, topped with fresh vegetables with a serving of house-specialty gravy. Crispy and flavorful, ideal for all chicken lovers!

Next up was the Breakfast Duo with Smoked Salmon and Scramble Egg (IDR 80K). It’s their new menu which was beautifully presented with English Muffins and fresh rocket salad on the side. The flavors were wonderfully balanced from the salty smoked salmon to the generous serving of fresh mashed avocado. While the scrambled egg which is paired with caramelized onion also tasted nice. If you are looking for a filling, healthy breakfast, you should try this one at Nosh Kitchen.

Last but not least, the Oxtail Wellington (IDR 98K) quickly became our favorite as well. A simple and fragrant turmeric butter rice enveloped in a warm puff pastry top hat. It was not just unique, but when we dig into the crispy puff pastry, we got the oh-so-good and tender oxtail cooked slowly for 6 hours. Not only did they taste delicious but they were well seasoning. Overall, we enjoyed everything. The staff was friendly and attentive. Who could ask for more? So, for those of you who seek out for comfort food to satisfy your taste buds, you should try Nosh Kitchen. The place is suitable for casual meetings, hang out space, coffee breaks with friends, etc.

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Nosh Kitchen

Citywalk Sudirman, Ground Floor, Jl. KH Mas Mansyur, Sudirman, Central Jakarta

Phone: +62 21 2555 6737

Opening hours: 10:00 – 22:00


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