[MALAYSIA] Japanese Tonkatsu Super Affordable & Juicy at Sho Kushiage

As promised, now I’m going to share with you more stories of my culinary trip to Malaysia, especially when we had dinner at Sho Kushiage Restaurant, a very affordable Japanese Tonkatsu which you can find in Klang Valley. Highly recommended! So, earlier this month, we made a short trip to Malaysia and went to Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall straight from the airport. I still remember a few years ago we went there to play and swim in Sunway Lagoon, and it was really fun! Many things have changed in this mall. The mall is getting wider, huge, still impressive with its unique sphinx-theme, and as the only mall in Malaysia with an ice skating rink. This is one of a must visit Mall if you have a plan to travel to Malaysia. Well, not only because of the Sunway Lagoon Theme Park, but there are numerous of outlets, well-known brands, lots of restaurants, and even better, you can find different gifts at reasonable prices on the 4th floor.

After having fun for a few hours, we decided to have an early dinner at Sho Kushiage that looks inviting from the exterior look. It says they only use Premium Sakura Three Yuan Pork for all pork dishes at this restaurant. I was so curious, so why not? Apparently, Sho Kushiage is a new Japanese restaurant just opened in June 2016. There was this Set Lunch Menu that is available from Monday to Friday from 11:30 am to 5 pm, reasonably priced only for RM 15.90/set, and you get a choice of free drink (Green Tea, Yuzu Sprite, Yuzu Coke), what??? Ha-ha…

We are happy to try any promotion offered by the restaurant, so we chose the Chicken Cutlet with Japanese Curry Sauce Set from the set lunch menu, and Cheese Premium Pork Chop Set from the Monthly Special menu for RM 32.90.

I know you must be wondering now, what is that Premium Sakura Three Yuan Pork? So, this is what I got from their book menu.

What is Three Yuan Pork?
Three Yuan Pork means Ax(BxC), the most widely applied breeding program presently. A is a terminal sire, B is matrilineal male, C is matriarchal female, wherein A mostly Duroc, B mostly Landrace, C mainly large White. In many cases, BC can be interchanged. (Prerequisites: these pigs are from abroad). In overseas, these pig farms can provide purebred or crossbred genetic quality and health status. It is known as a pure system. Three Yuan Pig is also known as Duroc. By using the third-generation, the pig is high disease resistance and strong life force, and the feed conversion rate is better, it is the best gene. Our ultimate aim is to choose the best for our valued customer. Besides that, the cutting process is certified by ISO9001. Cutting work is done at the factory that provides guarantee for food safety and sanitary quality.

If you can eat pork, I would recommend you to try the Premium Cheese Pork Chop Set (RM 32.90), one of their best sellers dish! How crisp the outer side of the meat because they use fresh breadcrumbs, and fried them in 100% vegetable oil; no wonder the meat was still juicy and incredibly tender on the inside! It wasn’t greasy and well paired with the premium cheese sauce made from a blend of different cheeses. Although the portion was not that big, it was actually quite filling especially when we finished it together with vegetables, rice and miso soup. It was so delicious, gosh! But if you can’t eat pork, you have to try the Chicken Cutlet with Japanese Curry Sauce Set (RM 15.90) which was equally tasty as the pork chop. The chicken meat was also tender, and juicy, paired with Japanese curry sauce, mild and not spicy at all.

And surprisingly, Sho Kushiage also provide free flow of rice, shredded cabbage, and miso soup for all the set menu. That’s awesome! You can even grind the sesame seeds which already provided on the table with the tonkatsu sauce for additional dipping sauce. Another favorite goes to the Buta Soup Hot Pot (RM 28.90). It’s a set menu where you’ll get a mini hot pot filled with pork base soup, served with slices of pork belly, and vegetables. The soup was simply comforting, lightly salty, and not too oily. Recommended!

Aside from the set menu, you can find some of the classic Japanese food and fusion dishes such as sushi rolls, Sashimi, skewers and more. We also tried some of their favorite Fusion Rolls; it was just okay, and we were not impressed with those. But you should come and try Sho Kushiage to catch the awesome deal!! It’s kinda hard to believe, for the Three Yuan Pork – Premium Cheese Pork Chop set (RM 32.90 = IDR 104K before tax and service) and Chicken Cutlet with Japanese Curry Sauce set (RM 15.90 = IDR 51K before tax and service), for both set menus, you’ll get refillable premium Japanese rice, side dishes, vegetables, and miso soup as well. It was incredible! We’re satisfied with the food and friendly service at Sho Kushiage, and wouldn’t mind coming back again if I visit Malaysia again.

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Sho Kushiage

Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall (Opposite to Cold Storage)

LG2.28C & LG2.29, Lower Ground Sunway Pyramid,

No. 3, Jalan PJS 11/15, Bandar Sunway – Selangor

Phone: +60 3-5613 6160

Operating Hour: 10:00 – 22:00


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