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Can you guess, what’s brewing in Jakarta coffee scene right now? Wherever you look, there is a new coffee shop opening just about every week. So, I’m here to share the good news with you. Yup, as you can see from my InstastoryInstastory a few days ago, I got a privilege to attend the opening of the 1st Maxx Corner located on the ground floor of Plaza Semanggi (South Jakarta). Yay! It’s the first day of the opening, and it was pretty crowded as some of the media and food bloggers were given an exclusive opportunity to enjoy the first experience at the opening day.

Capturing the great demand for coffee from young people in Jakarta, Lippo Group presents Maxx Corner which is hopefully can be a second home to young millennials and coffee enthusiasts in Jakarta.

Maxx Corner has more seating area, more spacious, comes with a combination of rustic wood, and fun corporate color such as Orange that makes this place feel more chic and comfortable than before. This coffee shop is also flooded with light from the big windows, makes me wanna stay longer there. Those who want to smoke can choose to sit in the outdoor seating area. Besides that, Maxx Corner also gives customers the flexibility to tailor coffee according to their preference or request. It’s why “Coffee Your Way” become their slogan.

One day you might like your latte half strength shot with extra hot milk, and the next day you might want an extra shot for your latte, and so on. In addition to coffee and frappe, Maxx Corner also serves a variety of savory foods such as Pizza (IDR 24K), Hot Dog (IDR 24K), Cheese Burger (IDR 24K), Lasagna (IDR 29K), and Macaroni Schotel (IDR 29K), and some pastries like Chicken Curry Puff, Sausage Croissant, etc. You can even find your favorite local snacks at Maxx Corner, such as Pastel Ayam, Risol Rogut, Lupis, or even Singkong Goreng (Fried Cassava, IDR 16K)!

Banana Nutella Toast, IDR 18K || Macaroni Schotel, IDR 29K

With only IDR 18K, we can enjoy toasted sandwiches with a choice of filling, and is available in two options; with White bread or Whole Wheat bread. On the menu I can see, there are 12 interesting fillings, from Nutella, spread, Strawberry Jam, Peanut Butter, to Marshmallow, Oreo, and Cheese. But I choose the Banana, with additional filling: Nutella (additional IDR 3K/filling). Banana and Nutella seemed to be a perfect pair together with the toast, simple, and we pretty much enjoyed it. The Macaroni Schotel (baked macaroni dish) looked dry from the outside but inside, it was too wet, and lack of cheese flavors.

Overall, it was a pleasant visit at Maxx Corner. With all that Maxx Corner has to offer, I guess this place will quickly fill up with students, young professionals, etc and they can enjoy themselves for hours. You can chill and enjoy the good food, snacks, and coffee starts from IDR 10K, that’s really value for money. Even when you can have coffee your way, isn’t it a great coffee experience?

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Maxx Corner Indonesia

Ground Floor, Plaza Semanggi, Jalan Jendral Sudirman Kav. 50, Setiabudi, Jkt Sel

Opening Hour: 10:00 – 22:00

Price: starts from IDR 20K


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