[NEW SINGAPORE] Gudetama Cafe with Cute Egg-citing Dishes

I’ve heard so much about the newly opened Gudetama Cafe in Singapore because everyone here seems to be talking about this popular Sanrio character, yes! And finally, we managed to visit this cafe on the first day of my trip to Singapore in mid-December 2016. Hooray! I felt lucky that it turned out this cafe is located right across from our hotel at Conrad Centennial Singapore in Suntec City, and it takes only 1-2 minutes to reach this place. Woohooo! You have no idea how excited I was. There was no queue because we went there early in the morning to find breakfast, ha-ha…

Who doesn’t familiar with this Gudetama character? The famous Sanrio’s lazy egg, Gudetama, has succeeded to steal the attention of many people since the beginning when they opened their cafe on November 30, 2016. Not only kids, but young adults in Singapore and also tourists from other countries are in love with this character. Oh, that sounds like me! Ha-ha..

As you can see from my pictures, Gudetama is so adorable, right? Oh, look at that cute yellow face of Gudetama, kawaii desu ne (-meaning: It’s cute, isn’t it?). Oh, I almost forgot to tell you. There’s a nice indoor room

where Gudetama’s water fountain and garden theme available next to the lobby, but they didn’t allow me to sit there, and asked me to join the other guests in the main dining area. Apparently, we were not the only guests who arrive early morning, some tables have been filled, and two hours later, it appears some people were queuing in front of this cafe.

I couldn’t stop taking pictures because there are lots of cute and attractive decorations in their cafe. You’ll find egg-shaped booths, chairs, transparent glass table with some eggs in it, including some souvenirs, and Gudetama‘s desserts as well. So, what about their food? Here, Gudetama Cafe Singapore offers lots of egg-citing menus which made me even more excited. I’m tempted to try one of the main course, I’m Cold Smoked Salmon Egg Benedict ($26.90 SGD), some drinks such as Hula Hula ($8.50 SGD) and Frosted

Mint Mocha ($6.90 SGD), and from the desserts; Strawberry Yogurt Egg ($8.90 SGD), and Citrus Pan ($7.50 SGD). All the food nicely presented with egg designs, so adorable, and surprisingly the food wasn’t bad either. The poached egg was my favorite, served with smoked salmon, hollandaise sauce complete with mashed avocado, ebiko, and tater tots potato.

The Hula Hula drink tasted refreshing which mango infused rose tea topped with fresh strawberries. From the coffee, I tried Frosted Mint Mocha which becomes one of my favorite if compared to the Hula Hula. It tasted nice, served hot with Gudetama face made of chocolate powder on top. Two of the dessert was so-so, nothing special. served hot with Gudetama face made of chocolate powder on top. Two of the dessert was so-so, nothing special. Overall, I spent a total of $69.10 SGD for this experience, and for me, everything was so expensive here.

However, it was fun to be in this place which is entirely decorated with Gudetama! If you happen to be in Singapore or will be visiting Singapore soon, don’t forget to drop by to Gudetama themed cafe.

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