[KOREA] Top 15 Food Guide – Must Try in Seoul

Are you Korean food lovers? So, as requested, here’s our compilation of Top 20 Korean Foods you must try in Seoul. We just made our second trip to Seoul – Korea in November 2017 at the peak of autumn foliage, and can’t wait to share our experience with you. We spent two weeks in South Korea, with a 5-day route in Busan, four days in Jeju (29 Oct – 1 Nov 2017) and one week in Seoul, yay! There are so many things to see and do in Seoul (Korea), and so many things we’re in love. From the experience of Korean cosmetics shopping, K-Pop, try authentic Korean foods like Tteokbokki and Samgyetang, Korean snack shopping at Lotte World, try Korean street food, experience Korean traditional clothes – Hanbok, ooh you should start scroll down to know more about what you can do and eat in Seoul, Korea.

As you know already and look through our Instagram #myfunfoodiaryKorea story, whenever we go, we always search for delicious local food first. Be it from a street food vendors, or local restaurants; I will share everything for your reference. We’ve shared the Best Local Food You Should Try in Busan, and 3 Days Jeju Island Itinerary Guide which includes the best attractions to visit and the best eating places in Jeju, don’t forget to check them out.

1. PERSIMMON FRUIT – seasonal, 2,000 Won (equal to IDR 25K)

If you come in the fall, be sure to taste one of the seasonal fruits in Korea. I didn’t have a chance to eat the actual fruit, but we really loved the Persimmon Fruit that existed this fall when we visited Seoul in November 2017. A pleasant sweet and refreshing taste of Korean Persimmon Fruit was to-die-for, and I drink it almost every day! Ha-ha…

Where to get Persimmon Juice:

JUICY Juice Store (lots of branches in Seoul)


Did you know that Seoul has so many interesting shopping streets to visit? Of all the shopping streets in Korea, Ewha Woman’s Shopping Street is my top favorite instead of Myeongdong or Insadong. Ewha Shopping Street is known as a famous pocket-friendly shopping street, especially for students, as it’s set in one location with the famous Ewha Woman’s University. In this area, we tried one favorite local snacks, Korean Corn Dog stuffed with melted Mozzarella Cheese as recommended by Dennis who happens to be my Instagram follower who is currently studying in Korea. I was glad to know that the Koreans are always generous with the cheese and we can add whatever sauce to the corn dog, it was simply delicious!

Where to get Korean Corn Dog:

Ewha Shopping Street, Sinchon area

Closest Metro Stop: Ewha Womans University Station (Line 2)

Price: starts from 1,000 Won

Click on the map below for direction

3. DASARANG CHICKEN, 20,000 Won (equal to IDR 250K)

If you haven’t tried Korean Fried Chicken, you will regret it. I highly recommend you to eat Korean Fried Chicken at Dasarang Chicken, which is very popular around Seoul with franchises all over Korea. For banchan (complimentary side dishes), they gave us a fresh shredded cabbage salad, with tasty dressing thousand island sauce with a hint of yuzu! To order: you can choose boneless chicken or with bone, but we ordered for Half Half Chicken with Bone and opted two flavors: half yangnyeom Chicken (Dasarang Spicy Chicken) and half Dasarang Ganjong. Each piece of chicken was deep-fried, moist and tender, entirely coated with their tasty sticky sauces! Both of them was equally delicious, and had just the right balance of spice! However, the spicy one wasn’t too spicy for me, while the Chicken Ganjong became my top favorite: the outside was slightly crisp, coated with sweet and spicy sauce. Don’t forget to order fruit Soju when you come to this place.

Where to get Dasarang Chicken:

건대 Dasarang Chicken

Ewha Shopping Street, Sinchon area

Closest Metro Stop: Ewha Woman University (Line 2)

Price: starts from 15,000 Won – Soju starts from 4,000 Won

Click on the map below for direction

4. TTEOKBOKKI (2,500 Won, equal to IDR 31K), KOREAN ODENG, and TWIGIM (KOREAN TEMPURA), starts from 500 Won each (equal to IDR 6.5K)

I was so happy to finally eat the authentic Korean street food again, from Korean Odeng (fish cake), Tteokbokki (Korean rice cake in hot and sweet sauce), and Twigim 튀김 (Korean Fried Tempura). We’ve been addicted to this Korean food since we arrived in Busan (on the first day of our second trip to Korea this November 2017). We have tried some Tteokbokki street food vendors in Seoul, and this stall was one of the best that keeps us coming back for more, and besides, the price is more affordable if compared to other vendors. The tteokbokki sauce was red, but this ahjumma made it not too spicy, and well balanced with the sweetness; chewy and just addictive! That night was very cold 13 °C, that’s why we had Odeng again and shared some fried foods, from Fried Mandu stuffed with glass noodles, sweet potato, and seaweed tempura. Highly recommended!

