[THAILAND] ร้านเขียวไข่กา Kiew Kai Ka – Authentic Thai at Ladprao, Bangkok

If you’re planning to travel to Thailand, and maybe you want to drive by yourself from Bangkok as we did last week, here’s a new hidden gem to try; ร้านเขียวไข่กา Kiew Kai Ka. I was amazed by the dining scene in Thailand. Surprisingly, new restaurants and cafes are popping up like in Jakarta (Indonesia), and we visited one of them, Kiew Kai Ka Restaurant as we headed to the famous Chocolate Ville Restaurant, Thailand.

Kiew Kai Ka has been open since February 2017, and since then this place gets crowded quickly by local people. We came around 2 pm for a late lunch, and it was very crowded. Lucky we only waited for 10 minutes, and finally got a nice table to view the surrounding. Whether you’re an Instagram-ers or not, I bet you’ll love this place too, as they feature a natural light friendly design, and from the outside, the restaurant looks like a glasshouse or greenhouse where inside we can feel the homey vibe, with splashes of green colors of the painted walls and garden ferns.

It was quite difficult to order the menu at Kiew Kai Ka because they did not have any pictures at all on the menu, and the staff didn’t understand English. To order, finally, I spoke with one man who seemed to be the restaurant’s manager. He’s very friendly and able to explain a bit of some of the menus that we saw from their Facebook account.

Butterfly Lime Soda, 65 Baht (equal to IDR 26K)

Passion Fruit Soda, 65 Baht (equal to IDR 26K)

Almost every table in this restaurant ordered both of these drinks, so we were tempted to try. It’s actually soda drink mixed with lime, and the one I like best is when they use the pure passion fruit on this beverage. You know, it’s somewhat difficult to get a pure passion fruit drink like this in Jakarta. Both drinks were simple yet tasted so refreshing; we loved it!

Lotus Salad, 180 Baht (equal to IDR 72K)

I never tried Lotus salad before, and my husband really wanted to try it! Surprisingly, the lotus salad was good! This dish is comprised of crunchy pickled lotus roots, served with shrimp, fried shallots, and dressed with Thai spicy sauce. It looked like asparagus, but it’s not! The texture was a bit crunchy, yet soft at the same time. It was unique, lightly spicy, and refreshing!

Crispy Pork Salt, 180 Baht Non-Halal (equal to IDR 72K)

It is nice to find pork dishes on the menu. One of their recommendations was this Crispy Pork Salt. The outer part was so crisp, while the pork meat was still juicy and slightly seasoned with salt. Simple, but this menu turned out to be our favorite!

Sauteed Cucumber Shrimp in Red Curry, 200 Baht (equal to IDR 80K)

He also recommended us another signature dish at Kiew Kai Ka. The soup was curry-based, or I can say it’s a red curry which is rich in color and also has a rich flavor; a sour, salty, and sweet taste that complement each other. It’s almost similar to kimchi soup, almost.. but it’s not! Inside, there’s a lot of vegetables; I’m not sure what vegetable it is, but he said it’s Thai’s vegetables. It was unique, and once again, we enjoyed it!

Omelette Crab, 350 Baht (equal to IDR 140K)

Last but not least, our most favorite dish at Kiew Kai Ka is this Omelette Crab. Unlike any other menu, they use fresh crab meat as the toppings and use duck eggs for the omelet. We liked it so much because even though it’s deep-fried, the omelette was not greasy, served with generous crab meat on top, and it smells good!

Overall, it was a lovely late lunch set in a beautiful glasshouse in Thailand. We enjoyed everything; friendly and quick service, relaxing vibes, good music playing, and good authentic Thai food, make it worth to visit Kiew Kai Ka all the way from Bangkok before reaching Chocolate Ville Restaurant.The prices above are not included with 10% service charge and 7% vat. Don’t forget to add Kiew Kai Ka to your itinerary list!

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ร้านเขียวไข่กา Kiew Kai Ka

33 Nak Niwas Road, Lat Phrao, Bangkok 10230, Thailand

Opening Hour: 11 am – 11pm

Price: starts from IDR 80K

Phone: +66 2 102 6388


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