[SHANGHAI] TIPS Travel Itinerary 7 Days Backpacking Shanghai Guide

Travel Itinerary Backpacking Guide for 7 days in Shanghai, which includes accommodation in Shanghai, flights to Shanghai, what to see in Shanghai (top tourist attractions in Shanghai), and explore Shanghai’s local delights – good food recommendations in Shanghai.

As usual, I really have a lot of homework to complete every time I travel abroad with my husband, haha… And since most of you are still asking for a complete itinerary from our recent trip to Shanghai (China) on autumn from September 15-21, 2017, so here it is: a 7 Days Shanghai Itinerary for culinary and shopping lovers. This itinerary is best suited for solo travelers or couples, and for backpackers. So, I hope from this complete itinerary guide, you can begin planning a trip to China’s largest city, this 7 Days Shanghai itinerary is for you!

1. Find the cheapest airfares from any budget airlines, could be a year before the date of departure.
2. Make a departure Visa at the embassy of China.
3. Make a complete itinerary for the first day until the last day in Shanghai.
4. Install VPN before you landed at Shanghai’s airport



HAO-DU HOTEL, located at No. 41, South Guangxi Road, People Square and South Bund Huangpu, Shanghai, China 200021 (黄浦区广西南路41号, 黄浦区人民广场及南外滩, 上海, 中国 200021)
6 nights room type Standard B = IDR 3,214,260 or equal to CNY 1,605.55


1. Jakarta – Kuala Lumpur – Jakarta: Rp. 2,242,200 for 2 pax
2. Kuala Lumpur – Shanghai – Kuala Lumpur: MYR 928 for 1 pax (equal to Rp. 3.088.000,- include 2 food and 20 kg baggage for each trip)

Flight per person Jakarta – Shanghai – Jakarta = Rp. 4.209.100,- per person by AirAsia.

🔹 DAY 1 in Shanghai:

07:00 AM: Arrival at Pudong International Airport Shanghai

07:31 AM: Morning Coffee Latte for 31RMB (equal to IDR 64K) with one of my favorite London’s coffee brand at Costa Coffee, located at Pudong International Airport

07:44 AM: Purchase Metro Train Ticket to city from Pudong International Airport

09:45 AM: Arrived at Dashijie Station, on the way to Hao Du Hotel

10:10 AM: Check in to Hao Du Hotel and resting

13:40 PM: Quick lunch at Mc Donald’s Shanghai: German Sausage Double Beef Burger for only 17RMB (equal to IDR 35K) include french fries and a choice of drink + Spicy Chicken Wings for 10RMB (equal to IDR 20.5K).

14:50 PM: First lunch at Jia Jia Tang Bao, the famous steamed Xiao Long Bao at Huanghe Road. Jia Jia Tang Bao is home of the best Shanghai Steamed Dumpling restaurant or Best Xiao Long Bao in Shanghai. Must try: Crab Meat and Pork Xiao Long Bao 12 pcs for 30RMB (equal to IDR 62K)

Click the image below to read the full review!

15:40 PM: Mango Mousse and Cheese Tart (22RMB, equal to IDR 45K) at Lillian Bakery, the famous bakery originally from Macau, located at the basement floor of NEW World Emporium City (one building with Madam Tussaud).

Strolling around the mall…

18:30 PM: Early dinner at the basement floor, Set Menu 35RMB (equal to IDR 72K) at Kungfu Restaurant (click here to see their website). It’s a popular fast-food chain in Shanghai, serving a variety of Chinese style comfort food set meal for family and children, very popular with locals in Shanghai. The set menu consists of a rice bowl, ribs soup, and a choice of meat main. Recommended!

🔹 DAY 2 in Shanghai:

11:00 AM: Brunch with one of Shanghai’s local favorite breakfast, Shou Zhua Bing 手抓饼 with egg and bacon for 7RMB (equal to IDR 15K) at Xinjiapo Paobing in front of Yuyuan Garden Station. Surprisingly, it’s as simple as that, but it tasted delicious! He put sliced cucumber, with mayonnaise, tomato & spicy sauce, and wrapped it with Prata bread.

