[THAILAND] 8 Best Snacks Must Buy & Must Try From Bangkok

– Best Snacks to Bring Back Home From Thailand –

I love snacking and buying snacks for my family and friends back home is always part of the itinerary whenever I travel to other countries. I received numerous questions from my followers on my Instagram, about how and where to buy these snacks, which is why I finally came up with this post for all of you who plan to travel to Thailand. I hope this can be a good reference for you, thank you for reading! 🙂

Snacks to bring home (MUST TRY!!!)
1. Cashew Nut Roasted Tom Yum Flavor = 120 Baht/pack, Buy 10 for 1000 Baht (clue: go straight up to the food court area on the 6th floor of Platinum Mall – Zone 2, find this stall CRISPY SEAFOOD on the right side, next to the escalator)

I love cashews, and this tom-yum flavored cashew nut was so addictive! It was quite crispy, smells good, and so flavorful; we get the sweet, salty, sour and spicy flavor together in one bite!

2. Jerky Pork with cilantro = 200 Baht/pack, Buy 6 for 1000 Baht can mix with the Crispy Pork from CHAINARONG stall (this stall is side by side with the store above)

3. Crispy Pork = 200 Baht/pack, Buy 6 for 1000 Baht can mix with the Pork Jerky (equal to IDR 400K) from CHAINARONG stall

Snack on point number 2 and 3 is made from pork; therefore this food is not halal. Both snacks from Chainarong brand was also delicious! The crispy pork was incredibly crispy, and slightly salty, while the other, it’s a wet version of the jerky pork which came with cilantro on it. The meat was thick enough, best eaten with or without warm rice.

4. Tao Kae Noi Land (clue: walk straight from Chainarong stall, you’ll see Tao Kae Noi Land)

As you know, Tao Kae Noi is a popular snack brand founded in Thailand in 2004, and they have a wide variety

of flavored seaweed as a snack. Of all the seaweed snacks, Tao Kae Noi is my favorite because the texture of their seaweed was less greasy, yet crunchy, and healthier than other snacks. This snack is also available in Jakarta, but whenever I come to Thailand, I always visit their store and buy some of it, because the price is very cheap in Thailand. When in Thailand, you should try the Tao Kae Noi Crispy Seaweed Snack Tom Yum Spicy Flavor. It was not too spicy, but very flavorful. Definitely, recommend!

5. Porntip Tom Yum Flossy Pork = 120 Baht/pack (equal to IDR 48K) (clue: go to this store located at the corner next to the rest room)

And another favorite is this Tom Yum Flossy Pork by Porntip (NON-HALAL). This brand is very famous in Thailand, and the Tom Yum flavor is the most delicious when compared with the original flossy pork. It was quite spicy but so tasty, and addictive! The Tom Yum flavor quickly ran out, and unfortunately, only 2 packs left at that time. I should buy some more on my next visit.

6. Thai Durian Cake Maelumyai (Dodol Durian or Thai Durian Glutinous Sticky Rice) = 150 Baht (equal to IDR 60K) (we bought this at the snack stall when in Food Market – basement floor at Market Village, Hua Hin, Thailand)

It’s rare to find a yummy dodol durian that suits my preferences, and after we tried this, we instantly got hooked! The size is quite big, chewy texture, and it has strong durian flavor because it’s made from real fruit. No wonder, this Dodol Durian (Durian Cake Maelumyai) was so delicious! I will definitely buy again on my next visit.

7. Nestea Thai Milk Tea (1 pack = 13 sachets) = 100 Baht at Asiatique (equal to IDR 40K) Available mostly in all mini marts and supermarket in Thailand, for example, it’s only 80 Baht (equal to IDR 32K) at Big C Supermarket.

It’s no secret that Thai Iced Tea is Thailand’s most popular beverage, and if you want to drink the instant version of Thai tea, we recommend you to buy Nestea Thai Milk Tea. Although it’s not as authentic as the Number One Brand, the taste is pretty close to the authentic, very refreshing, sweet enough, and easy to make at home. One pack consists of 13 sachets, can be brewed in hot or cold water with 150 ml of water.

8. Siam Coco Dried Mangoes at Siam Centre = 100 Baht each (equal to IDR 40K)

We accidentally saw the food bazaar at Warehouse Market located at Siam Centre, Bangkok. The first stall sells Mango Smoothie (60 Baht), and Dried Mangoes which is available in two versions. We love Thai mangoes, so we bought some because they offered a special promo: Buy 5 get 6 items. The yellow one was covered with sugar, so it tasted very sweet if compared to the orange ones. Mom liked the yellow one so much, while both of us loved the orange one, because the texture is much drier, slightly fibrous, and not overly sweet.

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