[NEW SPOT] Ojju Korean K-Food Restaurant For Cheese Lovers at Kota Kasablanka

Oh yes! Finally, we just went to the happening newly opened restaurant, Ojju K-Food Korean Food Restaurant for lunch today, as you can see on my SnapChat earlier today (add me: Myfunfoodiary). Located in Mall Kota KasablankaOjju Korean Restaurant turns out is a new brand under GF Culinary which already successful with other F&B brands such as Fish & Co, Marutama Ramen, Tajimayakiniku, Song Fa Bak Kut Teh, and Sticky Candy. I’m sure you’re already familiar with the brand that I mentioned above, right? The long queue happens since the restaurant opened about a month ago, on July 14, 2016. Fortunately, we arrived earlier an hour before lunch, yay! Ha-ha..

Unlike other Korean food restaurants, Ojju Indonesia serves interesting Korean dishes, but the price is relatively expensive where most dishes meant for sharing (enough for 2-3 people) because the portions are quite big. We spent almost IDR 500K for two main courses and a drink for lunch today, but it was all worth it! In addition to the friendly and quick service, the portions of food were big enough to share, and most importantly, all the food tasted so delicious. It made me

think to come back again with my family so that we could finish everything together on our next visit. We had Corn Tea (IDR 22K, for two persons) and ordered their signature dishes; Budae Jjigae (IDR 119K for vegetables / IDR 149K for chicken / IDR 169K for beef / IDR 229K for seafood), and Rolling Cheese (IDR 99K for chicken wings / IDR 219K for beef ribs). There are 4 options of toppings for Budae Jjigae and I opted-in for Chicken Budae Jjigae and for the Rolling Cheese, I opted-in for Beef Ribs.

Each table is provided with a portable stove that will be used for the two main dishes we ordered. As you already know, Budae Jjigae is one of the most popular hot pot dishes in Korea, and I was tempted to try it. There are many ingredients in this dish, such as sliced chicken meat, sausages, tofu, toppoki, canned beans, kimchi and some vegetables, and they are served in a large pot. But to make it more interesting, I ordered Ramyeon Korean noodle (pay extra IDR 22K) and an egg (pay extra IDR 9K). The smell of the broth was so tempting and irresistible. Before we begin to eat, we must ensure that the soup was hot and bubbling, and once the noodles soften, we can start eating and mix all the ingredients together, including the egg. The spicy, and savory flavor went well with everything in the pot, so tasty and we loved it!

We also liked the Beef Ribs Rolling Cheese so much! There are 5 big chunks of ribs served with a generous mozzarella cheese and potato wedges on a hot plate. Again, the waiter helped us to prepare the dish on the table. She separated the potato wedges in a serving plate and let the ribs stays on the hot plate. The best part of course when the waiter pulled the melted mozzarella cheese and rolled to the ribs, oh my gosh!

Look at that cheese! A few slices of pickled jalapeno and sweet corn in the mixture of cheese, made it perfect to complement the melted cheese. I opted-in for mild spicy flavor, so the ribs were not that spicy. While the salty, and gooey cheese tasted so comforting in the right ways, although there was not much meat on the bones!!

Before leaving the restaurant and when we were asking for the bill, the restaurant manager who recognize us, came and gave us Chocolate Bingsoo as a complimentary. Yay! Thank you! Overall, it was a pleasant Korean food experience even though the price is way too high. But if you are Korean food lovers, and cheese lovers, you should try Ojju K-Food Restaurant! Thank you for reading! 🙂

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Ojju Korean Restaurant 

Mall Kota Kasablanka UG Floor (Food Society) – FSU 55,

Jalan Casablanca Raya No. 88, Tebet, Jakarta Selatan

Opening hours: 11:00 – last order 22:00 

Price Range: average spending for two IDR 500.000,-


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