[SHANGHAI] Line Friends Store and Cafe – Choco House

A visit to the Line Friends Store and Cafe in Shanghai gave a different experience to us, especially because this is Choco House. It’s not a secret that LINE apps become a sensation all over Asia, and users around the world love all of its cute emoticon characters. Even though it was raining that day, we still came here by bike, ha-ha… Scroll down now to join the virtual tour of LINE Friends Store and Cafe in Shanghai!

The Line Friends Store and Cafe that we visited on Huaihai road (Shanghai) consists of 3 floors featuring LINE Cafe on the 2nd floor, and you will find Brown House and Sally House on the 3rd Floor. As seen in my photos, this store mostly features Choco, Brown’s younger sister with two tiny ears and a short tail like her brother, Brown. The giant size of Choco Brown looks smiling and welcomes everyone to her house at the entrance. I’m sure anyone who likes the LINE Friends characters will go crazy in this store, just like us! Ha-ha…

1st Floor: for store and CHOCO House at LINE Friends Store and Cafe Shanghai

Inside the Choco house, you can find Choco present in various styles, complete with cute pink furniture and girly decorations that make every corner a great photo opportunity. There are more than enough photo spots, such as in her bedroom, the dressing room, and the selfie corner, etc.

All of the Line Friends merchandises are very cute, but everything is so expensive. But I guess that’s the price that all LINE Friends fans have to pay for genuine collection items. After looking around, and spending nearly 3 hours in the store, I ended up buying myself the Dino Brown Wanna Be Jungle edition (109 RMB, equal to IDR 232K) at Line Friends Store Huaihai in Shanghai. Even so expensive, I didn’t regret it because Brown Dino is so adorable, and this bag chain accompanies me wherever I go.

2nd Floor: LINE CAFE at LINE Friends Store and Cafe Shanghai

While on the second floor, Line Friends Store Huaihai Shanghai offers a cafe and there are various photo spots with different themes for you to snap with your favorite LINE Friends character, from Brown DJ, Barber Brown, Cony Record store, Edward Book Store, and more.

Line Friends Cafe at Middle Huaihai Road, Shanghai

I saw many customers resting while enjoying some desserts at Line Friends Cafe on the 2nd floor, and that made us curious too. We joined the queue and ordered Brown Choco Mousse Cake (48 RMB, equal to IDR 102K) and a refreshing blend of Matcha Passionfruit with ice (32 RMB, equal to IDR 68K). Well, it’s not cheap, guys! But I must say that the cake was pretty good, though a bit too sweet for my liking.

3rd Floor: Sally House and Brown House at Line Friends Store Huaihai Road, Shanghai

While you’re there, don’t forget to follow the path to the 3rd floor. There you’ll find Sally House and Brown House, secluded in different rooms. These loveable characters will definitely make you pose as soon as possible, so… get your camera ready, guys!

Overall, it was really a fun and unforgettable experience. Since LINE Friends store is a favorite destination for visitors from all over the world, I highly recommend you to visit this store too, especially if you’re a LINE Friends fan. Also, Middle Huaihai Road is one of the major shopping streets in the center of Shanghai that is less touristy than Nanjing Road. Enjoy, and thank you for reading!

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Line Friends Store & Cafe

Middle Huaihai Road East Section, Huangpu, Shanghai – China

Opening Hour: 10am – 10pm

Price: starts from IDR 80K


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