Click the image below to read the full review! LOOK FOR Number #6 listed in Top 10 Food Must Try in Shanghai!

01:00 PM: Shopping at UNIQLO Shanghai Global Flagship Store on Huai Hai Road, and it’s the largest UNIQLO store in the world!!

03:00 PM: Snacking Shanghai’s local delights at Maoming road, across Uniqlo Shanghai from the White Sticky Rice (starts from 2RMB), Oolong Milk Tea with Peach flavor and cheese foam on top (18RMB, equal to IDR 37K), and Rice Ball Cifantuan (6.50RMB, equal to IDR 13.5K).

Click the image below to read the full review! LOOK FOR Number #7 and #8 listed in Top 10 Food Must Try in Shanghai!

05:00 PM: Exploring Xin Tian Di area
Xin Tian Di has turned into one of the most stylish entertainments and shopping center in Shanghai. This place is known as an urban tourist attraction and a fashionable pedestrian street composed of Shikumen and modern architecture style. That’s why many tourists come to this area for shopping and eating, but since this is a premium area, most of the restaurants in this area are expensive.

06:30 PM: dinner at The Crayfish House No. 17 located at Shouning Road.
Shouning Lu is still known as the most popular area to look for cheap seafood, especially crayfish! There are so many choices along the road, but we visited The Crayfish House (numbers 17) because they received lots of good reviews, and this restaurant was full of young Shanghainese on the 1st floor, and 2nd floor. Not only crayfish, but you can order various Shanghai skewers (Shaokao), Oysters, Scallops, etc all at a very affordable price, unbelievably tasty and cheap!! Highly recommended!

Click the image below to read the full review! LOOK FOR Number #10 listed in Top 10 Food Must Try in Shanghai!

20:40 PM: Oolong Milk Tea with Big Bubble at Yi Dian Dian, only 10 RMB (equal to IDR 20.6K)

🔹 DAY 3 in Shanghai:

09:30 AM: Biking with Ofo Bike to Yuyuan Garden.
Biking like a local when in Shanghai indeed is the fastest way to move from one place to another; we can save more time, and save transportation cost.

Click the image below to read the Tips of How to Rent a Bike in Shanghai!

Shopping for a while at the market.

11:30 AM: Lunch at Wai Po Jia (Grandma’s Kitchen or Grandma’s House), a very popular Chinese food restaurant among the locals, specialized in Hangzhou menu. I suggest you avoid peak hours, but after all, it’s worth the long queue; very affordable and all the food was so delicious! Highly recommended!

Click the image below to read the Full Review and food reference at Wai Po Jia, Shanghai!

03:00 PM: Biking again to BON MATIN PARIS Shanghai. They offer a selection of freshly baked bread, cheesecake, and other pastries, but they are very famous for their Cheesecake. A must try!

Click the image below to read the full review! LOOK FOR Number #9 listed in Top 10 Food Must Try in Shanghai!

04:00 PM: Biking again to Tianzifang, one of the famous shopping streets in Shanghai, and we enjoyed this area so much rather than Xin Tian Di.

Nestled within Shanghai’s French Concession, Tianzifang is very popular for locals and tourists, not only because of the old buildings, and the narrow alleyways, but everything is affordable here when compared to Xin Tian Di. It’s like traveling back to the old Shanghai, interesting! We went there with one of my followers, and now she became my friend, Rebecca, who works in Shanghai (thank you so much for accompanying us ) and together we tried some of the local delights. Overall, Tianzifang is a great place to experience the old Shanghai and buy some Shanghai souvenirs; psst, I bought some cute tea ceramics, Shanghai talcum powder, fragrant tea from teahouse, and some cute food magnet for my fridge. Ha-ha…

