[NEW SPOT] Bingsu Korean Dessert and Ra Bokky Gratin at Young Dong PIK

Hellow, calling out all dessert lovers, I have good news for you! Just last Saturday, we went to a newly opened dessert cafe, called Young Dong Dessert Cafe, which is located in the culinary area in Pantai Indah Kapuk (PIK), North Jakarta. It was very easy to find Young Dong at PIK as it’s located right next to the Hello Kitty Cafe. The snowflake patterns that appear on the exterior already explains that Young Dong PIK offers desserts in the form of snow ice or shaved snow ice, and it’s true! Young Dong PIK apparently is a Korean Dessert Cafe which is owned by a Korean person as well, specializing in serving Korean shaved ice dessert, usually known as Bingsu. There are two levels of the dining room, but since they’re still in soft opening mode, the second floor has not been fully used.

It was our first time here, and we were satisfied with the experience. The Korean pop and easy listening songs making us feel relaxed here. At first, I got confused what should I order because Young Dong has a nice selection of Bingsu from their menu. Of the 17 types of Bingsu that’s available in Young Dong PIK, I finally decided to try their favorite Bingsu; Black Sesame Snowflake Milk Sherbet (IDR 55K), and Durian Cake Snowflake Milk Sherbet (IDR 65K) as recommended by them.

As you already know, Bingsu or Bingsoo is very popular in Korea, especially during the summer season which is usually composed of ice shavings and various ingredients. Many traditional Bingsu offers red beans as the main ingredients, but for those of you who cannot eat red beans, you’ll love the variety of healthy Bingsu with fruit toppings that’s available at Young Dong PIK. Even better, they serve milk shavings instead of plain ice shavings which are so smooth, and not too sweet; we loved it! For those who have a sweeter tooth, you can request for a small cup of sweetened condensed milk so you can add the sweetness to suit your personal preferences.

The black sesame went well with the milky shaved ice and topped with yummy red beans on top. While the durian, perfectly combined with the crunchy almonds that will make you crave for more. In addition to their Bingsu, Young Dong also has some bread for snacks (Injeolmi Toast, and Honey Bread), and some interesting Korean food to those looking for heavy meals, such as Ramen, Tteok Bokky, Omurice, Chicken Cutlet with curry and rice, etc.

The Chocolate Honey Bread (IDR 50K) was nice, consisting of two layers of toasted honey bread, served warm, with all the goodness of chocolate on top. And I would recommend you to try the Ra Bokky Gratin (IDR 50K). A simple stir-fried rice cake (Tteokbokki), served with noodle, Odeng (thin shape of traditional Korean fishcake), boiled egg, and melted cheese topping. It was lightly spicy, simple yet delicious, suitable for lunch or dinner.

Overall, we had a pleasant experience at Young Dong PIK and would love to come back to try some other Bingsu, and Ra Bokky Gratin again. The desserts were not overly sweet, friendly service, cozy ambiance, and with many toppings made in-house or imported from Korea, makes Young Dong Korean Dessert a nice place to catch up and hang out with friends in PIK area.

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