[NEW SPOT] Maarkeze, at Central Grand Indonesia, Powered by Ombe Kofie

Do you realize that Jakarta is loaded with so many coffee shops, gosh! Powered by Ombe Kofie, we visited a newly opened coffee shop, named Maarkeze, which is located in Central, Grand Indonesia Mall. To access this place is very easy, as suggested by Hans on the phone yesterday; it could be from the 1st floor of Central Department Store, or from the Social House Restaurant in Grand Indonesia Mall. Well, Maarkeze which means “markas” if translated to Bahasa Indonesia, just opened their coffee shop six days ago, and the opening of this coffee shop seems to be an exciting addition to all the coffee lovers and those who live in Central Jakarta. Yay! 

From the same owners of the successful coffee shop Ombe Kofie in Pluit – North Jakarta, and Djule Koffie in Melawai – South Jakarta, they opened Maarkeze with a slightly different concept. As you already know, a lot of people love Ombe Kofie not only for the quality of coffee but also because of the friendliness which is different from other specialty coffee shops in Jakarta. So, what about Maarkeze?

Although there’s no natural light from the windows as we can find and see in Ombe Kofie or Djule Koffie, the cozy ambiance and warm lights looks inviting, especially with

the high chairs surrounding the bar and two large Chesterfield sofas. If you often find some power connectors are available in both coffee shop, do not expect to find any at Maarkeze. However, I can see that the long coffee bar creates an intimate place and a more friendly environment to encourage coffee lovers to circled the bar, to have a chat or discussion with the barista. Maarkeze also uses Mahlkonig grinder and LaMarzocco Strada to brew coffee beans from the various roaster.

A few small tables and a few selection of foods such as sandwich and personal pizza are also available. It was just a short visit and we spent a total of IDR 258K (tax included) for a cup of Regular White Blend Heart Roastery (IDR 45K), Ice Choco Coffee Malt (IDR 55K), Chicken Avocado Crostini (IDR 60K), and a new menu which is not available on current menu, Pork Belly Pizza (IDR 75K). They offered me the pork belly pizza which is very new and will be ready for public on this day when you read this post. We enjoyed the coffee, but my favorite was the combination of choco and coffee in Ice Choco Coffee Malt. It was very refreshing, sweet enough, creamy, and delicious!

As for the food, we didn’t enjoy the Chicken Avocado Crostini because the sourdough was too thick and too crispy that time. The Pork Belly Pizza tasted good and enough for one person. I liked how they add crackling pork and rocket vegetables as part of the toppings, but I expect to see more pork belly on this pizza considering the price is quite expensive. Oh, you should try the Nitro Cold Brew Coffee which was also nice, because the coffee is infused with nitrogen, resulting in a smooth and very light of coffee taste, served cold, and still rare in Jakarta. Overall, it was a nice coffee break time at Maarkeze. We even met Om Jason, the owner, and had a little chat with him but forgot to take a picture with him. Sigh! Ha-ha.. If you happen to be in Grand Indonesia, you may want to stop by to Maarkeze!

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Maarkeze Powered by Ombe Kofie

1st floor of Central Department Store, East Mall Grand Indonesia

Phone: +62 811 1751  269

Operating Hour: 10am – 08:45pm


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