Where to get Tteokbokki, Korean Odeng and Twigim:

Right infront of Chilsung Pocha and Olive Young, at Ewha Shopping Street, Sinchon area

Closest Metro Stop: Ewha Woman University (Line 2)

Price: starts from 500 Won for Odeng/Twigim, 2,500 Won for Tteokbokki

Click on the map below for direction

5. HOLLYS COFFEE, starts from 5,000 Won (equal to IDR 62.5K)

I’ve seen HOLLYS COFFEE brands from most of my Korean dramas, so of course, I have to visit this coffee shop because Hollys Coffee is very popular in Korea, and their coffee shop has been used as a filming location for many Korean dramas. The environment is so convenient, and some Christmas decorations are already in store.

A cup of Hot Mint Chocolate Toffee (5,500 Won), which is a new beverage to welcome the Christmas season at Hollys Coffee, was simply perfect to keep us warm from the cold weather of autumn in Seoul. And we really enjoyed the light and airy texture of Cheese Egg Danish at Hollys Coffee (3,400 Won); I can eat this, again and again, any time of day! Pure goodness made from a combination of eggs, bacon, cheese rolls, served in warm bread, and topped with mozzarella cheese! Pssst, if you visit this store, don’t forget to check for Hollys Coffee 2018 planner comes with a variety of beautiful covers, and the content is more interesting than the Starbucks planner 2018.

Note: Holly’s coffee was established in 1998, and now they have more than 100 Hollys Coffee shops in Korea as well as international branches in Philippines, Peru, Thailand, Vietnam, and China!

Where to get Hollys Coffee:

Hollys Coffee

Closest Metro Stop: Hyehwa Station Exit 4

Price: starts from 5,000 Won

Click on the map below for direction

6. STARBUCKS COFFEE, starts from 6,000 Won (equal to IDR 75K)

Yay! I’m so excited to see that Starbucks Korea already released its holiday lattes and cups for Christmas 2017. Here, Starbucks Korea and Starbucks Jakarta have the same Toffee Nut Crunch Latte, but two different drinks look interesting on the banner; Berry Twinkle Mocha and Valencia Orange Tea Latte. We decided to order the Hot Valencia Orange Tea Latte, a perfect cup to keep us warm in the cold weather of autumn in Seoul, Korea. It was so fragrant and delicious; a lovely combination of black tea latte with floral and fruity notes from the orange peel on top. We also tried Berry Twinkle Mocha but did not really like it. So, finally we came back again and had Hot Valencia Orange Tea Latte again many times during our stay in Seoul, Korea.

Where to get Starbucks Coffee:

Starbucks Coffee KOREA

Closest Metro Stop: Hyehwa Station Exit 4

Price: starts from 6,000 Won

Click on the map below for direction

7. HONGKONG BANJUM 0410+, starts from 6,000 Won (equal to IDR 75K)

Have you heard of Baek Jong Won, the famous South Korean chef, who is also known as TV personality and a businessman? He is the CEO of 26 restaurant franchises, and I saw him many times from Baek Jong-won’s Food Truck (a cooking-variety program on channel ‘SBS’). Dennis told me that Baek Jong Won has his own restaurant called HONGKONG BANJUM 0410+ and has many branches in Korea, so we visited a branch located across Migliore Mall in Dongdaemun area, Seoul. This restaurant specializes in serving Korean Chinese fusion dishes, so we shared Jjampong and Tangsuyuk for dinner. The Jjampong was big enough for sharing up to 3 persons, quite spicy and loaded with seafood in the soup. Don’t miss to try the side dish, Tangsuyuk (deep fried pork slices). The dish may look pale, but it tasted so yummy! Small portions, but we could share it for 3. It was slightly crunchy when it’s still hot, with a sweet and unique sour taste from the yuzu sauce.

Where to get Korean Jjampong and Tangsuyuk:

Hongkong Banjum 0410+

Dongdaemun gu, beside Migliore Mall

Closest Metro Stop: Dongdaemun Station Exit 8

Price: Jjampong 5,500 Won (double portion), Tangsuyuk 9,500 Won (medium)

Click on the map below for direction

8. BLIND ALLEY CAFE, Admission Fee: 6,000 Won/person

Where else can you have fun with these playful raccoons like this? If you wish so, then Blind Alley Cafe is the place to go to on your trip to Seoul, Korea. Although we had to pay an entrance fee of 6,000 Won per person (equal to IDR 75K), playing with them was a fun and unique experience of our lives. They were so tame, and entertaining, not to the forget, Cookie, the brown and chubby Welsh Corgi, roaming around the room and watching us from the table while we’re eating Bagel Sandwich and enjoying our Hazelnut Latte.

