[NEW SPOT] FUWA FUWA Fluffy Japanese Cheesecake in PIK

Yuhuuu, calling out cake lovers, especially for all the Cheesecake lovers out there, I have good news for you! Guess what? I’m excited to share with you the latest fresh Japanese fluffy cake which recently opened in PIK, Fuwa Fuwa, will have their Grand Opening this Friday, on October 28, 2016! Yay! Situated in Elang Laut shophouses in Pantai Indah Kapuk (PIK) area, Fuwa Fuwa specializes in baking Japanese fluffy cheesecake which is freshly baked every morning around 7 am and all cakes will be available for customers to-go starting from 10 am. From the outside, you will notice Fuwa Fuwa shop from its bright yellow signboard that draws you to visit the store. Even the Fuwa Fuwa icon looks so cute, which also comes in a soft yellow color, with a happy and cheerful expression, easily attracts the dynamic customers and younger market in Jakarta.

Don’t be surprised when you visit Fuwa Fuwa shop because the place is so small and there are no seats available in store. It’s like many cake shops in Japan, and most of the bakeries in Jakarta, the grab-and-go concept in Fuwa Fuwa allows you to pick a freshly baked cheesecake which available in three variants; Original, Green Tea, and Chocolate. Since it’s the first outlet in Jakarta, this store is intended to be the central kitchen of all Fuwa Fuwa products as well.

There’s a basic information about Fuwa Fuwa on the wall decoration in the store. Fuwa-Fuwa (ふわふわ) is a Japanese word that describes the sound made by something light and fluffy. Imagine the sound of sinking your teeth into a cloud. Imagine having a cake that is so light and airy, that even a child could easily enjoy. It was interesting to be there and be the first to taste this Japanese cheesecake before it’s officially launched to the public. I even saw all of the baking processes when they prepare the cheesecake, from the beginning until the very end, and when they are carefully wrapped each cheesecake into the cute packaging.

They only use fresh ingredients and fresh eggs to form a cloud-like batter, no wonder if the texture of Fuwa Fuwa Cheesecake was like a cloud! When the cake out from the oven, oh, it smells so good! Among the three flavors that’re available, my favorite goes to the Signature Fuwa Fuwa Cheesecake (the original one), followed by Matcha Cheesecake. All the cake was incredibly fluffy, airy, and moist; you can prove yourself when you cut the cake into slices. Now I don’t mind to have more than a slice of Japanese cheesecake like this, at any time of the day. I won’t feel full or guilty because I loved the light cheese flavor in this cheesecake, it wasn’t like the American cheesecake that has a strong flavor of the cheese. It was like a little piece of heaven, oh my gosh, you gotta try it! And if you are a fan of Japanese cheesecake, light and fluffy, I’m sure you’ll love Fuwa Fuwa Cheesecake too! This is something simple but so comforting!

Remember that they don’t use any preservatives, so it’s best to consume the cake within three days. If you want to bring out the cheese flavor to more intense, you can chill it in the refrigerator before eating. But if you want the cake to be fluffy again, and to get the light cheese flavor back again, you can reheat the cheesecake in the microwave for 5-10 seconds. In addition to three flavors of Japanese cheesecake, Fuwa Fuwa also sells Fuwa Bites which was like cookies but with a softer texture that will make you can’t stop munching. Each flavor of Fuwa Bites comes in different sizes and different taste as well; that’s really interesting!

To cover a wide range of taste preferences, they will soon release new exciting flavors ranging from Lime to Blueberry. And not only that, guys! Fuwa Fuwa offers their fluffy Japanese Cheesecake at a very reasonable price. For a whole cake of Signature Cheesecake only for IDR 100K, while for Chocolate and Matcha flavor only for IDR 120K. It’s a good thing that people of all ages, no matter who they are, whether young or old, can now enjoy a decandent and fluffy Japanese Cheesecake at Fuwa Fuwa. Fuwa Fuwa is a new sweet spot that should not be missed when you’re in PIK area. Pssst, they will have an upcoming shop in Central Park Mall, very soon! Stay tuned!

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Fuwa-Fuwa Authentic Japanese Cheesecake Shop 

Ruko Elang Laut Blok C No. 36, Jalan Pantai Indah Selatan, PIK (Jakarta Utara)

Phone: +62 21 2251 1888

Operating Hour: 10am – 10pm 

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