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Speaking of savoring delicious moments with scrumptious food, charming ambiance, and bespoke service, Agneya Restaurant is the right destination. Just last week, we had lunch at Agneya Restaurant which just opened last September 2017. Set in a relaxed, elegant, and timeless stand-alone villa surrounded by tall trees and lush greeneries located in the Dharmawangsa neighborhood of South Jakarta makes Agneya Restaurant ideal to spend a quiet afternoon away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Es Sereh Kunyit Segar, IDR 46K

I was pleased to see the menu at Agneya Restaurant, because not only classic Indonesian food, they also have an extensive beverage menu, from traditional drinks to wine selections for any occasions. We opted for Es Sereh Kunyit Segar; a fresh combination of lemongrass, lime leaf, lemon, turmeric, ginger, topped with soda. Although it tasted like drinking herbal drink JAMU, we enjoyed it, both the cold and hot version of this drink.

Soun Bunglon Udang, IDR 86K

For the appetizer, we tried Soun Bunglon Udang. These glass noodles instantly changed from blue to pink color in front of our eyes after we poured the tamarind dressing, that’s cool! Who doesn’t love pink food anyway? The dressing was so fresh, and this shrimp salad comes with herbs, sliced mango, and cucumber.

Kecipir Kulit Melinjo, IDR 56K small / IDR 86K regular

One of my favorite exotic beans is also available here. From vegetables, you should try the Kecipir Kulit Melinjo which is quite rare to find in other Indonesian food restaurants. Wok-fried wing bean with Melinjo bean skin; simple, fresh and delicious!

Agneya Restaurant stands out for its delectable Indonesian food with authentic cooking techniques on a 5-meter long live fire bed that is center stage in Agneya’s fully exposed kitchen.

Australian Beef Satay, IDR 92K for 3pcs / 174K for 6pcs

Since Agneya Restaurant presents “Fire and Romance” as part of their restaurant theme, guests can find whole lambs are spit roasting, free-range chickens hanging over the wood embers, grilled satay, etc. That’s why we also tried one of their specialties too, the Australian Beef Satay! It was simple, but unlike regular beef, the Australian Beef is appreciated for its texture and flavor, because Australian beef is mostly grass fed. The meat was well marinated and perfectly grilled, so fragrant, and succulent, served with a simple peanut sauce for dipping and some pickles that really complement the flavors of the tender beef. Must try!

Beef Brisket Rendang, IDR 96K/200gr

You can’t go wrong with Beef Brisket Rendang which is also one of their specialties at Agneya Restaurant. This house specialty was roasted for 8 hours, resulting in a super juicy and tender texture of Australian prime beef brisket, seasoned with Agneya’s signature rendang spice mix with coconut, ginger, galangai, candlenut, and red chili. The rendang curry tasted a bit spicy but we loved it so much; so flavorful – this is a brisket heaven! Must try!

Time passed, and our tummies were filled with wonderful dishes at Agneya Restaurant. Overall, it was a pleasant dining experience at Agneya Restaurant, and we’re happy to recommend all of you to try it too, especially the Australian Beef Satay, and Australian Beef Brisket Rendang. You can experience and know more about True Aussie Beef, click here to visit their website. Thank you for reading!

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Agneya Restaurant

Jalan Wijaya IX No.23, Melawai, Kebayoran Baru, Jakarta Selatan

Opening Hour: 11.00 – 23.00

Price: starts from IDR 80K

Phone: 0823-1066-3640

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