06:00 PM: Refreshing with the famous Heytea Cheese Tea spotted after we came out from Exit 2 Tianzifang, Shanghai. Finally, we tried Heytea (喜茶) which is so famous in Shanghai for its cheese-topped style tea. The price is slightly higher than other tea chains, like for this Four Seasons Spring tea costs 26RMB (equal to IDR 54K). But, the salty milk foam on top was so thick and very creamy than the others, and the cheese flavor did linger a bit longer. We loved this, but it took almost 1 hours to get this. I’ll come back if there’s no long queue outside, haha… Highly recommended!

07:30 PM: We went back again to Nanjing Road, the longest shopping street in Shanghai, and it’s very beautiful at night. After shopping, and spending a few hours, we decided to have dinner at one of the local Chinese Food Restaurants located in the alley opposite the MetersBonwe apparel store.

🔹 DAY 4 in Shanghai:

09:35 AM: We cycled again to Yuyuan Garden, one of the must-visit attractions in Shanghai. This area is huge, and one of the highlights is the Zigzag Bridge & Mid-lake Pavilion 九曲桥&湖心亭. The Zigzag Bridge is 18 meters long and 2 meters wide, composed entirely of granites and jade stones. While the Mid-lake Pavilion is an old but elegant tea house with great traditional features. Remember that this place is very crowded with tourists, so I suggest you avoid the weekend. However, it is a nice place because they also have lots of exciting foods that you can try. Overall, Yuyuan Garden is a good stop for eating, as well as for souvenir shopping.

Colorful Steamed Bun filled with Crab Soup = 18RMB (equal to IDR 37K), and old-school Mung Bean Ice Cream = 5RMB (equal to IDR 10.5K)

02:40 PM: Another favorite: Yi Dian Dian Plum & Kumquat Green Tea 15RMB (equal to IDR 31K) around Nanjing road

02:30 PM: When in Shanghai, you should visit The BUND, also called Zhongshan Dong Yi Lu (East Zhongshan 1st Road), the most famous and attractive waterfront and regarded as the symbol of Shanghai for hundreds of years. Anytime is the best time to visit the BUND, and the lights on the buildings are amazingly beautiful when you see them at night.

03:00 PM: Late Lunch at Yang’s Dumpling, the popular fried-style Xiao Long Bao in Shanghai, and very famous among the locals for their signature Sheng Jian Bao! The outside was perfectly crispy, but the inside was very juicy, so goooooood!! Best eaten while they are still sizzling hot, and everything here is freshly made by order! Must try!

Click the image below to read the Full Review of the famous Yang’s Dumpling!

04:15 PM: And again, we went back to Nanjing Road for shopping at the MetersBowne store because the other day this store was closed early at 8pm. This brand is the Shanghai-based clothing retailer and became the best selling brand since 2004, which was evaluated by the China National Garments Association. You should visit this store when you come to Shanghai. Pssst, we bought some Mickey Mouse jackets and the super cute Donald Duck before we go to Shanghai Disneyland. Yay!

10:10 PM: Late dinner at Yoshinoya which was opened late at Nanjing Road. We were happy to be here because the menu is mostly different from what we have in Jakarta. Most come in one package, like this one: grilled unagi, served with Japanese steamed egg (it was so good), small sides (tamago, okra, shredded mango), sliced apples, and a choice of drink for only 62RMB (equal to IDR 128K) and the Chicken Teriyaki Bowl set for 41 RMB (equal to IDR 85K). Value for money!

🔹 DAY 5 in Shanghai:

Shanghai Disneyland is very HUGE! We feel like its a combination between Disneyland and DisneySea in Tokyo Disneyland! It’s a MUST VISIT THEME PARK, because it’s World’s biggest Disneyland just opened last year on June 2016 in Shanghai.

Click the image below to read the Full Review of Shanghai Disneyland!