Click here to read a full review of BLIND ALLEY – Raccoons Cafe

Where to meet Raccoons Cafe:

Blind Alley Cafe

서울시 용산구 청파동2가 63-20 Cheongpa-dong2ga, Yongsan-gu, Seoul

Opening Hours: 09.30am – 10pm

Closest Metro Stop: Sookmyung Women’s University, exit 10

Price: entrance fee 6,000 Won/person

Click on the map below for direction


The most famous Cruffin Mr. Holmes Bakehouse has come all the way from San Fransisco (California) to Seoul (South Korea), and guess what? We finally visited their outlet located in Garosugil, one of the hipster areas popular with young people, couples, and tourists. Here, we tried their specialties such as Cruffin and Brioche Donut. The available flavors are constantly changing, but we’re pleased because their Cruffin was as expected. They have plenty of pastries to choose from, and it was nice to know that the Cruffin and Brioche Donut that we try was not overwhelmingly sweet. We tried the Green Tea (Matcha) Cruffin, and Taro Donut, you should try it when you’re in Seoul, Korea.

Click here to read a full review of Mr. Holmes Bakehouse

Where to find Mr. Holmes Bakehouse Seoul:

Mr. Holmes Bakehouse Seoul

Apgujeong-ro 10-gil, 34, Gangnam-gu, Garosu-gil, Seoul (South Korea)

Opening Hours: 10:00am – 10:30pm

Closest Metro Stop: Sinsa station or Apgujeong Station

Click on the map below for direction

10. Line Friends Store and Cafe

Whether you are a fan of LINE Friends or not, I bet you will be stuck in the store for hours. We visited the biggest Line Friends Store and Cafe located in Garosu-gil, Korea. Cuteness overload with souvenirs, cool accessories and gift ideas. That’s not all! There’s a giant Brown bear at the doorstep gave a welcoming smile to everyone. Overall, it was a fun experience! Plenty of photo opportunities with colorful backgrounds and you can hang out with all LINE Friends characters, and if you are tired, you can rest while enjoying some snacks and drinks at the LINE Friends cafe on the basement level.

Click here to read a full review of Line Friends Store and Cafe in Seoul

Where to find Line Friends Store and Cafe in Seoul:

Line Friends Store and Cafe Garosu-gil

27, Dosan-daero 13-gil, Gangnam-gu, Seoul 06034

Opening Hours: 10:00am – 10:00pm

Closest Metro Stop: Sinsa station or Apgujeong Station

Click on the map below for direction

11. Samgyetang (Ginseng Chicken Soup) & Gamjatang 감자탕 (Pork Bone soup) at Hongdae

Have you tried Samgyetang before? Samgyetang is a chicken soup made with whole chicken, and ginseng soup served in a boiling pot. Koreans eat this soup to stay energized throughout the season. When we went shopping in Hongdae area, we saw many local people entering this small restaurant (access is located next to a mobile phone accessories store, see the image below), and because it was very cold outside, we followed them. The menu is very simple, but most of them order Samgyetang (9000 Won, equal to IDR 112K) can be shared up to 2 persons, so we give it a try. The chicken is stuffed with soaked sweet rice (glutinous rice), along with garlic, ginger, and jujubes (dried red dates), so it’s very healthy, and it tasted so delicious! The chicken meat quickly falls off the bone; we really enjoyed it! The Hangover Bone soup (also known as Gamjatang) was also perfect on a cold Seoul day. Just recently, in our recent trip to Seoul (October 2018), we often come back to this restaurant for the Bone Hangover soup (7000 Won, equal to IDR 94K – also known as Gamjatang) which is served with 2 big pork bones with lots of meat, chopped green onions, and kimchi. Rice is included in the soup, no need to order extra unless you want more rice. The red soup was well-salted, not spicy at all, but full of flavors. Overall, both soup were deeply satisfying and went well with a bowl of rice. If you need more kimchi, and radish, don’t hesitate to take more from their station, it’s recommended!

Where to find Samgyetang in Hongdae:

Click on the map below for direction

12. Cultwo Korean Chicken and Beer at Hongdae

It’s no secret that all Koreans love to eat fried chicken. We got a good recommendation from Dennis and visited Cultwo Chicken at Hongdae area which was busy and crowded with the locals that night! And the good thing is, this place is open until late at night (we came at 11 PM). The menu is available in different languages, so it’s easy for us to place an order. We’re allowed to have two flavors in half-sized orders (called banban); so we opted for half Crispy Chicken (original / Mild Fried Chicken) and half Seasoned Fried Chicken (Hot Marinade chicken with sweet and sour sauce) for a total of 19,000 Won (equal to IDR 236K). In Korea, you can actually ask for free water, but this fried chicken is most enjoyable with a Korean Beer like CASS Beer (4,500 Won, equal to IDR 56K). The price is very expensive, but the chicken was a finger-licking’ good! It was perfectly crispy without being too oily yet very tender and flavorful at the same time! A must try when you’re in Seoul, Korea!

