[HONG KONG] Lin Heung Kui, Best Dim Sum & Cantonese Cuisine

Where to get the best Dim Sum & Cantonese cuisine in Hong Kong? Oh, make sure you visit Lin Heung Kui if you are planning to travel to Hong Kong. Indeed, my 2nd trip to Hong Kong has changed my culinary perspective in this city. On the first day we arrived, we immediately visited Lin Heung Kui, an award-winning restaurant based on OpenRice.com (a go-to directory for all famous food in Hong Kong). Lin Heung Kui has also been awarded as the Best Guangdong Restaurant (2013 – 2015) and listed on MICHELIN Guide as well. Situated on Des Voeux Road, the two-floor eatery of Lin Heung Kui has been existed since 80 years ago, no wonder it’s the oldest dim sum place in Hong Kong, very crowded and packed with locals!

Lin Heung Kui offers classic Cantonese dishes with specialties such as Lin Heung special duck, and they are hugely popular for a variety of dim sum menus. Although we went there early in the morning, the restaurant was already full of locals, and we had to share a table with others guests. Apparently, there’s no queueing system in this restaurant, so you definitely have to share the table with complete strangers! Everyone who wants to get a table, they usually stand and wait around for other guests to finish their food. I feel this is entirely a hassle, and it’s like a ‘war zone’, but still, locals and tourists like to come and eat at this restaurant.

After we tried some of their favorite dim sum variations, we then realized why Lin Heung Kui is so famous in Hong Kong. The first thing you need to do, don’t wait until the trolley dim sum passes, but you must approach the woman who pushes the old school steamer trolley around while you order from their selections because the food runs out real fast!

Some of the foods that I’d like to highlight from this visit was the Hong Kong Baked Egg Tarts (蛋挞) at Lin Heung Kui. If you want to experience traditional Hong Kong egg tarts, you gotta try this! It’s served piping hot, very fresh, crumbling, and quite runny but very soft on top, unlike the other baked egg tarts we’ve tried before. Oh my gosh, I’m craving for this Hong Kong Baked Egg Tarts again while I’m writing this post!

We also enjoyed the Baked Charsiew Puffs stuffed with BBQ pork. All of the dimsums produces traditional Cantonese flavors, classic and very tasty, including the Beancurd Skin Roll, Chee Cheong Fun, and Chicken Feet. If you’re looking for a traditional and high-quality yum cha experience, Lin Heung Kui Dim Sum and Cantonese Cuisine is the right place to start when you’re in Hong Kong!

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Lin Heung Kui Dim Sum & Cantonese Cuisine

2-3/F, No.46-50 Des Voeux Road West, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong, China

Opening Hour: 06:00am – 23:00pm

Price: starts from IDR 30K

Phone: +852 2156 9328

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