🔹 DAY 6 in Shanghai:

09:30 AM: Biking with Ofo Bike to have breakfast with Shandong Jian Bing.
Jianbing is China’s most popular street breakfast, and you can find lots of the street food vendor selling Jianbing in Shanghai. But it’s recommended to try the one located at Wulumuqi road. The fillings vary, and it’s so delicious! People in Shanghai usually eat this as their breakfast, simple but so delicious, and very cheap! I want this again! Highly recommended!

Click the image below to read the full review! LOOK FOR Number #3 listed in Top 10 Food Must Try in Shanghai!

01:30 PM: Biking with Ofo Bike to LINE FRIENDS CAFE & STORE in Shanghai.
It was raining that day, but we keep on going by bike because the Line Friends Store and Cafe was not close to the station. Here we met with Choco, and it’s all about CHOCO (Brown’s little sister), and there’s more than enough photo spots in this store. Everything’s so cute! A must visit when you are in Shanghai, especially for LINE Friends fans!

Matcha Passionfruit = 32RMB (equal to IDR 66K)

07:20 PM: Dinner at Hefu Noodle located at Exit 3 Station Wujiang at Wujiang Road Food Street. It was raining and windy, that’s why we decided to have dinner at Hefu Noodle which is packed with locals. All of the food that we ordered kept us warm and none of them failed us. Recommended! Beef Noodle with Herbal Soup 43RMB (equal to IDR 89K), Mexican Fried Chicken 10RMB (equal to IDR 20.6K), Traditional Salty Claw 8RMB (equal to IDR 16.5K), and Homemade Sausage 6RMB (equal to IDR 12.5K). For the drink, we tried Peach and Flower Tea for 18RMB (equal to IDR 37K).

08:30 PM: Shopping at U-Lifestyle Store and Carrefour located at Cloud 9 Shopping Mall in Shanghai. Even in Shanghai, you can find TESCO grocery store (UK brand), and Carrefour supermarket. We went to Carrefour before we returned to Jakarta to buy some snacks to bring home for my family.

MUST BUY: the CRAB ROE sunflower seeds (the brown packaging with the man face on it)

Happy Lemon freshly squeezed lemon with black tea and extra QQ Jelly = 16RMB (equal to IDR 33K)

🔹 DAY 7 in Shanghai:

10:30 AM: back again to Cloud 9 Shopping Mall to buy some snack and have a quick brunch at Red Lips Noodle

Coco Passionfruit = 13RMB (equal to IDR 27K)

Breadtalk Strawberry Slice = 19RMB (equal to IDR 39K)

Peach Yogurt Gudetama Limited Edition at Breadtalk Shanghai = 19RMB (equal to IDR 39K)

02:00 PM: Back again to my favorite restaurant in Shanghai, Wai Po Jia (Grandma Kitchen). I told you, this restaurant is the best, and a must visit when you’re in Shanghai or you’ll regret!!.

Click the image below to read the Full Review and food reference at Wai Po Jia, Shanghai!

03:00 PM: We finally went up to the Shanghai Tower, which is now known as the 2nd Tallest Building in the World after Burj Khalifa in Dubai!! And lucky us, the Observatory deck was opened to the public in April 2017. To see the Top of Shanghai – a panoramic view of the Shanghai city from a height of 546 meters was unforgettable!

Entry fee = 180RMB (equal to IDR 372K) per person
Photo Frame = 60RMB + Playing VR = 40RMB, but all together only for 90RMB (equal to IDR 185K)

06:00 PM: Back again to Yang’s Dumpling at Nanjing Road for dinner. Yes, we came back for the best fried-style Xiao Long Bao ever in Shanghai!!

Click the image below to read the Full Review and food reference at Yang’s Dumpling Shanghai!

Yes, finally! I’ve summarized everything for you; the itinerary is all there. In case you have questions, feel free to leave comments below. Thank you for reading!

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