[KOREA] Things To Do in Gamcheon Culture Village, Busan

After visiting BIFF Square on our second day in Korea, Gamcheon Culture Village is another famous tourist destination that you should visit while in Busan. Located in the Korean coastal city of Busan on the mountainside, Gamcheon Culture Village is increasingly famous for its pastel-colored Lego-shaped houses and cafes when students decided to brighten up this neighborhood in 2009. We decided to go there on day three (October 27, 2017) by bus and we never thought that we ended up spending 5-6 hours just in the Gamcheon Culture Village. Can you imagine that?? Ha-ha…

Gamcheon is crowded with tourists every day. So, as requested by most of you via Direct Message on my Instagram, here are the Things To Do in Gamcheon Culture Village for your reference. I hope you enjoy reading this and don’t forget to share this with your family and friends in your network. Happy reading and happy holiday!

1. Get a map at the Tourist Center, 2000 Won (equal to IDR 26K)

There’s a Tourist Information Centre near the entrance where you can take a map and guide to the village for 2,000 Won. Yes, you have to pay for the map! We thought it’s free, but they said, we can get some exclusive postcards picturing Gamcheon Culture Village if we collected all the stamps. To collect the complete set of stamps, this requires us to take the Stamp Course which is around 2 hours away. Wow! Although everyone can buy postcards directly at the Tourism Center, but.. where’s the fun?

Of all stamps that we should collect, we succeeded in collecting 6 stamps and got 3 exclusive Gamcheon Post Cards for FREE, yay! By having this map, you will not get lost, and you’ll soon recognize all points of interest at Gamcheon Culture Village, including popular photo spots with beautiful mural images on the walls, colorful homes, snack zone, etc.

2. Explore, and Get Lost in Gamcheon

Since Gamcheon Culture Village is located in a residential area, we really enjoyed our walks there, and it made us feel like a local people too. We found a labyrinth of alleys, staircases, hidden corners, artsy shops, and lots of houses with colorful murals on the walls. Don’t forget to wear your comfortable shoes because there are many uphill roads there. There’s a Love Locks area where couples usually put their padlock and make a wish for their relationship, and there are lots of exciting places for photo taking, so don’t forget to bring your camera with you!

3. Go to Haneul-Maru Observation Deck and Find the Little Prince

Of all the points of interest numbered in the map, you should go to the Observation Deck (No. 5 and 11). It was so cold and windy during the autumn season in Busan, but the view from up here was so peaceful, and it looks lovely from afar! From up here, we enjoyed the wind breeze and saw the beautiful scenery where thousands of stairs and colorful houses on both sides of the mountain unfold there. Take your time to wander around the village, walk up the hills, and find the most popular photo spot, which is the Little Prince who sits quietly by the edges.

4. Shopping for souvenirs, and snacks

In addition to the beautiful scenery, there are many interesting souvenir and snack shops available for you to choose from in Gamcheon Culture Village. We bought some bracelets with our names written in Korean hangul on them with prices ranging from 14,000-15,000 Won (I bought one for my mom too, and she was delighted with it), some Kakao Friends’ brooch (3000 Won for two pieces), flower crown headband (3000 Won), slayer, etc.

Because we arrived just at lunchtime, we decided to have lunch in a restaurant near the entrance gate which served deliciously Korean Ramyeon (3000 Won), and Pork Cutlet with Sweet Potato (7000 Won). Although simple, these two dishes were very satisfying. I must say that the residents at Gamcheon Culture Village got even more creative, where they paint their shops with bright and colorful paint to attract more tourists to this area.

As we explore and hike the streets to collect more stamps for our map, we’re stuck with this Korean tea seller. I love tea so much, especially with natural teas that have benefit for beauty. Guess what? We ended up buying the Flower tea, and Peach tea for 3000 Won each.

Yes, lots of exciting artworks screaming with vibrant colors. We went there during the fall, so walking through the alleyways was pleasant and refreshing because of the cold and breezy weather. We never thought we would spend the entire day walking in this village and getting lost in their village while trying to complete the stamps! Ha-ha… It was really fun!

Overall, Gamcheon Culture Village is a must-see for everyone visiting Busan! I will share more experience of What and Where to Eat in Busan in my upcoming post, and recommendations of places to go when in Busan (Korea). Stay tuned, I will share 5 Days in Busan Itinerary List soon. Thank you for reading!

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Gamcheon Culture Village

203 Gamnae 2(i)-ro, Gamcheon-dong, Saha-gu, Busan, South Korea

Opening Hour: 9 AM to 6 PM

Phone: +82 51 204 1444

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