[NEW] Bebek Bengil – Dirty Duck Diner – Newest Branch at Plaza Indonesia

When I first encountered Bebek Bengil a few years ago in Ubud, Bali – I admit that it was my first love to their Signature Crispy Duck. And I’m so glad to know that Bebek Bengil has opened another new branch located on the 2nd Floor of Plaza Indonesia (next to Kitchenette). The first Bebek Bengil was opened in 1990 in Ubud (Bali), set in a cozy and relaxed atmosphere surrounded by green rice field and beautiful garden lily pound. Here, the newest branch of Bebek Bengil, features a modern and minimalist decorations inside, with a mural of Balinese woman on the wall. The warm and welcoming ambiance, with plenty of space and seats, instantly make us feel comfortable.

I rarely order any other dishes when I visit Bebek Bengil besides their signature crispy duck, but we’re pleasantly surprised when we tried the other dishes yesterday. For drinks, we ordered a Hot Tea (IDR 25K) and Brumbun drink, a combination of fresh oranges, fresh strawberries, and melon sugar.

For appetizers, we tried Sate Lilit (IDR 96K), and Crispy Duck Salad (IDR 85K) which was both simply delicious! Unlike other Sate Lilit, the Balinese satay at Bebek Bengil combines the goodness of chicken, fish, and duck for their Sate Lilit. The Crispy Duck Salad was fabulous as well! Big on the crunchy

factor, complemented by the sweet taste of oranges, and the Balinese dressing in this salad! The mild flavor of Curry Duck Soup (IDR 68K) which contains big chunks of tender duck meat, quickly make us satisfied. We enjoyed the combination of sweet and savory, rich fragrant soup, served with veggies too. I wish I could eat this all day.

Bebek Bengil (the original crispy duck, IDR 125K)

Of course, we came back again for their signature dish. The most popular crispy duck ever, which is steamed with a blend of Indonesian spices and deep-fried at high temperatures for a crispy finish, and delicious taste. When you see it, you will notice the skin looks dry and crunchy, and as expected, the duck was very crispy on the outside, but the meat was very tender, and juicy inside. It’s served with steamed rice, and Balinese vegetables (urap), along with three kinds of special sambal; Sambal Matah, Sambal Cabai Goreng, and Red Chili (sambal merah). It’s finger lickin’ good!

Ikan Timbung, IDR 96K

I love mackerel! They use fresh mackerel for this dish, and cooked them with traditional Balinese spices. By combining all the natural spicy ingredients, they manage to create an exotic tastes for the fish! The spicy taste gradually becomes more spicy and leaves a nice spicy aftertaste in the mouth.

We also tried Iga Bakar Mertha (IDR 125K), a new dish by Bebek Bengil. 300gr of grilled beef rib with the authentic special sauce accompanied with french fries and mixed vegetables. The ribs were quite big, glazed with tasty sweet and spicy sauce, but unfortunately, the ribs were too tough to eat that time. For desserts, the all time favorite Black Russian Pie (IDR 72K) is something that you shouldn’t miss when you visit Bebek Bengil. It’s actually made with a combination of vodka, kahlua,

and coated with chocolate on it. One bite, and we can tasted that the alcohol was quite strong and gave a surprise sensation in my mouth. If you’re looking for something classic, I recommend you to try Jajanan Bali (IDR 45K) and order a Sekoteng from Batavia Sekoteng which is available in front of their store.

All in all, I realized that Bebek Bengil has quite a range of selections for a good meal with family and friends. Quick service, lovely people, great food, and mouth-watering dessert, we will come again! Whether you’re a duck lover or not, I highly recommend you to try the taste of Original Crispy Duck, and Indonesian food at Bebek Bengil Plaza Indonesia.

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Bebek Bengil Plaza Indonesia

Plaza Indonesia – 2nd floor, unit E033 – Jl. M.H. Thamrin No.28-30, RT.9/RW.5, Gondangdia, Menteng, Jakarta Pusat

Opening Hour: 10am – 10pm

Price: starts from IDR 80K

Phone: 021.2992.1882


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