Where to find Cultwo Korean Chicken in Hongdae:

Click on the map below for direction

13. Cheese That Loves Jjimdak at Sinchon area

Who doesn’t love Cheese? Believe me, once you try this Jjimdak, you’ll want more. So, besides Korean BBQ, Kimchi, Bulgogi, Sundubu Jjigae, Bibimbap, Samgyeopsal, and Korean Fried Chicken, locals also like to eat Jjimdak. Cheese Jjimdak 치즈찜닭 is Korean braised chicken dishes, served with generous melted cheese, and a special sauce of Bongchu. The serving size is huge so that we can share it up to 3 persons. The boneless chicken was so tender, and flavorful! And surprisingly, we found some mandu (Korean dumplings), tteokpoki, potato, and onion inside it. While you wait for the main course, they’ll give you radish pickle and cabbage salad which both were so yummy and refreshing. If you’re in Sinchon area of Seoul, I highly recommend you to try Cheese that Loves Jjimdak located above the Brand Market clothing store (2nd floor) at Sinchon area. If you love cheese and you’re crazy over Korean food, don’t miss this place!

Where to find Cheese that Loves Jjimdak at Sinchon area:

Click on the map below for direction

14. Garlic Butter Pastry at City Hall Station Exit 8

We stumbled across this small bakery stall at the exit 8 of City Hall Station while we’re on our way to rent Hanbok near Gyeongbok Palace. The smell of freshly baked pastry from this vendor quickly tempted us, and we decided to buy some of them. The pastry was so fragrant with garlic and butter smell, perfectly crisp and has a nice combination of sweet and savory on it. 1 bag consists of 5 garlic breads = 2,000 Won (equal to IDR 25K), and a Classic egg sandwich for 3,000 Won (equal to IDR 37.5K). It was so delicious, and we ended up bought it again on the way back from Gyeongbokgung, Seoul (South Korea).

Where to find Garlic Butter Pastry in City Hall Station:

Click on the map below for direction

15. Minari Restaurant at Sinchon area

We passed by this restaurant several times when we stayed in Sinchon area and were curious about their food. Before returning to Jakarta, we decided to come and have lunch at Minari Restaurant. Unlike many BBQ places in Seoul, the atmosphere is more modern, and not loud at all. Minari Restaurant offers a variety of Korean BBQ served with a nostalgic food-tray at a very affordable price, starts from 7,000 Won per set (equal to IDR 87.5K) but they require a minimum order for two persons. And since bulgogi is their signature, we decided to order the Bulgogi lunch set. The bulgogi was incredibly juicy; it tasted very smokey but not overly sweet. The serving size was quite big, comes with all the side dish, seaweed, kimchi, steamed eggs, red rice, omelette, and soup.

Where to find Minari Restaurant at Sinchon area:

Minari Restaurant

34-5, Jandari-ro6-Gil, Seoul, South Korea

Price: starts from 7,000 Won

Click on the map below for direction

16. Matcha Cake at Osulloc Tea House

For Green Tea lovers, there’s a cafe that specializes in serving Korean Green Tea drinks and desserts, so you should visit the famous Osulloc Tea House while in Seoul. They have lots of branches in Seoul (click here to see their branch), but we stumbled upon one of their branches at Dongdaemun area after wandering the streets for shopping. I like their concept, and upon entering the store, we can sample some of their famous green tea. Though expensive, we know that Osulloc is known for its green tea from the plantations of Jeju. After trying some samples, we finally bought home Red Papaya Osulloc Black Tea (15,000 Won, equal to IDR 187.5K), and ordered a Matcha Cake (5,500 Won, equal to IDR 68K) which was infused with green tea as well. The roll cake is made with green tea sheets and topped with a vanilla mascarpone cheese cream which tasted light on the cake, fluffy, and not overly sweet; we loved it!

Where to find Osulloc Tea House

Osulloc Tea House – Dongdaemun area

251 Jangchungdan-ro, Jung-gu, Seoul

Direction: Dongdaemun History & Culture Park Station (Seoul Subway Line 2) Exit 14 – Walk straight for a minute.

Opening Hours: 10:00 – 23:00

Click on the map below for direction

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